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Homepage. This page: A Mini that looks like it has led a competitive life, plus another on a trip to France.

1. Classic Austin Mini Mark 1 saloon 922 JWL

This Mini photograph came in a batch of photos that were taken in the late 1960s, so the Mini would probably be 8 or 9 years old by the time this photo was taken, and it was already looking a bit rusty around the edges. The wavy grille suggests that this is an Austin Mini, as opposed to a Morris Mini-Minor, and probably has (or started out with) the basic 850cc A Series engine. This one looks like it has been breathed on a little, so the engine has probably seen some work too. Two numberplates are deemed necessary for some reason, the white plate was perhaps located here to deflect water from the damp-prone distributor that sits just behind the grille. Two tiny auxiliary lamps are fitted to the grille, with what look like spring-back Desmo mirrors fitted to each front wing. Original 10 inch wheels are fitted, with crossply tyres, and the full-width wheel trims and hubcaps are still in place. It could have been used as a rally car, or just a tweaked road car.
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Mk1 Mini

2. A standard Austin "Seven" Mini.

Most Minis though were not souped-up to their back teeth, and remained faithful to Issigonis' idea of cheap, basic, wheel-in-each-corner accomodation for four people. The very early Minis were badged as Austin Sevens, just as the early Austin A30s and of course their pre-war Grandparents were, going right back to the 1920s. Early brochures for the Austin-badged cars referred to them as the Se7en rather than Mini, while Morris versions were known as the Mini-Minor. Therefore, although the registration of the Mini shown in the next photo isn't in shot, the "Austin Seven" badging confirms that this Mk1 Mini must have been built between 1959 and 1961.
The location is in the village of La Haye, on the N30, a road that can be found in the Northern region of France. So at the time of this photo, the Mini and its passengers perhaps hadn't ventured too far into the heart of La Belle France. The requisite GB plate, courtesy of the AA, has been hastily taped into the rear window, alongside a stick-on demister panel, a popular fitment in the days before heated rear windows were commonplace. Front wing mirrors have also been fitted. The original pull-chord door openers remain. The photo dates to 1964.
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Mk1 Austin Seven Mini in France
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