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Homepage. This page: Photos of a 1930s/1940s Morris 10M at a Polling Station, plus several others including a roadside picnic.

1. A quiet day for a 10hp Morris at a polling station.

The first Morris 10 Series M photo on this page is dated 23rd February 1950, and a stamp on the back suggests that it was printed by the Air Ministry, or at least on their paper..
A 1930s Morris car?
In the background is a sign for a local Polling Station, where the locals would go to place their vote in an election. A little research has shown that February 23rd 1950 was General Election day in the UK, an election that saw Labour returned to power. Of more interest though is the little Morris Ten shown in the photograph, with an electoral slogan in the rear window saying, I think, "Vote Martell". Unless I am much mistaken, I think it is a Morris 10M, or to give it its full name, a Morris 10 Series M. The 10M had a chassis-less construction, and was fitted with the overhead valve XPAG engine, similar to that found under the rakish bonnet of the MG TC. The Series M first came out in 1938, with the final cars rolling off the line in 1948.

2. A Morris 10 M and a roadside picnic.

The next pair of old photos show a Series 10 M parked at a quiet roadside, with a tasty picnic in full swing. The car appears to be registered OXU 13, a London number, so perhaps the family were enjoying a day away from London's smog in these images? An ingenious table appears to be hanging on the back of the Morris, complete with tablecloth and a selection of cutlery and utensils in view. Three bottles of pop are on the ground, with a small stove and kettle sat in the grass, a safe distance from the car.
Morris 10M
Morris 10 and a roadside picnic

3. Another Morris seen during a holiday.

The following photos came with the above set, but show a different Morris 10, registration ENR 443 (a Leicester numberplate). The people in the photos look similar too. The Morris was captured on film during a caravanning holiday. My guess is that the caravans were parked long-term on this site, as the Morris has no towbar, and neither it nor the E493A Prefect would have been able to tow very well either. Note the traditional lines of the caravan, and proper old-style deckchairs!
Morris 10M and an old caravan
The Morris parked next to a caravan at a campsite

4. A 10hp Morris plus four-legged horsepower.

This next photo shows a filthy Morris Series M parked on a muddy track, accompanied by a couple of equine enthusiasts with their trusty steeds. The Morris must have had some in-car wireless setup, judging by the length of the car's aerial.
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A Morris 10M saloon car
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