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Datsun 120Y

Spares for 120Ys - find the bits you need here.

This page has been added to enable anyone to advertise for 120Y spares they want, or list parts they no longer need, online and for FREE!

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Simply go to the relevant page for your Datsun - see the menu on the Classics Free Ads homepage if this isn't it - and post your ad for free.

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To place your free ad, please complete the form further down the page - No restored Datsuns for sale, only complete examples if they're scrap and being sold for parts only.

Please note, only ads with contact telephone numbers will have their contact details published, to ward off email scammers.

I hope you find this 'virtual swapmeet' service useful - if you run a related website, I would appreciate a link to this page, to get as many enthusiasts using this service as possible. Thanks.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any 120Y car part without seeing it first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the Datsun item, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as we'd like (Caveat Emptor).
120Y parts and memorabilia being sold in the UK and Internationally right now on eBay. To see complete cars, please scroll down.

Existing Datsun Classifieds.

Spares Wtd Ad. (Sunderland) (28/4).
Front bumper required
0191 5280936
Parts F/S Ad. (Bolivia) (20/5).
My car so good
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (31/5).
Boot door and carburettor desperately needed
Parts F/S Ad. (Queensland) (9/6).
Front struts and differential for 4 door.
Parts F/S Ad. (Robinvale victoria 3549) (15/6).
Spares Wtd Ad. (New South Wales Australia) (18/6).
120y front drivers side door and hinges
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sydney) (21/6).
120y 4speed
king Parts F/S Ad. (Queensland Australia) (29/6).
Any parts off the 120y
(Years applic: Mr_king05@hotmail.com)
Spares Wtd Ad. (Canada) (28/7).
Front fenders
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (30/7).
I need parts for my 120 y i need them asap plzz contact me thanks simon
Spares Wtd Ad. (Guatemala) (4/8).
I need the board 120y
Parts F/S Ad. (Colombia) (20/8).
Datsun 120y coupe 1981
Spares Wtd Ad. (Port Augusta) (15/9).
Rear Main Seal for 120y
Parts F/S Ad. (South west) (27/9).
Datsun 120y beaking for spairs i dont want much for any of it
Spares Wtd Ad. (Curacao) (30/9).
I need The rubber bands for the datsun 120y glaswindows
Parts F/S Ad. (U.k.) (17/11).
New exhaust system 30-00
Spares Wtd Ad. (Leeds, uk) (24/11).
120y parts wanted, anything considered
Spares Wtd Ad. ((netherlands)) (22/12).
Complete steering box for 120Y
Spares Wtd Ad. (Trinidad, W.I.) (27/1).
Inicator light Assy.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Aruba) (30/1).
Side window rubber
Parts F/S Ad. (Devon ) (23/2).
I have most parts off of a 1978 120y 4 door sedan give me a call for more details
Spares Wtd Ad. (Queensland australia) (7/4).
Relays need of a datsun 120y1977 model
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Melbourne Australia) (14/4).
Need the 2 front doors off a 1966 120y sedan (rust free)
(03) 9455 3943
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.) (24/4).
Range of new brake spares available.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Rarotonga) (8/6).
Need a good Bonnet
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.) (19/6).
New rear lamp and brake spare for sale also other part no panels or trim please ask.
Saloon Information Ad. (Slough) (3/10).
Restoration Advice and parts required
Parts F/S Ad. (Sydney) (12/11).
Need engine & transmission for 74 120y manual hatchback
Information Ad. (Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia) (21/12).
Restoration advice and a Carby for a 1970s model
Spares Wtd Ad. (Karachi. Pakistan) (12/1).
Hazard Warning Assy
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (14/2).
Wanted 1978 120y sedan carburettor, distributor, engine bonnet
Parts F/S Ad. (Devon UK) (9/4).
Entire 120y (Runner) NO MOT/TAX Reg UDV 789R AND garage load of mechanical spares (Dashboard, gearbox wheel etc etc etc etc) Contact for further details
Spares Wtd Ad. (MIDDLESBROUGH (UK)) (23/4).
01642 251963
Spares Wtd Ad. (Curacai) (28/6).
RUBBER SEALS ( door and windows)
Spares Wtd Ad. (UK) (2/10).
