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Rally the Globe club (PR)
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 3:02 pm    Post subject: Rally the Globe club (PR) Reply with quote


• Ambitious new club primed for the first of its driving adventures
• Full capacity entry gears up for nine days of epic motoring
• Mouthwatering cocktail of deserted country roads, race circuits and historic hotels
• Evocative field ranges from vintage Bentleys to classic Jaguars and Aston Martins
• Follow-up events filling up fast as Rally the Globe comes of age

The final countdown has commenced to the first of Rally the Globe’s exciting new portfolio of epic worldwide driving events: next month’s eagerly-anticipated – and impressively sold-out – Carrera Iberia (7-17 October).

Launched late last year, Rally the Globe is a new, not-for-profit club established by a number of regular historic rally competitors to provide them, and the growing number of likeminded and enthusiastic vintage and classic car owners, with memorable motoring adventures right around the world. Next month’s Carrera Iberia is the first of these sought-after events.

The magical ten-day journey will take participants on an exhilarating voyage from the historical port of Santander in northern Spain to Vilamoura on the southern coast of Portugal – an epic 3,470kms passage packed with outstanding attractions as well as competitive sections to entertain the more spirited.

The carefully planned route features nine days of memorable driving on deserted asphalt roads far away from the beaten track taking entrants through vineyards such as Rioja and the Douro Valley, quaint towns, rolling hills, dramatic canyons, twisting hillclimbs and atmospheric medieval citadels, all interspersed with overnight stops at paradors, pousadas and five-star hotels in the wine regions.

Adding further to the experience, the daily itinerary always includes several regularity tests requiring comradery and team-work from driver and navigator while, for those wishing to unleash their cars, there are visits to a number of the region’s top race circuits: Navarra, Braga, Portimao and Estoril where Ayrton Senna won his first Grand Prix.

“I’m really thrilled with route we devised for our very first event,” confirmed Fred Gallagher, Rally the Globe’s vastly experienced and internationally respected Rally Director. “Everyone who has driven these roads during our preparations has remarked on just how traffic-free they are. They have also enthused about the great variety of roads ranging from twisty mountain passes to the vast plains of Don Quixote country.”

Unlike some of Rally the Globe’s more endurance-style rallies in the future, its collection of Carrera events will all be purposefully set on smooth asphalt roads, encouraging participants to enter cars not seen quite so often on such escapades.

“I’m delighted to see E-types, Aston Martin DB5s and MGAs on the start list – a detail which is almost as significant as the fact that we have achieved a completely full entry for Rally the Globe’s first event,” extolled Gallagher who is also pleased that a third of the entrants are in the pre-1948 vintage category. Indeed, the roster includes no fewer than eight early Bentleys in a year when the famous Flying B is celebrating its centenary.

Among the ‘Bentley Boys’ are Graham and Marina Goodwin, recent winners of the Peking-to-Paris marathon. Graham is also one of the founding members – and Chairman – of Rally the Globe.

Since the new venture was launched last November, Gallagher and Goodwin have assembled an impressive team including many of the business’ most eminent specialists to ensure unrivalled levels of professionalism, experience, vision and voyage.

Now, less than a year after its conception, Rally the Globe comes of age when its inaugural Carrera Iberia hits the road in just a few weeks’ time. Thereafter follows a full-programme of endurance and adventure style rallies filling the next four years – many of these are already in an advanced stage of preparation.

Next up is the East African-based ‘Southern Cross Safari’ in February 2020 followed quickly by the Celtic Challenge in the British Isles next April and then the ultimate ‘Round the World’ split into three individual sections between May 2020 and June 2021. A few remaining places on those events are still available for those to take advantage of Rally the Globe’s inspiration, vision and expertise.


