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See Homepage. This page: A collectable motoring road safety card game named after the man who brought us the Belisha Beacon.
Cards from the game
1930s Belisha card game

Belisha Children's Card Game from Pepys.

Elsewhere on oldclassiccar I've introduced the hobby of collecting old motoring & car-related games.

Featured here is an interesting card game, published I'd guess in the 1930s, called the Belisha Card Game. It was published by Castell Brothers Ltd, who were makers of Pepys Stationery. The accompanying leaflet outlines the idea of this game -

'"Belisha" is a new and improved form of the universally popular game of Rummy.
It is as easy to play as the parent game but offers more scope for intelligent play and is quicker and more interesting.
"Belisha" has been produced with a sincere desire to make a helpful contribution the 'Safety First' campaign.
It has been carefully designed to stimulate road consciousness, especially among young people.
Without doubt "Belisha" will achieve its purpose while providing an artistically produced game - of educational value - and of absorbing interest.'

The game was named after the Minister of Transport in the early 1930s, Leslie Hore-Belisha, who introduced the Belisha beacon - a pedestrian zebra crossing which was illuminated by a flashing yellow lamp on either side of the road, mounted on a black and white pole. Although the crossings are still in use now (they were introduced in 1934) they are rarely called Belisha Beacons any more.

The cards are all illustrated with various scenes, some related directly to motoring (and shown below), whereas others contains scenes that you might come across while navigating this sceptred Isle of ours.

Illustrated cards from the Belisha game
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