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Homepage. This page: Pre-war Vauxhalls photographed in 50s England, including a derelict example.

Vauxhall automobile built in the 1930s.

First up, another old photo found in a discarded album, this particular black and white snap dates to the 1950s and shows a couple with their Vauxhall. I think it is a pre-war Vauxhall 10, judging by the lack of rear quarter windows, and distinctive Vauxhall chrome bonnet flutes.
Vauxhall 10
The 10hp model was produced between 1937-1940, and I'm fairly sure that the four-light saloon shown here is a 10 model. Despite being 10-15 years old when this photograph was taken, it still looks to be in decent condition. Its had a minor nerf to the rear roof corner, near the lady's elbow, but otherwise looks pretty good. Rear seat access looks a little tight judging by this photo. Lack of leaves on the LH tree, a woolly hat, and some dainty gloves, suggest this pic was probably taken in the Autumn or Winter time.
For comparison, here is another early black and white photo showing a Vauxhall, again either a 10hp or 12hp model. There are many similarities to the car shown above, although this one has different bonnet side ventilation, and "easiclean" type wheels.
old Vauxhall car

A slightly tired example of a '30s Vauxhall.

Even the best maintained cars usually end their days in a state of sad disrepair, and the Vauxhall saloon shown below (either a 10hp or 12hp model) is a classic example of a car that's reached the end of the road. Abandoned, and with one wheel already in the scrapyard, this old Vauxhall (perhaps a Model H?) has been stripped of useful parts, and dumped on waste ground, awaiting the scrapman's axe. A young lad is photographed playing in the once-proud '30s car, imaging what it must be like to drive a car of his own no doubt.
A close look at the photo shows just how much had been removed by this point. No wheels in sight, and components such as the bonnet, radiator, engine ancillaries, screen and the lighting long since removed, perhaps to keep another example on the road. No more bank holiday trips to the seaside, or Sunday afternoon drives in the countryside, for this old Vauxhall.
A pre-war Vauxhall dumped on waste ground

Another Vauxhall Ten.

Vauxhall Ten, registered AVL 520, is seen parked in a quiet lane with a lady stood alongside. The AVL series was used in the Lincoln area from August 1938 onwards.
Another pre-war Vauxhall Ten.
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