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Morris Eight Series E

Spares for Eight Series Es - find the bits you need here.

This page has been added to enable anyone to advertise for Eight Series E spares they want, or list parts they no longer need, online and for FREE!

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Eight Series E parts and memorabilia being sold in the UK and Internationally right now on eBay. To see complete cars, please scroll down.

Existing Morris Classifieds.

Spares Wtd Ad. (Wales) (28/5).
Six volt coil for moris 8 req
01745 590226
Spares Wtd Ad. (Suffolk) (3/6).
Steering Box and Brake Cylinders wanted
01787 310130
Parts F/S Ad. (Kent) (12/6).
Barn stored 1939 2 door sunroof e for sale, some history not used since early 70s 95% rust free just needs minor recomission, a rare opportunity 1400
Spares Wtd Ad. (Preston lancs) (14/7).
Bak doors tyers manuale
Parts F/S Ad. (Derbyshire) (11/8).
Dry stored 1937 4 door, sun roof for sale, complete and Morris register verified
07733 104995 / 0115 945 4405
Spares Wtd Ad. (Darlington) (25/9).
Morris 8 1935, starter motor 6volt, 3 bolt fitting
Parts F/S Ad. (Surrey) (15/10).
I have a brown bakalite dash with clocks and switches for a series E. does anyone have a real need for one, not to just sit around. let me know.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (3/11).
Regulator needed for 1948 morris eight series e
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (20/11).
Need saloon series e head lamp (complete) and front and rear bumper original. urgent
Spares Wtd Ad. (East yorkshire) (28/11).
1947 series E starter motor in good working order
Spares Wtd Ad. (Holland) (3/12).
Need 4 rims(steel wheels)
Spares Wtd Ad. (Staffordshire) (7/12).
Wanted - Good condition boot lid for 1939 series E
07793 516751
Parts F/S Ad. (Folkestone) (15/12).
Professionally rebuilt Series E chassis for sale vgc.
Parts F/S Ad. (Chester) (30/12).
Morris 8 series e complete for restoration lack of time forces sale
01244 336234
Spares Wtd Ad. (INDIA) (31/12).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (4/1).
Replacement 6Volt headlight bulbs for 1939 series E.
Spares Wtd Ad. (West Yorks.) (11/1).
Fuel sender unit wanted can anyone help? for 1947 Morris 8 E.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (16/1).
2 bumpers 4 hubcups
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.) (23/1).
New Lucas wiper motor still in box 50-00 plus postage.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Dromore Co Down UK.) (15/5).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Napier) (19/5).
Water pump 918cc sv
Parts F/S Ad. (Sri Lanka) (24/5).
I have used parts for morris eight E series cars ,Owners manual copies ,
Spares Wtd Ad. (India) (26/5).
Hub caps,traficators,horn butten with traficator switch,Rear D light.
Spares Wtd Ad. (South west) (2/6).
Steering Wheel Wanted for 1939/46 Morris 8 Series E
Convertible Information Ad. (Stanmore,london) (6/6).
1935 morris eight e series convertible, in mint condition.
Spares Wtd Ad. (England) (24/7).
Wanted Morris 8 series 1 hub caps
Parts F/S Ad. (Cambs) (27/8).
Morris eight Tourer wanted late model perfered but anything considered
Spares Wtd Ad. (Staffordshire) (30/12).
New or in very very good condition wiring loom wanted, and also, not sure what the part is called, but it sits between the suspension/damper, and attaches to the front axel and lets oil in and out of the suspension, please can somebody help me?
Saloon Information Ad. (Norfolk) (18/1).
My father has a grey 1948 Series E. Can anyone tell us what the colour is called? The grey has a hint of green in it. Any help appreciated. Thanks
Parts F/S Ad. (Stockport, UK) (15/2).
Fuel tank sender,tested working
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hertfordshire) (28/3).
Searching for bumpers for 1938 Morris 8 Series E. Anyone out there got some?
Spares Wtd Ad. (Alberta Canada) (6/4).
I am looking for a pot metal trim ring that is screwed onto the spare tire cover on a 1940 Morris 8 Tourer
Spares Wtd Ad. (Carlisle) (4/5).
Morris 8 series e , looking for restorable chassis for series e morris eight.
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.) (14/5).
Dip switch complete on bar to attach to steering colum or parts also available brake kit ,linings etc.
