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Fordson E27N tractors.

The following three images, all of Fordson E27N Major tractors, are scans of old family photographs that recall a time when distant relatives on my mother's side were involved with the supply and maintenance of tractors following WW2. A great uncle of mine lived in a small village called Beguildy in Radnorshire, and worked for Tractors (Hereford) Limited. The company was an authorised dealer for Ferguson tractors and implements, and it would seem also did a lot of work with Fordsons, hence the existence of the following photographs.
The first shows a relatively clean Fordson E27N (registration FO 5204) coupled up to a plough in a mid-Wales field. Whether my great uncle actually owned the tractor, or was just demonstrating it (perhaps to a potential customer), I'm not sure, but I think the latter is the more likely scenario as he wasn't a farmer himself. The E27N Major was first introduced in March 1945, utilising the petrol/TVO engine and gearbox previously seen in the Fordson Standard (Model N), albeit with a re-designed clutch, final drive, and brakes. In 1947 the option of a Perkins diesel engine was offered, endowing the tractor with a useful increase in grunt, at a time when diesel was becoming increasingly popular.
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Fordson E27N tractor
The second photo again features FO 5204 in an unidentified Welsh field, this time with a different implement attached to it.
Fordson E27N at work in Wales
Photo number three in this trio is of a different E27N Major, registration FO 5442, shown towing a sturdy trailer which has a very appealing 1940s/1950s crawler loaded on it (reg. FO 4055). Typically this era of Fordson Major was painted in a dark blue colour, with orange wheels. The following example (allowing for the vagaries of old black & white photographs) would appear to be finished in a lighter colour, with matching wheels. The tractor at the head of this page has the "Fordson" lettering picked out in a lighter colour, whereas in the photo below the lettering is darker than the rest.
Although there was a crawler version of the E27N Major tractor offered, this isn't one of them. Can anyone identify it?
Fordson tractor towing a crawler
Regrettably none of the registrations shown above appears to be live on DVLA any more, so presumably neither of the tractors - nor the crawler - have survived into preservation, despite a decent number of E27Ns still being around.

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Despite this predominantly being a road vehicles website, tractors do pop up quite regularly. For instance, there's a large parts free ads section. In the collectables area, there's a scan of a purchase invoice for a new Fordson in 1940, a poster for Esso Green Tractor Vapourising Oil (TVO), and a leaflet for WICO tractor magnetos.
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