Datsun 120Y coupe, 1975 rear wind screen rubber seal (the rubber which fixes rear screen
Parts F/S Ad. (Scunthorpe) (15/11).
Some body panels to clear for 120Ys B310 and B210, please email for list and please state model code B210 or 310
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (12/1).
Wing mirrors for 1978 120y b210 wanted!!!!!!!!!
Parts F/S Ad. (Kuantan pahang, malaysia) (5/4).
Indicator lamp (back)
Spares Wtd Ad. (Jakarta-Indonesia) (27/4).
Looking for honeybee grill
Parts F/S Ad. (Essex) (30/4).
Datsun 120y or 100a steering box urgently required
Spares Wtd Ad. (Nadi Fiji) (19/7).
5 speed A12 gearbox
679 6701222
Spares Wtd Ad. (Nadi Fiji) (19/7).
5 speed A12 gearbox
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (7/8).
Steering box for datsun 140y b310 hatchback urgently wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (7/8).
Steering box for datsun 140y b310 hatchback urgently wanted!!!!!!!!!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Brisbane) (25/9).
Drivers and passengers doors wanted for 120y sedan
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Zimbabwe) (16/10).
Datsun 120y (cluch plate,deaf seal,cub)
Spares Wtd Ad. (Arima) (16/11).
Want to buy A14 GEARBOX
Parts F/S Ad. (Cardiff wales uk) (1/12).
Various parts engine +
02920 410282
Parts F/S Ad. (Sequim, Washington) (6/12).
1977 B210 Honey Bee
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Seymour victoria) (10/3).
Need every thing but the shell 120y coupe
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norway) (8/4).
I need parts for Datsun 120y
(Years applic: 1974-1976 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (10/4).
Desperately need engine head
(Years applic: 1974-76 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bolivia) (14/4).
Looking for left and right tail lights assembly .
(Years applic: 1975-1977 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (England) (24/4).
4 door rear 1/4 doglegs and wheel arches
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South-west) (30/4).
Engine 120y
(Years applic: 1976-1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (SYDNEY) (2/5).
Need 4 datsun 120y hubcaps
(Years applic: 1977 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Townsville, Queensland, Australia) (2/5).
Need Lower Front Fender, Bonnet, Grill.
(Years applic: 1976 - 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (San Juan Puerto Rico) (4/5).
Datsun sedan
(Years applic: 1972 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Florida Puerto Rico) (9/5).
Datsun 1981 Model 210
(Years applic: Front Bumper filler )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bonalbo NSW) (19/5).
I am looking for a 5 speed gearbox for a 1978 datsun 120y coupe
(Years applic: 1978 )
(02) 66651272
Spares Wtd Ad. (N.Ireland) (23/5).
Desperately need rear wheel cylinder for Datsu 120Y
(Years applic: )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Indonesia) (7/7).
I need a friend who like a crazy of Datsun 120 Y
(Years applic: 1975 )
Memorabilia Ad. (West Midlands UK) (20/7).
Datsun 120Y coupe, white, automatic, very good runner and full service history. Including all MOTs from day one and invoice from 1976 when bought and the manual book. Excellent condition throughout. Selling due to having a baby.Reg plate NOL 42R
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wales, UK.) (10/8).
Wanted 120Y Coupe B210. Not interested in rusty shed full of filler. Dont mind a bit of work though.
(Years applic: 1974-1979 )
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (Culcairn nsw 2660) (10/9).
(Years applic: 1970-1978 )
Free Car Ad. (Brisbane ) (19/10).
120Y man or auto
(Years applic: any )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Indonesia) (20/10).
I need sharing or Free Manual Service datsun 120 Y, please send it to my email
(Years applic: 1975 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (BRONX N.Y) (7/12).
I need a Datsun sunny 120y 4 door 1975 \\GRILLE\\
(Years applic: 1970-1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (UNITED KINGDOM) (30/12).
(Years applic: )
07831 320567
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cambs uk) (10/1).
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (14/1).
Need 15inch sport rim n air-cond compressor..
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Herts but will travel) (21/3).
I am in need of a starter motor for a 120y will to travel
