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Homepage. This page: Two interesting old airline boarding passes, one promoting American's car hire options.

"Drive a Car!"

Although both of these items relate more to an airline of the 1950's rather than the automobile, there is a tenuous link to motoring. Both of these boarding passes were issued by American Airlines in 1951, and the cover of one promotes their car rental service. "When you get there - Drive A Car!" it says, "It costs you nothing to have American Airlines arrange to have a rental automobile waiting at your destination". The illustration shows a smiling gent, with a camera hanging from his shoulder, waving as he joins his wife inside their hired motor-car. In the background, a classic airliner - similar to a Stratocruiser - discharges its passengers to the apron. The print date code for this boarding pass dates to April 1951.
Airline boarding passes promote car rental service

American Airlines' Douglas DC-6B.

A second pass, dating to May 1951 this time, promotes the recently-introduced Douglas DC-6B airliner. American was the first airline to put the four-engined passenger-carrying DC-6B aircraft into operation that year. The -6B was a development of the original DC-6, designed with passenger carrying as its role. Unlike the DC-6, it didn't have a cargo door, and therefore could get away with a lighter-weight cabin floor. New, more powerful, Pratt & Whitney R800 "Double Wasp" engines, incorporating water injection, were also fitted on the new variant.
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