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See Homepage. This page: Lots of classics, including some British Austins of the 1950s.
Original transport photographs
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BMC's Austin A55 Cambridge saloon car.

Ok, first A55 photograph, the setting a car park packed with interesting old cars, at what looks like Cheddar Gorge seen here in the late 1950s.
Austin A55 Cambridge photograph
Here's a nice old snapshot taken in Britain during the 1950s, with A55 Cambridge PXJ 324 lurching towards the camera. Quite an assortment of British cars can be seen in this photo. On the left are examples of BMC's A30 (registration PYP 228), Ford 100E Pop 877 DPB, then a large saloon - possibly an Armstrong Siddeley. Next up and just visible is a Farina Oxford or Cambridge, then a 2 tone 105E Ford Anglia with a loaded roof rack fitted. Alongside I think is an F Type Victor (the curved rear screen can just be made out), and to the right of the walking group of people, the flat back of an A40 Farina. Next is another 100E, with a 300E Thames van version parked next door. The final car that I can see is a rare Standard 10 Companion, or estate.
It's interesting to see how people dressed back then for a day out. Nowadays it'd be open shirts, T-shirts, jeans or baggy shorts. In the 50s it was tweed suits and skirts, and flowery dresses. The chap on the right, next to the A55 Austin, has his flat cap at a jaunty angle, and a long overcoat.

Graham's family Austin A55.

Graham contacted me and sent these two images of his father's A55. Although now a resident of South Africa, Graham grew up in Harold Hill, near Romford in Essex. The photos show his father with the Austin, and also Graham and his brother giving the car a wash.
Two more Austin A55 pictures
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