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Auto-related memorabilia, antiques and collectables.

> 2 gallon petrol tin
> 8 track cartridge player
> advertising poster
> autograph
> badge
> bicycle
> bonnet mascot
> book
> brochure
> bulb
> bus timetable
> car book
> car dial
> car magazine
> car radio
> car shaped teapot
> caravan book
> caravan sales catalogue
> chrome badge
> cigarette card
> clockwork toy
> coach timetable
> commercial vehicle part
> diecast toy
> electric car
> enamel sign
> fire engine book
> garage oil can
> garage sign
> garage tool
> grand prix poster
> grease gun
> hand tool
> handbook
> ice cream van book
> illuminated sign
> in-car record player
> jigsaw puzzle
> land speed record memento
> lubrication chart
> map
> military vehicle book
> military vehicle part
> model
> motor race programme
> motor racing badge
> motor racing book
> motor racing gloves
> motor racing helmet
> motor racing overalls
> motorcycle book
> motorcycle catalogue
> motorcycle sidecar
> motoring board game
> motoring game
> motoring garment
> motoring postcard
> movie poster
> oil can
> old photograph
> original artwork
> original road sign
> paraffin lamp
> parts book
> pedal car
> penny farthing
> petrol pump
> petrol pump globe
> petrol tin
> photograph
> picnic set
> pin badge
> plastic kit
> playing card
> poster
> press kit
> promotional giveaway
> racing trophy
> radiator grille
> radiator mascot
> reproduction metal sign
> reproduction print
> sew on badge
> showroom poster
> slot car
> spanner
> spark plug
> spotlamp
> tax disc holder
> tether gas powered model racer
> tin
> tinplate toy
> toolkit
> tram
> trolleybus
> vinyl promotional record
> wheel
> wooden toy
> workshop manual
Collect Automobilia.

Buy & Sell Automobilia

Place you free car-related memorabilia ads right here.

Many people collect automobilia, which is the collective noun for anything that relates to transportation in some way. Some collect motor memorabilia because they haven't got the room to keep a full-size old car, others collect smaller items in addition to owning 1+ old vehicles. Others simply remember when older cars were current, and are nostalgic for the 'old days'. Whatever your collecting interest, hopefully this free service will be of use.

This section is broken down into categories for ease of use, so no matter what area of collectables and nostalgia interests you, finding the right page to place you ad shouldn't be a problem.

Simply go to whichever page is the nearest match to your interests. On that page you will find a number of links of interest, and a display showing adverts already submitted to that particular automobilia category. A little way down each page you will find a simple form to fill out. Placing ads is totally free of charge, so if you have things to sell, or are looking for things to add to your collection, why not give it a go?

This service is designed to be used by anyone with an interest in the early, antique, motorcars, vintage pre-war cars, classics of the postwar 50s/60s, and those cars of the 70s and 80s that are beginning to be accepted in collectors' car circles - anything goes here, so long as it is old!

And that doesn't just go for car-related collectibles either - automobilia is a very broad term, and anything that has had an influence on, or been influenced by, the use of the motor-car, may well fit in with this section. Examples of this include bicycles, fire appliances, paper ephemera, car-shaped items (eg teapots), board games and puzzles, toys, and even some vinyl records, get a mention here.

If you can think of other categories that would fit in here well, by all means drop me a note and I'll add them in.

What Next?
Ok, to place your own ad, simply select one of the pages in the lefthand column, and fill out the simple form on that page.

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