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Homepage. This page: Seen parked in front of a Mk2 Ford estate, a Commer Superpoise van belonging to Hunter's.

1950s' Commer Superpoise.

This photo was taken at the corner of St Lukes St in Manchester, sometime during the 1950s. Two cars are in shot, a rare Mk2 Consul estate (VNE 90), and a 100E Ford Prefect (PKU 617). The small lorry is of interest too - a Commer chassis & cab, fitted with a coachbuilt van body for a firm called Hunter's. A small oval window is set into the Commer's rear van sides, with what looks like three gents in hunting attire sat at a table, ready to eat. Does anyone remember Hunter's, or what they produced? The van's registration is OKF 798, a Liverpool series first used in July 1953.
A 1950s Commer van
Here's a closer look at the Commer, with the driver sat behind the wheel. Fitted with single rear wheels only, it suggests a lightweight version of the popular Superpoise range, perhaps 2 ton.
A Commer Superpoise belonging to a firm called Hunter's
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