Parts F/S Ad. (Cheltenham Gloucestershire ) (14/5).
Engine Gearbox Back axle & springs Front axle & springs starter Dynamo Petrol Tank
01242 238422
Spares Wtd Ad. (California, USA) (3/7).
38 Morris 8 Series E need rear lights and windscreen wipers.
Spares Wtd Ad. (GRAYS ESSEX) (19/9).
Spares Wtd Ad. (N. Ireland) (10/10).
Wanted o/s trafficator arm
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk) (1/12).
Morris 8 window winder mechinism
Spares Wtd Ad. (Huddersfield) (19/3).
Decent bonnet prefer with hindges if not worn
Parts F/S Ad. (Surrey) (23/3).
Cylinder liners for sale Made by AE. Box contains 4 liners. Box marked as SU1231. Price is 60 + postage
Spares Wtd Ad. (Birmingham) (14/4).
Set of kingpins wanted
Spares Wtd Ad. (Preston lancashire) (26/4).
Wanted m 8 starter moter
01772 707188
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancashire) (27/4).
Engine new or recondit
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cambridge) (19/5).
Morris 8E distributer 6Volt wanted
Parts F/S Ad. (SRI LANKA.) (13/7).
077 3291697 ,037 4924608
Parts F/S Ad. (Sri lanka) (14/7).
Wanted 4nos 450-17 brand tyres and 4 nos brand new hub caps
Parts F/S Ad. (Sri lanka) (14/7).
Wanted 4nos 450-17 brand tyres and 4 nos brand new hub caps
Parts F/S Ad. (Srilanka) (23/7).
Used spare parts for sale
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (16/8).
One easiclean wheel
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (19/9).
One 450 x 17\ spoked disc wheel
Spares Wtd Ad. (South Wales UK) (9/12).
WANTED. Hood irons for 1936 Morris 8 two seater tourer.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Janap) (15/12).
Morris eight regulator
Spares Wtd Ad. (U.s.a.) (25/12).
1947 morris 8 e series rubber windshield and door gaskets
Spares Wtd Ad. (Peterborough Cambs) (2/1).
Wanted Moris Minor 1932 diff or rear axel
01733 253438
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cambs/ London) (3/1).
WANTED. Hood irons for 1937 Morris 8 4-seat tourer Hood Irons (or patterns for these!) needed desperately!!
Parts F/S Ad. (Cambs) (3/1).
1937 Morris Eight; Various front wings, taty but good. Need refinishing, straight not warped. Offers?
Parts F/S Ad. (Cambs) (3/1).
Morris Eight; unused rear wings, mounting holes drilled; good condition. Matching pair, straight not warped. Offers?
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (5/1).
New genuine Lucas voltage control complete with fuse box and new wiper moter both still boxed.
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (5/1).
New Lucas starter 6 volts still in box.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Usa) (10/1).
Need all glass gaskets and rubbers
Spares Wtd Ad. (Nottingham) (17/1).
Internal Bakelite front door trim
Spares Wtd Ad. (London) (13/2).
Morris 8 Series E engine
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hailsham, East Sussex) (17/2).
Good usable Series E gearbox wanted please.
(Years applic: )
Parts F/S Ad. (Essex) (5/3).
NEW chassis for Morris Series E
(Years applic: 1939 - 48 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Buckinghamshire) (18/3).
Complete car for restoration with many new original parts call for complete description. Was a runner when garaged 10 years ago
(Years applic: 1948 )
07947 040820
Parts F/S Ad. (Kentucky usa) (23/7).
Complete morris eight series e all original $2800.00 us dollars
(Years applic: 1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Rochdale) (6/8).
Urgently wanted
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Rochdale) (6/8).
Urgently wanted full interior/rear inner and outer arches
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Rochdale) (6/8).
Morris 8 e series inner and outer rear wheel arches/full interior/4 x tyres what do you have
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (INDIA) (9/8).
(Years applic: 1936 MORRIS -8 TURRER )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Chicago, USA) (27/9).
Drivers side latch handle for hood, trunk lid, rear fenders. Will pay international shipping.
(Years applic: 1939 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cyprus) (4/10).
Morris Eight Series E horn/trafficator switch, headlamps, radiator grill and dynamo wanted.
(Years applic: 1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Harrow) (10/11).
