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Homepage. This page: A quiet street in Ledbury, 1957.

A90 Atlantic

Big thanks to George, regular correspondent with updates on his own A90 restoration saga, who sent in this pair of great photographs, taken at Petty France in Ledbury.

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The two photographs are packed with period detail.

The top image, shows the back end of this fixed head coupe A90 Atlantic. Interesting, for a UK car, that this particular example is left hand drive (LHD). Atlantics were meant to sell in big numbers overseas but this didn't happen, so perhaps this one, originally destined for export, never made it as far as the docks?

Its interesting to see just how quiet the roads were back then, just a lone motorcycle & sidecar combination parked a little further up the road. No double yellow lines, speed humps, or other 'traffic calming' (hah) measures to jarr the eye either - how times have changed.
A90 Atlantic

Photograph number 2 is perhaps even more evocative, a real snapshot of life in the late 1950s, frozen in time forever. I wonder what this road looks like now? The left hook A90 is parked in the same place. The cyclist zooming by is probably slightly bemused by being caught by the photographer's lens, as is the portly chap strolling along on the distant pavement. In this direction too the road is fairly clear, bar a couple of 1930s-looking motorcars parked a little way in the distance. Is KUJ 781 still around? I doubt it.

Austin Atlantic

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