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Fiat 126 Spare Parts.

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Fiat 126

Spares for 126s - find the bits you need here.

This page has been added to enable anyone to advertise for 126 spares they want, or list parts they no longer need, online and for FREE!

Remember to Bookmark this page, and call back again to view the latest 126 adverts in this, the oldclassiccar online swapmeet.

Simply go to the relevant page for your Fiat - see the menu on the Classics Free Ads homepage if this isn't it - and post your ad for free.

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To place your free ad, please complete the form further down the page - No restored Fiats for sale, only complete examples if they're scrap and being sold for parts only.

Please note, only ads with contact telephone numbers will have their contact details published, to ward off email scammers.

I hope you find this 'virtual swapmeet' service useful - if you run a related website, I would appreciate a link to this page, to get as many enthusiasts using this service as possible. Thanks.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any 126 car part without seeing it first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the Fiat item, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as we'd like (Caveat Emptor).
126 parts and memorabilia being sold in the UK and Internationally right now on eBay. To see complete cars, please scroll down.

Existing Fiat Classifieds.

Spares Wtd Ad. (England) (9/6).
Indercator lens
Spares Wtd Ad. (Redcar, cleveland) (17/6).
650cc air cooled engine. Willing to travel anywhere to pick up.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Welwyn Garden City Herts) (26/6).
Wanted Fiat 126 Air Cooled for spares any condition
01707 333086
Literature For Sale Ad. (Blackpool) (23/7).
1978 fiat 126 owners manual and Repair guide offers
Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (2/8).
Looking for a working fuel pump for the 126 bis.......any one out there??
Spares Wtd Ad. (Scarborough) (19/8).
Wanted: quarter lite for passenger side (no rust on any part inc. frame inside car).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Stoke On Trent) (23/8).
Wanted - Workshop manual for Fiat 126 Bis. I would even pay for a photocopy of yours .
Spares Wtd Ad. (Macclesfield) (9/9).
Speedo cable
Parts F/S Ad. (Surrey) (10/9).
Fiat 126 Bis for sale - 1990 red, low milage and no rust! few dinks and low milage tax and MOT'd - make me an offer
Parts F/S Ad. (Barnsley south yorks) (13/9).
Bis x2 for sale non runners one white one red one hundred pounds for the pair no offers
Spares Wtd Ad. (Suffolk) (4/10).
Need a headlight!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Corby) (4/10).
Need speedo cable and steering wheel for bis
Spares Wtd Ad. (Barnsley s.yorks) (27/10).
Wanted nsf wing
Parts F/S Ad. (Nr leeds) (9/11).
Lots of spares for 126 bis from pannels to complete engine and gear box, to many to list + j reg 126 for sale. may sell complete
Spares Wtd Ad. (Stoke On Trent) (27/11).
Wanted: Ignition Coil for 126 Air Cooled
Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (4/12).
Fiat 126 engine+carb wanted,cash paid,pref in/nr london
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lisbon) (9/12).
Steering wheel and door interiors for fiat 126 needed
Parts F/S Ad. (Oxford) (12/12).
For sale 126 distributor cap new boxed 5.00
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lincolnshire) (17/12).
Looking for a 126 with a rag top. any condition.please e-mail photos if pos.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Weston-super-Mare) (22/12).
Passenger door seal for an 86 126 needed
kerryandcolin -AT- hotpop.com
Parts F/S Ad. (Northants) (4/1).
Selling 126bis G reg for spares or repairs, body good, engine needs help
Parts F/S Ad. (West yorkshire) (13/1).
Driver door and alloy wheels neeedeed 126 email me :)
Parts F/S Ad. (Peterborough) (13/1).
126 BIS 91H reg
Parts F/S Ad. (Dublin, Ireland) (15/1).
126 engine = perfect cond.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bolton,manchester) (23/1).
126 aircooled in good working order, cash waiting ,will travel to collect for right engine.
Parts F/S Ad. (Wiltshire) (12/2).
A red 1990 fiat 126 Bis for sale.two lady owners from new. 750cc water cooled engine. 13000 genuine miles tax and MOT. no rust, new battery and steering column.
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Lancashire) (14/2).
1990 fiat 126 BIS 704cc workshop manual urgently wanted!!!!!!
Parts F/S Ad. (Dorset) (15/2).
Fiat 126 Engine 650cc only not the car working order please will collect
Parts F/S Ad. (BOLTON, MANCHESTER) (15/2).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Leicestershire) (2/3).
Alloy Wheels for 126 1986
Spares Wtd Ad. (West Susex) (3/4).
Wanted 126 ar cooled engine complete
Spares Wtd Ad. (Belfast) (11/4).
Wanted 126 for project. Preferably a runner. Must be in Ireland, the nearer the better to save on transportation.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lincolnshire) (11/4).
Fuel pump wanted for 1990 fiat bis
01205 270635
Spares Wtd Ad. (Suffolk) (15/4).
126 steering rack and fuel tank desperately needed