Rear axle for E series
(Years applic: 1939 )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (New Zealand) (23/11).
Wanted Morris 8 Workshop Manual
(Years applic: 1938-39 )
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (Harrow) (24/11).
Rear axle for E series
(Years applic: 1939 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Peterborough) (4/12).
Wanted dynamo 6volt 2brush c45
(Years applic: 1939 )
01733 707725
Spares Wtd Ad. (Meerle belgium) (20/12).
Steering gearbox left steering !!!
(Years applic: 1938-1948 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Brasil) (3/2).
Front axle end nuts
(Years applic: 1948 )
Information Ad. (Bath UK) (15/2).
Seek Hotchkiss engine thread list
(Years applic: 1938 )
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (South Wales) (23/2).
Breaking 1948 Morris 8 series E four door saloon. Most parts available. Please contact with requirements
(Years applic: )
01446 400149
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (22/3).
Door rubber parts
(Years applic: 1947 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South Wales) (27/3).
WANTED a servicable sump for my 1948 Series E
(Years applic: 1948 )
01446 400149
Spares Wtd Ad. (Broseley Shropshire) (14/4).
Dipstick and Tube
(Years applic: )
01952 883730
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Christchurch) (16/6).
Wanted fan and dynamo pulley to fit series E morris
(Years applic: pre-war )
01425 270418
Spares Wtd Ad. (Leeds) (9/7).
Morris eight e series
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Leeds) (9/7).
I need iginition barrel and indicator switch
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bristol) (22/7).
Steering Box wanted for 1947 Morris 8 series e
(Years applic: )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (South Africa) (31/8).
Trim on bonnet & distributor cap
(Years applic: 1947 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Carluke scotland) (2/9).
Require good condition steering wheel for morris 8 series one.
(Years applic: 1936 )
07913154104 - 01555770961
Parts F/S Ad. (Peterborough) (22/9).
3speed gear/box
(Years applic: 1937 )
01733 707725
Parts F/S Ad. (Peterborough) (22/9).
S/ucarbretter as new
(Years applic: 1937 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Birmingham UK) (20/10).
4 Dunlop Gold Seal Cross-ply tyres 4.50 x 18 Practically new condition 30 each: Bargain! Rims if you want them. Could deliver 10P/mile from Bham
(Years applic: )
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (Bradford) (3/1).
Morris 8 Front Grill complete in original unrestored condition + many other spares please enquire
(Years applic: circa 1946 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Bradford) (3/1).
Morris 8 Engines + large selection of transmission, electrical and body parts. please enquire re.prices
(Years applic: Circa 1946 )
01274 572431
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk ) (10/1).
Morris 8 series e parts wanted ie. exhaust ,trafficators ,centre of steering wheel ,
(Years applic: 1947-8 )
01760 725484
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (19/2).
I need master & wheel cylinder (braking components) for morris 8 series e 1948
(Years applic: 1948 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Wetherby West Yorks) (6/3).
Wanted chrome wheel hub caps Front chrome bumper bar
(Years applic: 1946 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Immingham) (13/3).
Morris 8 Series E - Brake Master Cylinder
(Years applic: 1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (South Africa) (15/4).
Door top capping moulds all four doors
(Years applic: 1939 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow,Scotland) (18/5).
1947 series`E` sill desperately wanted or even an idea as to where I can got one :)
(Years applic: 1947 )
0141 771 9753
Spares Wtd Ad. (Wirral, Merseyside) (4/8).
Steering box
(Years applic: 1939 )
0151 648 6300
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lanark) (30/8).
Require a 1946 morris 8 series e speedometer in working condition
(Years applic: 1946 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Denmark) (23/9).
2 rear bumper brackets
(Years applic: Morris 8E 1946 )
0045 42608640
Free Car Ad. (Caerphilly) (25/9).
Sad car, to be taken and used for its parts
(Years applic: 1947 )
029 20867469
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Wetherby W Yorks) (29/10).
Wanted Left and right rear side window surrounds in Bakelite
(Years applic: 2 door series E 1939-46 )
07985 334055
Spares Wtd Ad. (South wales) (11/11).
WANTED. Morris 8 series E wheel cylinder. Anything, any condition considered
(Years applic: 1935 - 1953 )
01446 400149
Parts F/S Ad. (Cardiff) (3/2).
Parts wanted engine and rear wings for a Morris 8 series e
(Years applic: 1950 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Suffolk England) (24/2).