1. Gavin Henderson (GBR)/Diana Henderson (GBR) 1922 Bentley 3-4 1⁄2
2. Bertie Van Houtte (FRA)/Charlotte Van Houtte (GBR) 1925 Bentley 3-4 1⁄2
3. Keith Ashworth (GBR)/Norah Ashworth (GBR) 1927 Bentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans
4. Graham Goodwin (GBR)/Marina Goodwin (GBR) 1927 Bentley Speed 3-4 1/2
5. Clint Smith (GBR)/Dawn Smith (GBR) 1929 Bentley Speed Six
6. Anthony Strelzow (CAN)/Lee-Ann Strelzow (CAN) 1936 Bentley Derby Drophead Coupe
7. Paul Hartfield (GBR)/Matthew Hartfield (GBR) ­1936 Packard Super 8 Sedan
8. Andrew Long (GBR)/Gina Long (GBR) 1937 Bentley Derby VDP
9. Jim Gately (USA)/Tony Brooks (GBR) 1947 Kurtis Comet
10. Anton Gonnissen (BEL)/Inge Willemen (BEL) 1948 Bentley Speed 8
11. Len Treeter (CAN)/Christof Ley (GER) 1958 Mercedes-Benz Ponton 220S
12. Mike Harrison (GBR)/Lorna Harrison (GBR) 1959 Triumph TR3A
13. Charles Stuart-Menteth (GBR)/Nicola Stuart-Menteth (GBR) 1962 MGA MK2
14. David Roberts (GBR)/Jo Roberts (GBR) 1963 Triumph TR4
15. Sholto Gilbertson (GBR)/Caspar Killick (GBR) 1964 Jaguar E-Type
16. Alan Beardshaw (GBR)/Tina Beardshaw (GBR) 1965 Aston Martin DB5
17. Manuel Dubs (SWI)/Irene Dubs (SWI) 1965 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible
18. Stephen Hardwick (GBR)/Samantha Hardwick (GBR) 1965 Ford Falcon
19. Roy Stephenson (GBR)/Rachel Stephenson (GBR) 1965 Ford Mustang
20. Jeremy Clayton (GBR)/Jenny Clayton (GBR) 1966 Ford Mustang
21. Mick de Haas (NLD)/Grace de Haas (NLD) 1966 Mercedes-Benz 280SL
22. Roland Singer (AUT)/Bernhard Ziegler (AUT) 1966 Saab 96 V4
23. Neil Oatley (GBR)/Peta Oatley (GBR) 1967 Lancia Fulvia 1.3S Rallye
24. Isabelle Mathew (GBR)/Denise Seely (GBR) 1967 Mercedes-Benz 280SL
25. Rogier Quekel (NLD)/Marjan te Velde (NLD) 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280SE
26. Clemens Lansing (GER)/Emilia Lansing (GER) 1971 Porsche 911 Targa
27. Otakar Chládek (CZE)/Jindřiška Žemličková (CZE) 1971 Mercedes-Benz 350SL
28. Anthony Verloop (NLD)/Sonja Verloop (NLD) 1973 MGB GT V8
29. Wilfried Schaefer (GER)/Sandra Schaefer (GER) 1973 Porsche 911S
30. David Danglard (USA)/Susan Danglard (USA) 1973 Porsche 911
31. Andrew Laing (GBR)/Ian Milne (GBR) 1974 Datsun 240Z
Rick (OCC Admin)
Various 1920s-1960s - Austin, Morris, Commer, Dodge etc.
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Joined: 27 Apr 2005
Posts: 21851
Location: UK

PostPosted: Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


• Remarkable 87-year-old Aussie enters circumnavigation trilogy
• The secrets of success: good genes, a well-prepared car, a good co-driver and a slice of luck
• Incredible 80 days and 35,000kms of classic endurance driving
• Confirmed international entries include proven marathon rally winners

Marathon rallying legend Gerry Crown is gearing up for an even greater adventure. Having recently won the Peking to Paris for the third time at the ripe old age of 87, the remarkable Australian has now entered the ultimate circumnavigation challenge – Rally the Globe’s eponymous Round the World.

Back in his earlier days, Crown rallied Down Under with enough talent to attract factory support from Renault. But then quit the hot-seat to concentrate his efforts on running one of Australia’s most well-known toys and games companies – Crown & Andrews – which he co-founded. More recently, though, Gerry has reignited his motorsport ambitions and earned himself a global reputation as the undisputed king of gruelling endurance rallies.

Split into three separate legs, the life-defining Round the World sets out from the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London on 23 May 2020 returning to the same spot on 19 June 2021 after 80 days and 35,000kms of epic endurance motoring through four continents in vintage and classic cars.

