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See Homepage. This page: An Austin Seven pulls up for fuel at the newly-opened Welland's Garage in the 1930s.
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1934 Austin 7 PD at a garage.

This fantastic old photograph captures the moment that an Austin 7 two-seater pulls up at Welland's Garage for a spot of fuel. There are two petrol pumps - one for Shell Spirit, the other for Pratts Commercial. The pumps are flanked at either end by oil cabinets, the nearest being for Gargoyle Mobiloil while that which is furthest away I can't make out. The year was 1934, at the opening of Welland's Garage. Coincidentally the tiny two-seater Austin 7 PD, registration AOC 935, also dates to that year.
The original image belongs to the Welland family, Jenny - whose father was the proprietor of this fine establishment from its opening in 1934 right through into the 1970s - was kind enough to email this over for inclusion on the site. Photographs such as this are a real reminder of a more easy-going time, especially at a semi-rural location such as this in Berrow, Somerset. The Austin waits for fuel, while the family dog monitors proceedings with passing interest only.
There is also a tantalising glimpse of something altogether grander, a towering 1923 Wolseley taxi cab, parked within the garage.
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Austin 7 parked at a pre-war garage
Jenny still lives in the house that can be seen in the background (the family first lived there in 1846), and the garage is now leased out. More history on the garage is now being added to this page, including several more early photographs.
The PD tourer of 1932-on was, at the time of this shot, the latest in a long line of diminutive Austin 7 two-seaters. In mid-1934 a revised version was announced, the APD Opal, which continued in production alongside the Ruby (which made its debut in August 1934), the latter introducing bulkier styling, and a painted radiator surround, to the "Seven" line-up. The PD and APD would sport a chrome radiator rather than adopting the Ruby look, allied to the longer wheelbase that was introduced in 1932. The final APD was built in 1936, after which the APE Opal - with painted rad surround - took over.
Fore-runner to the PD and APD was the original open-top Austin 7, known universally as the "Chummy".
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