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See Homepage. This page: A 1953 leaflet for Avon's white wall - crossply - tyres.

Avon whitewall tyres.

Many American-built cars of the early 1950s featured whitewall tyres as standard. This led to a growing interest in this type of road tyre here too, especially as a number of British car manufacturers had begun to build cars heavily influenced by US styling trends. Cars such as the Vauxhall Cresta, and Ford's Mk2 Zephyr and Zodiac, bedecked with lashings of chrome plate and (admittedly quite restrained) fins, often brightened up with cheery paint colour schemes as a contrast to the previously subdued tones that had dominated garage forecourts, had caught the public's attention. And the icing on the cake for such a car? whitewall tyres of course, and Avon - along with the other tyre manufacturers - were keen to capture a slice of this market. The following leaflet for Avon HM (Higher Mileage) whitewall tyres dates to 1953 (a leaflet that describes regular Avon HM tyres, may be found here).
Avon whitewall tyres
Whether a particular car suits whitewall tyres is a very subjective matter. To my eyes they suit the US-inspired car designs that were popular in the 1950s, but can look a little incongruous on more sober designs. Fitted to a brightly-coloured Cresta, or maybe an Austin Atlantic? yes they do look the part, however they look a little odd on, say, a beige Standard Vanguard, a regal old Daimler, or a Ford Pop for example. What works or doesn't work aesthetically is all in the eye of the beholder, as with all styling choices, but typically the more ornately-decorated & brightly coloured a car is, the more suited a set of whitewalls is to it. Maybe.
The Ford and Vauxhall shown in the following two old photos are from the image archive section of OCC. Both sport whitewall tyres and, to my eyes, look ok on them.
A Vauxhall fitted with whitewall tyres
Ford Zephyr Zodiac
Regarding their range of tyres, the leaflet reads as follows:

The tyre that combines higher mileage with distinctive elegance.

Lending the final mark of distinction to the larger car, this new whitewalled tyre maintains the remarkable performance for which Avon H.M. tyres have long been widely acclaimed. It is a standard Avon tyre in every respect, built to Avon's unique specification, with the wider, flatter, deeper tread which thousands of motorists have proved gives higher mileage. A solid white rubber wall is in-moulded during manufacture - its resplendent whiteness is permanent throughout the tyre's long life.
Tyres to suit 13", 14", 15", 16", 17" and 18" diameter wheels were offered.
Avon HM whitewalls
More items of paperwork relating to motoring can be found in the Motoring Collectables section. Included is a page for another Avon tyres booklet, which gives advice to commercial vehicle owners with regard to looking after their vehicle's tyres, that can be found here.

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