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Homepage. This page: Driving excitement assured with this 1950s/1960s magnetic car rallying board game.

The "Bell Cross Country Rally" game.

Pages about various magnetically-controlled car games can be found on Old Classic Car, including another produced by Bell Toys which features racing driver Duncan Hamilton and the Oulton Park racing circuit (link), and perhaps the best-known of magnetic driving games - produced by Merit - simply titled Remote Control Driving Test. This latest discovery, in a small antiques/collectables shop in a town not far from me in March 2018, is called the "Bell Cross Country Rally". Billed as "an exciting educational competitive game for one or more players", the game's eye-catching box cover features a white-knuckled rally driver in hot pursuit of a black Humber Hawk, at a heady 80mph down an icy highway.
Bell Cross Country Rally game
Within the box is the course itself, designed to be navigated by the steering of a magnet located beneath a car positioned on the game board, using the steering wheel which can be seen in the second image, below. A number of loose plastic obstacles are included in the box, and are placed into position prior to play. There are two small plastic cars, each of which incorporates a small metal loop underneath, one per player. There should also be a few plastic pedestrians, and a selection of other hazards to avoid, which have gone AWOL over the course of the last 50-60 years.
The rally route commences in London then heads north up to Scotland before tackling the roads of northern England, prior to heading south in the direction of Cornwall for the finish line. Wales doesn't get a look-in sadly. Players take it in turn to complete the course, the full instructions for which are printed on a label glued to the underside of the box lid.
The game's dashboard and route map
When this game was introduced, and for how long it was in production for, I've not been able to establish. A small number of examples are recorded as having sold online, but little extra information regarding the background to this particular game has been forthcoming.
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