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Toyota Celica GT Spare Parts.

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Toyota Celica GT

Spares for Celica GTs - find the bits you need here.

This page has been added to enable anyone to advertise for Celica GT spares they want, or list parts they no longer need, online and for FREE!

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Simply go to the relevant page for your Toyota - see the menu on the Classics Free Ads homepage if this isn't it - and post your ad for free.

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To place your free ad, please complete the form further down the page - No restored Toyotas for sale, only complete examples if they're scrap and being sold for parts only.

Please note, only ads with contact telephone numbers will have their contact details published, to ward off email scammers.

I hope you find this 'virtual swapmeet' service useful - if you run a related website, I would appreciate a link to this page, to get as many enthusiasts using this service as possible. Thanks.

I recommend never, ever, sending payment for any Celica GT car part without seeing it first, and verifying the identity of the seller, and the Toyota item, in person. Sadly, as in all walks of life, not everyone online is as honest as we'd like (Caveat Emptor).
Celica GT parts and memorabilia being sold in the UK and Internationally right now on eBay. To see complete cars, please scroll down.

Existing Toyota Classifieds.

Parts F/S Ad. (Norfolk) (5/6).
Needed body panels
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sutton) (16/6).
Door sills for 1600GT TA22
020 8404 6099
Spares Wtd Ad. (Kent) (3/8).
Tailgate piston struts
Parts F/S Ad. (London) (12/8).
TA22 parts too many to list some are new but all are very rare .email me the parts you need.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lisbon) (20/8).
Toyota Celica Ta22 Original Tuner
Spares Wtd Ad. (NORTHERN IRELAND) (5/9).
Parts F/S Ad. (London) (15/11).
TA22 parts too many to list some are new but all are very rare .email me the parts you need.The earlier email adress is incorrect so use this one.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ohio) (8/12).
1981 Celica GT Coupe
Spares Wtd Ad. (Rotherham, S.Yorkshire) (24/1).
Front fog lights for 94 modle
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cornwall) (29/3).
Wanted, rear end for celica convertible..1991
01209 315545
Spares Wtd Ad. (Croydon) (22/4).
Wanted, 1990(new shape) toyota celica throttle cable
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (7/7).
Wanted Japanese spec.celica GT fender mirrors.Please help!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norway) (18/7).
TA22 trim wanted: Wheel arche trim
Parts F/S Ad. (Edinburgh scotland) (27/8).
75 gt 76 st celicas spares/manuals/bumpers/lights/wings
0131 654 2659
Spares Wtd Ad. (Iola,wi) (26/9).
Rear wheel well fenders
Parts F/S Ad. (Bristol) (23/11).
Ta22 parts for sale
01179 353736
Parts F/S Ad. (Dubai) (29/11).
Need A/C Grill +A/C buttons
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bradford uk) (29/5).
Wanted parts for celica ra28 gt
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancashire) (7/6).
Need TA 22 celica gt bonnet vents and center consolein good condition
Parts F/S Ad. (Leigh,lancs) (23/6).
Ra 28 5speed gearbox and prop shaft from 1977 model
Parts F/S Ad. (Westham) (26/6).
The part is in good sharp
Parts F/S Ad. (Westham) (26/6).
The part is in good sharp
m211k Parts F/S Ad. (Lo865l) (26/6).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Melbourne) (8/7).
Ta22 SIDE MIRRORS wanted.
Spares Wtd Ad. (Co tyrone n, ireland) (22/7).
I have a celica ta22 & I need inner & outer sills & a low mileage 1600 2t engine
Spares Wtd Ad. (Memphis, TN) (23/7).
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia wa) (16/8).
1977 gt grille celica
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Watchet, Somerset) (16/8).
I need 2 Rear Shocks For a 1987 Celica GT
Spares Wtd Ad. (Maidstone kent) (28/8).
Im after a spoiler for a 1994 toyota celica cash waiting
Spares Wtd Ad. (Florida usa) (2/9).
Looking for a ta22 gt honeycome grill
Spares Wtd Ad. (San Bernardino, CA USA) (23/9).
Looking for 75 Celica GT OEM locking gas cap w/ key
Parts F/S Ad. (Uk) (17/10).
Ta22 bonnet wanted
Spares Wtd Ad. (Milton Keynes) (9/11).
Wanting a starter motor and bonet release catch for a 74 TA22 GT
Parts F/S Ad. (Nsw,australia) (10/11).
1973 Celica Complete
Parts F/S Ad. (Nsw,australia) (10/11).
1977 Celica-ready for paint.All Parts and Spares
Spares Wtd Ad. (Luton) (30/11).
Toyota Celica RA28 parts wanted.
Parts F/S Ad. (Brookly) (10/12).
Toyota Celica GT available
Spares Wtd Ad. (San Bernardino CA) (10/1).
Looking for low to mid milage 22RE engine with electronic controller for fuel injection
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norfolk, VA) (12/1).
Drivers side side marker, and spokes for 1980 sunchaser
Spares Wtd Ad. (Hampshire (UK)) (22/1).
Throttle Housing for 1992 Toyota Celica GT Coupe
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norwich) (6/2).