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Jersey ci) (1/5).
126 a/cooled head wanted
Information Ad. (Milton keynes) (14/5).
HELP - can someone please tell me if the steering rack on a 73 fiat 126 sits in front or behind the front wheels .. im not daft .. im just trying to use the rack on something else and need to know for geometry reasons. . .thanks
Parts F/S Ad. (Egypt-cairo) (30/6).
A good working air cooled 126 car , amrbem -AT- hotmail.com, used spare parts also available in my country
Spares Wtd Ad. (Halifax) (4/7).
Im after 2 x doorhandles with locks, replacement ignition barrel with key, and replacment boot lock with key. Please e-mail me if you have any of these parts for sale.
Parts F/S Ad. (Uk) (24/7).
Interested in complete 126s from Poland will be LHDs
Parts F/S Ad. (Uk) (24/7).
Anyone interested in 126s from Poland will be LHDs
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackburn) (23/8).
Fiat 126
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackburn) (23/8).
I am looking at getting a 126 for a project to restore. Has anyone got one or knows of anyone who does. Also does anyone know where you can get the parts from?
Parts F/S Ad. (Nr leeds) (13/9).
Fiat 126 + lots and lots of spares
Spares Wtd Ad. (Kent) (29/10).
Fiat 126 bis sump with all attached components e.g.oil pump and water pump
Spares Wtd Ad. (Northern ireland) (6/11).
126 engine
Spares Wtd Ad. (Nr Blackburn) (9/11).
Fiat 126 BIS Rear Window, & 2 x wheel rims
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hayling island) (21/1).
Need rear intirior panel and sum body worc pleas contact
Spares Wtd Ad. (Christchurch Dorset) (22/1).
Exhaust for H Reg fiat 126 Bis
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Limerick ireland) (16/2).
Engine 1.8 marea
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Devon) (24/2).
Plastic Male/Female clips to hold headlamps to frame
Spares Wtd Ad. (Gillingham,dorset) (14/4).
Driver side gearbox mounting for 704cc bis.both mountings would be better
Spares Wtd Ad. (Herts) (25/5).
1990 126 BIS headlights wanted
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Australia) (11/8).
Worshop/repair manual for niki 126 fsm 650 1989 model air cooled pleae contact me if have one thanks
Spares Wtd Ad. (Blackpool) (6/9).
Wanted new tyres and exhaust for 1989 bis can anybody help
Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (22/9).
Wanted Fiat 126 Aircool engine complete
07710 135515
Parts F/S Ad. (Christchurch New Zealand) (29/9).
Fiat 126 & 500 parts for sale
Spares Wtd Ad. (Darlington) (2/10).
Green voxson radio wanted bungles.den@virgin.net or call 07810885588
Spares Wtd Ad. (Dallas tx) (12/10).
126 transmission wanted used or new
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (13/10).
126 or 650 niki fsm gearbox good cond.
Saloon Workshop Manuals Ad. (Darwin, Australia) (16/10).
Wanted workshop manual, any condition for 650 niki aircooled 1989
Spares Wtd Ad. (Comrie, Scotland) (11/11).
Im looking for a Spares/repair Bis to help me with my Bis project, anything considered, must be in Scotland!
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (Worcester) (15/3).
Brown 1983 650cc 126 breaking for spares before disposal
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk) (24/3).
Wanted = fiat 126 bis light switch - cheers paul
reeveview - at- yahoo.co.uk
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancashire) (27/3).
Fiat 126 wanted for spares, need good headlights and exhaust. thanks philippa
Spares Wtd Ad. (Manchester) (16/4).
Looking for exsaust mount plate for 126 bis
Parts F/S Ad. (Manchester) (16/4).
Rear window bis 100
Spares Wtd Ad. (Manchester) (17/4).
Looking for exsaust mount plate for 126 bis
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (4/6).
Any engine parts etc
Parts F/S Ad. (Cornwall) (9/7).
Engine and gear box for sale
Spares Wtd Ad. (Miadstone, Kent) (11/8).
Wanted: Fiat 126 aircooled in ok condition, do not mind doing a little work on it, but it must be driveable. cash waiting.
01622 755482
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sunny Devon) (2/9).
Wanted; 126 Aircooled version.not to fussy as long as its mot`d and runs.cash waiting.will possibly consider a left hooker.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wolverhampton) (14/9).
FIAT bis carburettor wanted, will pay good money for working unit
Information Ad. (Bedford) (6/11).
Can anyone tell me what bucket seats will fit into my 126 without modifying.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancashire) (8/11).
Fiat 126 bis 1989 distributor wanted
01282 437016/450207
Spares Wtd Ad. (West yorks) (11/11).
Wanted 126 bis for spares
Memorabilia Ad. (Portadown, N.Ireland) (28/11).
Small Voxson Radio in green or red
Parts F/S Ad. (Egypt) (30/12).
Model 1992 red --ver goo condition
Spares Wtd Ad. (Birmingham) (29/2).
Looking For The Headlight Clips for a 126 for both sides
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Macclesfield Cheshire) (3/4).
Fiat 126 Transmissions, aprox 20 of. All have been checked for missing & damaged teeth. They are the best of about 35 I had. All are air cooled 126. Make offer I want them out of my way. Would hate to see them go in scrap.