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (ENGLAND) (21/3).
(Years applic: 1978 )
07909 697214
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (24/3).
Looking for front and rear bumpers for 120y restoration project
(Years applic: 1977-1979 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (17/4).
Engine Block needed. URGENT!!
(Years applic: 1977 )
Saloon Free Car Ad. (Malaysia) (2/5).
I want 2 buy datsun 120y (B110) 1973-75
(Years applic: 1973-75 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackburn) (17/5).
Datsun 120y estate screen rubber - both for the front windscreen and rear windscreen needed for a rest project any help appreciated
(Years applic: 1973-1978 b210 )
07940 599823
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (22/5).
Wanted new or good condition Datsun 120Y Aluminium Timing Cover.
(Years applic: 1979 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Portugal) (27/5).
5 Speed Gearbox for datsun b210
(Years applic: 1975 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackburn ) (11/6).
120y water pump needed used or new - please make contact!
(Years applic: 1975-1978 )
04970 599823
Spares Wtd Ad. (Tasmania) (12/7).
I would really like one or two front seats for a 120y coupe in black. please :)
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South Africa (Cape Town)) (20/7).
I am looking for a front and rear bumber for a 120Y. Please make contact!!
(Years applic: 1974 )
+27 (0) 76 127 6291
Parts F/S Ad. (United Kingdom) (3/8).
120Y ,2 bonnets new.2 n/s/f wings 1o/s/f wing.1n/s door skin(2door) new.
(Years applic: 1979 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Puerto Rico) (13/8).
Front Bumper Filler
(Years applic: 1979-1982 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sabah) (20/8).
Need nissan 120y carburator
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (New Zealand) (23/8).
20mm front strut inserts
(Years applic: 1972 + )
03 7369988
Parts F/S Ad. (South west) (6/10).
Need front laminated screen for 1979 datsun sunny saloon 120 y
(Years applic: 1979 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Costa Rica) (31/10).
Cuope Rear lights
(Years applic: 1971 )
506 89371256
Spares Wtd Ad. (Estonia) (31/10).
Any parts to the 120y coupe
(Years applic: 1971-1978 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Estonia) (31/10).
Any parts ˇto the 120y
(Years applic: )
Estate Parts F/S Ad. (Alexandria Egypt) (7/11).
Any parts to 120y station
(Years applic: 1975-1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Trindad) (10/11).
ShoRT 120Y*** AUTOMATIC ***transmission needed
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Karachi-Pakistan) (11/12).
Datsun 120Y Parts For Sale
(Years applic: 1974 to 1982 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Karachi-Pakistan) (11/12).
120Y(B310) and Sunny 1200 Parts for sale
(Years applic: 1970 to 1982 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Karachi-Pakistan) (11/12).
F_kahmed yahoo com
(Years applic: 1970 to 1982 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Karachi-Pakistan) (11/12).
I have each and every part of Datsun 120Y (B310) &(B210) sedan and Datsun Sunny 1200 (Sedan). If you need any part juat send me text (sms)
(Years applic: 1970 to 1982 )
Free Car Ad. (Malaysia) (5/1).
Price for 1k dolars
(Years applic: 1987 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Bandung, Indonesia) (8/1).
Cabin & window trims, plastics (eg washer / radiator overflow bottles / seats front and rear, dashboard; and a complete sanden sd-507 airconditioning system
(Years applic: 1975 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Durban, south africa) (11/1).
Hey there , im looking for body for my 120y , many thanx
(Years applic: )
082 473 2463
Spares Wtd Ad. (South west uk) (24/1).
Wanted wiring loom for datsun120y 2 door saloon ,b210 ,please phone 01736 756440,
(Years applic: 1972/74 )
01736 756440
Spares Wtd Ad. (Teeside) (14/4).
Datsun Sunny 120y (1981) Dashboard Clock. Headlights both. Window winders (all doors).
(Years applic: 1981 )
07939 822585
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Staines TW19) (4/5).
In need of a passenger door for the 4 door model
(Years applic: 1976-1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Uk Brighton ) (18/5).
Drum brakes
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cornwall uk) (30/5).
120y coupe parts needed offside(right)door, front struts, rad surport panel, offside(right)front wing, and any other parts
