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National Archives

A selection of mostly black and white films are now available to view via the National Archives website, and date to the late 1940s and early 1950s. Many of the films accessible are to do with health ("Don't Spread Germs", "Coughs and Sneezes", and "Your Very Good Health" for example) yet a small number may well be of interest to anyone who has found their way to my site.

Those that relate to transportation in some way are featured below, with links over to the National Archives site where the films can be downloaded. All films and images are subject to Crown Copyright, details of which are also on the NA pages.

Visit the National Archives to view these films yourself, link further down this page.

Transport-related films:

Pedestrian Crossing   Journey by London Bus
Tips on the best way to cross a road without being flattened by a vintage motorcar (1948)   Advice on the reliable and punctual bus services offered in the London area (1950)
Into the Blue   Wing to Wing
The growth of the UK civil aviation industry in the years following WW2, BEA, BOAC, Lockheed Constellation etc (1950)   The RAFs commitment to the new-era jet fighters that were replacing piston engined fighters as front line aircraft (1951)
The Wonder Jet   London Airport
The story of Frank Whittle and his PowerJets factory in Lutterworth as they developed the early jet engines (1950)   The growth of a small grass airfield in the 1940s into the major international airport that is London Heathrow (1949)

After the war, morale was not great in the UK, despite beating off the advances of Hitler and his cronies. The tone in many of these public films was intended to raise spirits, looking to the future and the excitement of the newly developed jet engines was key to this optimistic theme. The aircraft films serve as a reminder of the huge aircraft manufacturing industry that could be found across the UK in the early 1950s, with manufacturers such as De Havilland, Gloster, Avro, Shorts, Saunders Roe, Handley Page, Vickers and English Electric to name a few getting a mention. There is some great footage of flying boats, Lockheed Constellations, Meteors, DH Vampiers, Lancaster bombers, Canberras, the sole Bristol Brabazon, Ambassadors, and of activity at London Airport in the early days, to be found in these films. Hopefully the range of titles available for download will increase to include more road transport subjects in future.

More information on the National Archives films can be found on their main site.
The images shown above are Crown Copyright.

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