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Argyll motorcar.

Jeremy sent this old family photograph in, wondering what make and model of car was shown here, and also wondering what age it might be. A root through some old books brought up the Argyll marque as being the most likely contender, possibly a 5hp model, and a day or so later Jeremy got back in touch confirming this theory: "I had a member of the family call last evening to say that her Mother was in the photo of the car. She thinks the picture was taken around 1906, and the car was a Single Cylinder Argyll". So all that remains to know is, when exactly was this veteran car, registration BP 983, built? and what model and type of coachwork is shown here?
A veteran Argyll car
Production of the Scottish Argyll motorcar, by the newly-formed Hozier Engineering Co Ltd, commenced in 1900, the first cars being propelled by a De Dion engine. By 1903 a range of cars were being assembled, sales spurred on by some notable Argyll successes in varous competitive meetings. In 1905, shortly before the above photograph was taken, the company was liquidated, only to rise again in the form of a new company named Argyll Motors Ltd. Work also began on a stunning new factory building at Alexandria which opened the following year.
Despite being a successful company in the early days, things gradually unravelled for the Scottish motor-car manufacturer, not helped by it's founder dying at a young age in 1908. Changes of ownership and strategy did little to help the company's fortunes, with the final incarnation of the company folding for good in 1930.
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