Rear Wings & Bumpers
(Years applic: 1939 )
07710 288208
Parts F/S Ad. (Suffolk England) (24/2).
Wanted - 1939 Tourer rear hood rest bracket
(Years applic: 1939 )
07710 288208
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Coalburn scotland) (28/6).
Wanted steering wheel,engine mounts and headlight wing extension kit for 1947 series e
(Years applic: 1947 )
01555 820 529
Parts F/S Ad. (Westmids) (8/8).
(Years applic: 1935/37 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Brisbane australia) (2/9).
Rims and gear box
(Years applic: 1947 series e morris 8 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Brisbane australia) (2/9).
Engine 10hp morris 8
(Years applic: 1947 series e morris 8 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (STRADBROKE, SUFFOLK) (12/10).
2 x Front doors needed for Morris 8 series E
(Years applic: 1940 ish )
01379 384095
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (Sunshine coast qld) (15/10).
4x750/17 tyres / 2x rims
(Years applic: moris 8/40 1947 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (INDIA ALLAHABAD) (27/10).
(Years applic: 1948 )
91 532 2266217
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (26/1).
Good condition starter and dynamo for Series E also one. Conversion for Pre- focus headlamp, photographs available contact for details
(Years applic: 1939- )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Enfield,Middlesex) (2/8).
Front windscreen rubber,boot rubber,window channel rubber[4],door rubber[4],Head light with outer chrome[2],Front grill with enblem,Wiper arm & blade,Top enblem.Tyre & tube [4] -size [450-17].
(Years applic: 1947 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (18/11).
I need a morris 8 sereis e trafficator switch
(Years applic: 1946 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Notts) (23/3).
Speedo cable 1947 morris e series
(Years applic: 1947 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Mumbai) (22/4).
Any parts
(Years applic: 19 36 )
0091 9820614566
Saloon Parts F/S Ad. (Mumbai) (22/4).
Any parts
(Years applic: 19 36 )
0091 9820614566
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (12/5).
Complete distributor Lucas part number 40251 DKY H4A contact for photographs 50.
(Years applic: 1946/48 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Andover) (18/8).
Wanted,Nut and olive to lock the stator tube in the steering box
(Years applic: 1939-48 )
01264 362408
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (The netherlands) (8/11).
Morris 8 e parts
(Years applic: 1939 1942 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Nederland) (12/11).
Koplampen ovaal klipperlichten grome ringen koplamp rubbers onderstel voor achter
(Years applic: 1939-1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sri Lanka) (14/11).
Morris Eight Series E Headlights
(Years applic: 1947 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Colombo) (3/12).
Wanted,Morris 8 series E Headlights
(Years applic: 1947-1949 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk England) (19/2).
Bakerlite Trim needed for front Morris 8 series E door
(Years applic: 1948 )
01379 384095
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (County Antrim) (24/5).
Door trim wanted
(Years applic: 1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Aberdeen) (26/5).
Im looking for a starter motor
(Years applic: 1948/49 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Stamford lincs) (14/9).
Wanted 2 hub caps for morris 8 e any condition will paint them
(Years applic: 1947 )
01780 752416
Spares Wtd Ad. (Stamford lincs) (14/9).
Wanted 2 hub caps for morris 8 e any condition will paint them
(Years applic: 1947 )
01780 752416
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malaysia) (7/10).
Looking for Morris 8 series E front door handle with keys and back window rubber seal
(Years applic: 1948 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Stamford lincs) (8/10).
Diff wanted
(Years applic: 1947 )
01780 752416
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I) (8/10).
6volt Starter Motor and Dyanmo for sale contact for details and photos
(Years applic: 1947- )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Guyana south america) (7/6).
Needs parts
(Years applic: 1940 )
592 616 4403
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (Wiltshire) (10/6).
(Years applic: 1939 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hyderabad) (20/10).
I want a pair of headlight assy ( complete ) for my 1940 morris 8 4 door car.
(Years applic: 1940 )
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (New York) (13/8).
(Years applic: 1985 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Guyana) (6/2).
Morris 8 series e
(Years applic: 1938 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (GUYANA) (30/4).
(Years applic: 1939 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Mysore) (13/9).
Morris 8 series e
(Years applic: 1940 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Llandusul) (3/3).
(Years applic: not known )

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