It is going to be an incredible trilogy and an epic competitive journey featuring more than 100 speed and navigational tests – all adding up to an incredible experience the extraordinary Crown is relishing. “To have this opportunity to rally around the world in an event which has not been attempted for 20 years is too good to resist,” enthused the ever-intrepid octogenarian who is co-driven by fellow-countryman Matt Bryson. Providing further assistance, Matt also prepares Crown’s victorious Aussie icon cars.

The pair’s most recent intercontinental victory came crewing a 1974 Rover V8-engined Leyland P76 in the post-war category, the same sturdy beast in which Gerry and Matt also won the 2013 Peking to Paris. Three years previously to that success the duo scored their first victory, this time in the 1964 Holden EH in which Gerry and Matt’s father John had first contested the event back in 1997 and, indeed, won their class. Now Crown is contemplating employing his two uniquely-Australian cars on the forthcoming Round the World escapade.

“Both cars are well suited to the rough terrains that we can expect,” he predicted. “The P76 is more powerful but, maybe, we’ll use the Holden for the second leg across north America.”

It is the opening leg from London to Casablanca, however, which intrigues him most. “I have never been to Morocco, so I’m really looking forward to that section,” admitted Crown before adding that he expects the marathon third leg from Vladivostok back to London to be the toughest. “Driving in Russia is always hard work,” said the man who knows better than most having conquered more of these gruelling motoring marathons than anyone else on Earth.

Crown attributes his notable successes in such endurance events to a well prepared car (“Matt has built all three winning cars”), a good co-driver (“Matt is the best”) plus a healthy dose of deal of good luck. “Things will inevitably go wrong, it is just when and how you deal with them,” he divulged.

Now he is trusting good fortune, his own wealth of experience and assistance from trusty Matt for yet another headline-grabbing, age-defying performance on the Round the World triple-header… an outstanding treble he once again is hoping to win even as he nears his 90th birthday.

“Luckily I’m blessed with good genes – my father was 96 when he passed away and my Mother 99,” he said before switching his attentions to competition ahead. “While the main appeal is always the wonderful camaraderie of rallying with old friends, we will certainly be trying hard to win it, but there will be some stiff opposition.”

Indeed, underlining the exceptional quality of those setting out around the globe, those already entered include Graham and Marina Goodwin who won the pre-war class in the latest edition of the Peking to Paris in their twenties Bentley and another husband and wife team – Alan and Tina Beardshaw – who took top honours on Rally the Globe’s recent Carrera Iberia driving an Aston Martin DB5.

“We are thrilled that Gerry and Matt will be contesting all three legs of our Round the World adventure,” said Fred Gallagher, Rally the Globe’s distinguished Rally Director. “It’s a real honour for us to have them on the entry list and with their amazing track record, they will certainly be among the favourites for victory… and what a terrific story that would be!”

Before the seminal Round the World leaves London next May, Rally the Globe’s next two events are the East African-based ‘Southern Cross Safari’ in February 2020, followed quickly by the Celtic Challenge in the British Isles in April. A few remaining places on those events are still available for those wishing to take advantage of Rally the Globe’s inspiration, vision and expertise – three stand-out excellences endorsed by the five star reviews awarded to the club’s highly-praised Carrera Iberia debut last month.
Rick (OCC Admin)
Various 1920s-1960s - Austin, Morris, Commer, Dodge etc.
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Joined: 27 Apr 2005
Posts: 21851
Location: UK

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 11:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


• Famous fifties Frazer Nash ‘Kermit’ returns to scene of its fatal accident
• Current owner to lay commemorative wreath paying tribute to Eric Winterbottom
• Spectacular five-day driving adventure in the British Isles
• Entries still open for owners of pre-1969 vintage and classic cars

Many old cars have rich histories and plenty of stories to tell but few more poignant than the Frazer Nash entered into next spring’s Celtic Challenge – during the event it will be returning to the scene of its fatal racing accident dating back to the infamous RAC Tourist Trophy of 1951.

Rally the Globe’s demanding five-day Celtic Challenge (21-26 April) driving adventure starts in England and runs through Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland en route to a finish in Scotland. The challenging route includes a visit to the fearsome Dundrod street circuit, in County Antrim where the legendary TT was held between 1950 and 1955.

