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Replacement sections of ash framework arrive.

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January/February 2008.
The beginning of 2008 focused on getting some of the parts already removed from the Dodge, repaired and renovated as required, and then re-fitted to the vehicle while up on its axle stands. Biggest event was the arrival, in the back of a rather fine old Land Rover, of the re-manufactured ash frame pieces, that form part of the Dodge's structure. These wooden sections are principally in the cab area, and also around the rear door apertures, including the door pillars.

The brakes were also re-fitted to the axles in February, and the propshaft checked over. The clutch plate and transmission brake band were sent away to be re-lined, the work being done quickly and both came back late in February, ready to be re-fitted at a later date. The new bearings and seals also arrived, these will be fitted to the hubs shortly.
Propshaft joint inspected
Original (olive drab?) paint could still be seen on various components making up the length of the propshaft. The joints appear to have little if any play in them, so may well be re-used once cleaned and greased.
Woodwork arrives
Here are some of the sections of new woodwork that will be re-fitted to the cab area of the lorry. The outer sections fit to the outermost edges of the floor, as it tapers from the bottom of the A post, back and out to the start of the rear body. The central pieces in this photograph fit above the front cab doors, the slim pieces go down either side of the windscreen.
Ash frame pieces
More sections of ash, including the curved sections that go above the cab, on either side above the doors. Also shown are both front door pillars, the rear door pillars, and also the top crosspiece that fits in the rear of the roof, as it slopes down to the doors. All the pieces will require final trimming and fettling to fit them together, but it is hoped that this can proceed fairly soon.
Trial fit of the wooden sections
The wooden pieces that fit above the cab doors were given an initial trial fit, to understand how they'll go back together. Particularly complex are the tall narrow sections that fit either side of the screen, these two pieces alone took one day to produce. Two crosspieces in the header section above the screen are also to be re-made, and are just visible in this photograph.
Front axle, brake flexis fitted
By now the front axle had received another coat of black paint, and the new hydraulic flexi hoses were fitted up.
Brakes fitted
All the cylinders are in perfect condition so are being re-used, the linings too are in good order and will be pressed back into service, the shoes and wheel cylinders having received a coat of satin black paint before being re-fitted.
Plated wheelnuts
The wheelnuts and studs for the outer rear wheels were given a gentle re-facing on the lathe, and sent away to be plated. They came out reasonably well, although the inevitable pitting is still in evidence. These might be looked at again later in the restoration, but for now can stay as they are.
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