(Years applic: )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Portugal) (2/6).
Datsun 1200 coupe
(Years applic: 1972 )
96 2339309
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Portugal) (3/6).
Datsun 1200 coupe the bade in the middel of the grill
(Years applic: 1972 )
96 2339309
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Sydney NSW Aust) (7/6).
Need a new drivers door
(Years applic: 1974 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Cairo Egypt) (30/6).
Datsun 120Y new parts original/quality brands; clutch kit brake pads shoes hoses;shock absorbers ignition ;electrical autorabie.com
(Years applic: all models )
Parts F/S Ad. (Cairo Egypt) (1/7).
Datsun 120Y and all Datsun & Nissan old models new parts original/quality brands; clutch kit brake pads shoes hoses;shock absorbers ignition ;electrical autorabie.com
(Years applic: all models )
Spares Wtd Ad. (SMITHFIELD, VA) (31/7).
Need Receiver Drier, Expansion Valve and RT Rear Brake Adjuster for 1980 Datsun 310 GX
(Years applic: 1980,1981 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sydney, Australia) (10/8).
Datsun 1976 120Y Front Grill
(Years applic: 1976 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Ireland) (11/1).
120Y bonnet and RH wing
(Years applic: 1975 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Trinidad) (19/4).
I have 120y parts to sell
(Years applic: 1978 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Abu Dhabi, UAE) (16/5).
Nissan datsun 120y 4 door, 1982 headlamp cover wanted
(Years applic: 1981-1982 )
Estate Spares Wtd Ad. (Zimbabwe) (9/12).
Datsun 120y station wagon tail lights
(Years applic: )
+263 772 864 955
Parts F/S Ad. (Devon) (9/1).
Head gasket decok set
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South East London) (23/1).
Datsun 120Y B Coupe: Good Bonnet, X2 Front Fenders
(Years applic: 1977 )
Estate Spares Wtd Ad. (Gold coast) (24/1).
Tail Lights 1977 wagon
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (3/7).
120y gearbox, 5/speed F type, series 60.
(Years applic: 1979-82 )
Estate Spares Wtd Ad. (Johanneburg, South Africa) (29/8).
Looking for left tail light staion wagon
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Port Elizabeth) (28/9).
Im looking for doors,bootlit,bonnet or any other spares for a Datsun 120y 1978.
(Years applic: 1978 )
Estate Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (23/10).
Rear headlight wanted
(Years applic: 1977 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Perth) (30/12).
Left tail light complete
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Perth) (30/12).
Left 120y coupe taillight NOS
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Perth) (30/12).
Left tail light complete
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Malta) (23/5).
I need the steering coupling complete with splines for datsun120y coupe B210
(Years applic: Year 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (23/5).
I need the steering coupling complete with splines for datsun120y coupe B210
(Years applic: Year 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (5/6).
Wanted front Bumper datsun 120y coupe
(Years applic: 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South yorks) (19/7).
Exhaust needed for 120y coupe 1976 p reg
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (West Country uk) (6/11).
WANTED :120y B210 COUPE windscreen, lower front valance
(Years applic: 1975 Datsun 120y B210 COUPE )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Abu Dhabi, U.A.E) (9/9).
Wanted front & Rear Bumpers for my 1976 Datsun 120Y
(Years applic: 1976 )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Malaysia) (1/12).
Any parts of late DATSUN 120Y, and any advice about restoration for this car.Please, please email me any things, any things about Datsun 120y . Thank you.
(Years applic: late 70\'s )
Estate Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (11/8).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Estate Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (14/8).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (7/1).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Estate Parts F/S Ad. (United Kingdom) (28/3).
Wing driver side
(Years applic: 1978 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Kenya) (2/12).
(Years applic: 1973 )

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