The combination of narrow lanes and high speeds produced some spectacular racing – and three famous Stirling Moss victories – but were not without danger, and Britain’s most celebrated sportscar race was switched to Goodwood on grounds of safety after three fatalities during the 1955 race.

Those were not Dundrod’s first casualties either – four years earlier popular Surrey publican Eric Winterbottom succumbed after crashing on the opening lap of the 1951 TT (photo top left below). Now, nearly 70 years on, the pale green Frazer Nash in which Winterbottom lost his life is returning to Dundrod – its current owner Noelle Dunkerley, together with co-driver and close friend Paul Flett, having joined those contesting the inaugural Celtic Challenge.

“It’s the first time I’ve entered one of these wonderful events and didn’t at first realise the significance of the route,” admitted Noelle who inherited the car from her father Alan Dunkerley. “The fact we are actually going to Dundrod will obviously make it quite emotional. We are planning to place a laurel wreath at Wheeler’s Corner in memory of Eric who had so much history with the car in the early fifties before he tragically lost his life far too early at just 42 years old.”

Now affectionately known as ‘Kermit’ – so named by Noelle’s daughter Claire on account of its distinctive green bodywork – the Frazer Nash has indeed quite a history to retell. Earlier in 1951, Winterbottom had raced it at Le Mans finishing a fine 14th overall and second in class (photo second row below – credit: Motorsport Images). He clearly loved driving the car as he then set off, with suitcases on the rack, to the South of France for the Alpine Rally where a faultless performance earned a coveted Coupe des Alpes award for him and owner/co-driver George Duff.

After its Dundrod crash the car was rebuilt by Duff with whom Winterbottom had been sharing the driving duties at the fateful TT and continued to race at circuits such as Goodwood and Silverstone throughout the fifties and sixties. The car was then purchased by Frazer Nash enthusiast Alan Dunkerley (photo third row below left) in 1996 and passed onto his daughter Noelle on his death in 2007.

“It was blue when my dad first got the car but he found the original colour underneath and had it restored to a similar pale green to the one it had in period,” explained Noelle. “More recently I’ve started doing some more homework on the car, and also into Eric Winterbottom. It turns out he was born in Flixton in the North West where I’m from. Later in life he must have headed south to run the Albert Hotel in Kingston, a well-known haunt for the hot-bed of enthusiastic racer drivers in the area. I’d love to find out more both about him and, of course, Kermit.”

As well as a visit to Dundrod, the 2020 Celtic Challenge also includes a visit to another of Northern Ireland’s fabled early RAC TT road courses – Ards, situated between Comber and Newtownards, where the illustrious race was staged nine times from 1928 to 1936. It attracted huge crowds numbering close to 500,000, all marvelling at the high-speed exploits of the era’s greatest drivers including double-winner Tazio Nuvolari, Rudolf Carraciola, Kaye Don and Freddie Dixon.

Combining a number of competitive tests with some great driving roads and lashings of legendary Gaelic hospitality, the meticulously crafted five-day Celtic Challenge starts from the Carden Park spa hotel outside Chester. The opening sections are then set in the stunning scenery of north Wales including tests around the iconic Great Orme peninsula and at the popular Anglesey circuit.

On top of visits to both Ards and Dundrod, the Irish excursion features an overnight halt in the historic Titanic Quarter of Belfast. For TV buffs, there’s also the chance to savour Game of Thrones landscapes and landmarks.

Having re-crossed the Irish Sea to Scotland, participants visit Turnberry and a final morning tackling more competitive tests and experiencing the magnificent highways through the Southern Uplands, before a fitting finale in the celebrated golfing town of St Andrews.

It promises to be a truly memorable driving adventure for all those entering – but even more so for Noelle Dunkerley and her extraordinarily significant 1951 Frazer Nash ‘Kermit’.

Full day-by-day details of the Celtic Challenge are available on the website. Entry is open to all abilities driving either vintage or post-vintage cars built before the end of 1969.
Rick (OCC Admin)
Various 1920s-1960s - Austin, Morris, Commer, Dodge etc.
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