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Homepage. This page: A number of cars parked outside The Raven pub in Shropshire.

Car park outside The Raven.

This photo was lent to me, and shows a number of old cars parked outside The Raven, a restaurant/bar that still exists today, opposite Prees Heath in Shropshire. In fact the only differences now are the windows have been replaced with more modern units, two of the three flagpoles are no longer in place, and the sturdy brick pub sign has disappeared, albeit only in recent years. The bungalow in the background is still there too, again with different windows in place. I think this photo dates to the early/mid 1960s.

Nearest the camera is an A registration Ford Cortina Mk1, with a 4 door Morris Minor (small back lights and semaphore indicators) alongside. The car with the family climbing out of it is a Mk2 Ford, and next up is a Prefect. Just visible is a Vauxhall HA Viva, a Mk3 Zephyr or Zodiac, and a Bedford CAS van (splitscreen model) in the background.

Cars outside The Raven public house/restaurant

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