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Portsmouth) (4/6).
Looking for some car mats for fiat 126 bis any ideas or got some for sale
(Years applic: 1990 )
Modified Information Ad. (Leek, staffordshire) (19/6).
Is there any other car rims that will fit a fiat 126 (aircooled engine)?
(Years applic: 19?? )
Parts F/S Ad. (Essex) (27/6).
Fiat 126 BIS parcel shelf, locking fuel cap and very good interior required
(Years applic: 1988 )
07740 343302
Parts F/S Ad. (Surrey) (9/7).
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Essex) (24/7).
Fiat 126 complete gearbox required any model or even complete car
(Years applic: any )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Henley) (1/8).
Fiat 126 water cooled complete engine wanted much be a good runner.Cash waiting
(Years applic: 1991 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Peterborough) (6/8).
Fiat 126 Bis battery and the Air inlet manifold gasket and bolt which sits on the carb needed
(Years applic: 1989 Bis )
Parts F/S Ad. (North Wales) (6/9).
Ask for fiat spare parts I can help
(Years applic: All )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wolverhampton) (6/10).
126 parts needed, headlamps, bushes etc
(Years applic: 1989 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Essex area) (15/10).
Needed engine cooling air inlet duct for my fiat126 in good conditon please email me
(Years applic: )
Free Car Ad. (Worcester) (9/12).
126/600/850 etc for resto
(Years applic: 60-92 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (North east) (16/12).
Desperately need a new or refurbished carb for my wifes other baby - her 126 - PLEASE HELP!
(Years applic: 1990 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Berkshire) (30/3).
Anyoen have Fiat 126 BIS alloys - wide wheels needed
(Years applic: J reg car )
07970 265001
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wolverhampton) (6/4).
Fiat 126 wheels with or without tyres
(Years applic: 1987 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wolverhampton) (6/4).
Fiat 126 wheels with or without tyres
(Years applic: 1987 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Portsmouth) (16/4).
Windscreen needed
(Years applic: 1991 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Oxfordshire) (26/5).
126 drivers side headlight RHD needed
(Years applic: 1976 )
01235 200766
Parts F/S Ad. (Plymouth) (26/5).
Fiat 126 parts for sale
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Plymouth) (26/5).
Fiat 126 parts for sale
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Southampton) (7/11).
126 bis parts for sale various items please call to many to list
(Years applic: 1987 )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (MIDLANDS) (30/11).
126 BIS workshop manual required, has yo be BIS
(Years applic: 1987 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Birmingham) (11/1).
Passenger side door window wanted
(Years applic: j Reg )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk) (2/5).
NEED: start motor Fiat B 76-05/12S pre engaged, 0,5 kW; Valve Cover Gasket (rubber); plate for the clutch bellhousing
(Years applic: 1974 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Cairo Egypt) (30/6).
Valeo Luk new clutch kit /clutch disk among many other parts (autorabie.com) lowest price;guranteed -overseas delivery available
(Years applic: all models )
Parts F/S Ad. (Cairo Egypt) (30/6).
Special offer;on brake parts & hydraulics also brake and clutch cable for Fiat 126 among many other parts (autorabie.com) lowest price;guranteed -overseas delivery available
(Years applic: all models )
Parts F/S Ad. (Bath) (15/8).
Blue 126 704cc water cooled 23,ooo mls .super condition all round but requires water pump . no mot or tax .150.00
(Years applic: 1992 J )
Parts F/S Ad. (Honiton, Devon) (30/1).
Fiat 126 Breaking Parts. Call for further info
(Years applic: 1984 )
01404 841343
modified Workshop manuals Ad. (1) (20/9).
(Years applic: 1 )
modified Workshop manuals Ad. (1) (20/9).
(Years applic: 1 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Northamptonshire/England) (15/3).
Many mechanical body parts for air cooled 126,Years ago I scrappedlots of these & have engines,gearboxs & lots of body parts just let me know what you want.
(Years applic: All )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Prestatyn) (12/2).
(Years applic: 1990 )
Estate Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (30/9).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Macclesfield Cheshire) (24/11).
Fiat 126 Transmissions, aprox 18 of. All have been checked for missing & damaged teeth. They are the best of about 35 I had. All are from air cooled 126. Make offer I want them out of my way. Would hate to see them go in scrap. (Years applic: )
(Years applic: )
01538 386093 Richard.
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (11/1).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Parts F/S Ad. (DVhqDbUJmtHb) (11/11).
(Years applic: YSGVWuMIUexNSlcgvk )
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (VjXxntzvHYvM) (9/12).
(Years applic: VsIRAnWoakcOaBIbH )
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (MWPGiZdWIQhWkXlJJgu) (10/12).
(Years applic: iCzWvvzJMzHcIsqYHq )

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