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Classic car, truck, bus etc sites Classic car, truck, bus etc site links

If like me you are a classic car enthusiast, you'll have found some interesting old car related websites. In this corner of oldclassiccar, I hope to add details of some top websites which I've made a note of over the last few years, largely because their content is usually interesting, well laid out, and a bit different. Not only classic car websites have made it on to this page however, probably because I'm interested in not just old cars but also old aircraft, trailers, caravans, scrapyards, bicycles, lawnmowers, memorabilia, pedal cars and other equally vintage machinery, there will be a cross section of subjects covered which will hopefully appeal to old car nuts just like me.
General vintage and classic car / truck sites (no particular order)links
Hanson Mechanical Collection Old cars inc virtual museum, Jeep, KDF Wagen etc
Roadsters.com Retro drag racing info and parts
GreatOldCars.com Collector cars, parts, and services.
Antique Car.com An interesting US-based site for old car, rod, truck & muscle fans
Cotswold Motor Museum A great museum in the heart of the Cotswolds, home to Brum!
Sports Car Market Magazine for the classic market, investments & valuations (USA)
Classic Car Fair Classic car sales in New Zealand
Scalextric slot cars Restoration service for old Scalextric slot car racers
Serious Wheels (USA) US classic cars image gallery
Desert Classics Classic cars & trucks for sale in Nevada
Ugly Cars Here you'll find a collection of what Ugly Cars believe to be the most hideous cars that have ever cast a shadow over a garage forecourt. New or old, class or crass, if it looks like a dog's dinner you'll probably find it here!
Stanley Steamers All about the Stanley Steamer, including a steam car registry, photos, stories, technical page, and links to other steam-related websites.
Classic Truck Shop Classic Truck Shop is an authoritative online classic trucksite for classic truck hobbyist and enthusiasts. Plenty to look through here, including Online Parts Catalogues, Value Guides, Forums, and Project vehicles. USA based.
Losers Cars If Kojak and Starsky & Hutch reruns are your thing, have a look at this monument to shedded old 70s American cars as they plug on in the 21st century, against the odds.
Pre-war car If your tastes are more 'sepia tone', then this daily online magazine dedicated to the pre 1940 vintage and post-vintage cars of this world, is a soothing and worthy read.
Old Datsuns Always thought you'd seen the back of questionably-styled old Datsuns from the 1970s and 1980s? well think again, a tribute to decaying examples of 120Y, 160 Bluebird, 100A and other lesser-spotted boxes from the land of the rising sun.
The Chrysler Club For all you MOPAR fans out there.
Vintage Sports Car Club (Calgary) "... a club "dedicated to the preservation of vintage motoring" with the purpose of bringing together like-minded enthusiasts for the mutual enjoyment of our automobiles.".
The Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register The STD Register based in England is dedicated to all who have an interest in Sunbeam, Talbot & Darracq motor cars manufactured up to 1935.
Classic Motors - Poland Restoration and sales of older cars in Poland.
Rod Jolley (Coachbuilders) Top notch coachwork and restoration.
Penny Farthing Fairs Show and autojumble organiser in the UK.
Sites related in some vague way to old cars, however tenuouslylinks
Race car toys A new site being built that features interesting old racing car toys, books and artwork.
Signal fan Well someone had to, instead of collecting stamps, or possibly little ceramic figures perhaps, this guy has dedicated his spare time to '...the unusual hobby of legally collecting old, retired traffic signals and road signs...' he goes on .. '..It is a way of preserving the past and to restore to life the traffic control devices that have helped shape our modern world.'. Nuff sed, thank god for people like this!
Coachpainting Looking for useful information on the age old skill of coachpainting? If you plan to coachpaint your old car or truck, call by here for some genuine pearls of wisdom.
Aintree Racing circuit If mooching around historic venues for motor racing is your thing (and why not) then have a look here to find out more about the old Aintree racing circuit, still available for track days and events, sadly Grand Prix events have long since departed this corner of the Wirral, but many still remember Moss beating Fangio on board a W196 Mercedes.
Roadside peek Here a site dedicated to the roadside US 'gas' station during the postwar years, with many photos of retro gasoline stations, so popular with 50s American 'land yachts'.
Old trailers, caravans and box trailerslinks
Vintage Vacations Vintage Vacations specialise in fine restorations of on all types of vintage and classic travel trailers and motorhomes. They specialize in the correct and custom restoration of travel trailers and coaches built from the 1930's to the 1970's, a couple of miles from Disneyland where Mickey and his mates hang out.
Airstream caravans A huge resource of information including websites on Airstream restoration, buying, selling, history, + live message board, everything for fans of the aluminium icon.
SingleWheel.com I'd never heard of these curious single wheeled trailers til I stumbled across this classic website by accident, an information source for single wheel trailers from the 1940's thru to the 1960's, Allstate and Heilite for example. Now if I could find one of these in the UK I'd be tempted (don't tell SWMBO however!).
Olden days memorabilia, pedal cars, film footage + archives etclinks
PedalCars.com Hmm sod kids, if I got one of these groovy retro style pedal cars I'd have it hidden from their sticky fingers and grubby backsides! Racing cars, police cars, old style taxis, they're all here for ogling over.
British Pathe news Something different, online details of all the remaining Pathe Film archives, some fascinating stuff in here though you'll have to dig deep if you want to buy any copies!
Hulton Getty archive Sites like this make the internet the valuable research aid that it undoubtably is, search their online image archive for hours - just search for 'scrapyard' and 'junkyard', to see some real gems.
Barry scrapyard Ok ok not old car related, but still worth a look - an amazing selection of photographs taken at this Welsh steam engine scrapyard in May 1966. Many of the locomotives pictured went on to be preserved and restored to use after years of dereliction, as a fan of riding on old steam locos I'm glad this place existed! Back in '66 there were over 170 locos present, most of which were ex- Western Region, although Southern and Midland types were also well represented. Chooo chooo
Collecting vintage bicycles and other old pushbikeslinks
Nostalgic.net All old bike fans should pedal across to this site - incorporates an image archive containing hundreds of images of vintage bicycles, parts and literature. They also offer a restoration service for classic and antique bicycles, badges and saddles, and can help with supplying old parts or 'know how'.
A few sites on vintage aircraftlinks
Avro Vulcan XH558 One of my all time favourite aircraft, the fantastic former V-bomber, made at the one-time Avro airfield not a million miles from here at Woodford. Read all about the XH558 team's plans to return this majestic delta winged V Bomber to the air for the first time since 1992. Shame there are no flying Victors or Valiants around either, sob.
AMARC Experience Gaze in awe at the hundreds of semi-derelict and stored aircraft (airplanes!) shown here, any of which would make my old truck rebuild projects look easy!

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