Nearside front wing and front bumper, preferrably in Red!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norwich) (6/2).
Nearside front wing and front bumper, preferrably in Red!
Spares Wtd Ad. (Norwich) (6/2).
Nearside front wing and front bumper, preferrably in Red! For a 1994 celica st182
Spares Wtd Ad. (Co Tyrone N Ireland) (18/2).
Parts wanted for RA 28
(Years applic: 1976 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Sutton in ashfield notts) (26/2).
Need, front bumper, n/s wing, pref in silver, n/s headlight ,o/s spotlight
(Years applic: 1995 2.0 GT )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Dublin, Ireland) (29/2).
Wanted Toyota Celica TA22 Bonnet Vents.
(Years applic: 1975 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (2/3).
Honey comb grill for ta23 gt
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Fife) (14/3).
Looking for new sills for my toyota celica gt 1991
(Years applic: 1991 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Newcastle Area UK) (15/3).
Crash damaged full car for sale for parts or can be fixed. silver. imac interior, any offers considered
(Years applic: 1995 )
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (Portsmouth UK) (17/3).
Cabriolet hood trim wanted and other bits.
(Years applic: 1987-1989 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cambs) (29/4).
Toyota celica 1978 manual gearbox, pedals, everything to change mine from auto to manual
(Years applic: 1978 )
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (Sunderland) (14/5).
Almost any parts
(Years applic: 1987 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (N.ireland) (15/5).
RA40gt complete car wanted may consider st really need a 2.0 twincam engine !
(Years applic: 1978-1981 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Los Angeles) (10/6).
Wtb GT Grill
(Years applic: 1974-1975 Celica )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bolton) (14/6).
Neen passenger wing pref in silver for 2lt gt import
(Years applic: 1995 m reg )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Texas) (6/7).
Need replacement Windshield / Overflow Plastice Tanks Combo
(Years applic: 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (8/7).
Wanted GT grill for Toyota 75 Celica and original fuel cap and key
(Years applic: 1975 )
Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (20/7).
New engine parts for 2T-G
(Years applic: 1977 celica gt(Ta 23 ) )
Parts F/S Ad. (Scotland UK) (11/8).
Celica ta22 parts for sale. Many parts available .gearbox ,carbs cylinder head,etc.
(Years applic: 1975 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Oakridge, Oregon) (20/8).
Need 4 hood hinges and 2 hood latches for 1977 Toyota celica GT and Left door mirror.
(Years applic: both are 1977 Celica GT liftbacks )
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (Norhtville) (5/9).
Toyota Sunchaser convertible parts for sale
(Years applic: 1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (PA) (11/9).
I am looking for an in dash climate control function for a 1989 toyota celica gt convertable
(Years applic: 1989 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Malta) (29/9).
Hood/Bonnet hinges for 1977 celica GT
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Zimbabwe) (6/10).
Looking for a new bonnet for a Toytota Celica
(Years applic: 1987 Model Generation 4 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Bristol-uk) (1/11).
Magnex s/steel exhaust f/s le-mans t/p cat. back
(Years applic: 90-94 )
Parts F/S Ad. (France) (11/11).
Vente et recherche pi├Ęces
(Years applic: 1973 1983 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Carlsbad CA) (6/12).
Need left and right headlight assemblies
(Years applic: 1977 )
760 448-5289
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (Atlanta, Georgia) (15/12).
AC Control Head
(Years applic: 1989 Totota Celica GT 2.0 convertable )
404 290 2698
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bradford) (29/12).
Wanted ra28gt any year cash waiting
(Years applic: 1975-78 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancaster) (5/4).
Part`s for 1987 toyota celica gt convertible
(Years applic: 1987 )
Parts F/S Ad. (France) (6/4).
Cherche pont arriere
(Years applic: 71 77 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Southampton, UK) (9/4).
Parts for Celica ST182 in Red, partial damage rest for salvage.
(Years applic: 1991 )
Parts F/S Ad. (ZIMBABWE) (23/4).
Celica ST182 - done 80 000 kms. Body accident damaged. Engine, gearbox, seats, carpets, dash, etc still perfect condition. Prefer to get a complete body and fix and keep, but prepared to sell as is
(Years applic: 1990-2000 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Australia) (14/5).
Celicaparts.com is NOW ONLINE !
(Years applic: 1971 - 1977 )
07 31623508
Parts F/S Ad. (Auckland, New Zealand) (31/5).
Celica ST16x stripping
(Years applic: 86-89 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Auckland, New Zealand) (31/5).
St16x, st18x, st20x, stripping (ex JDM)
(Years applic: 86-98 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (5/6).
Want brand new ta22 bonnet
(Years applic: 1970-1974 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Spain) (24/7).
Celica TA22 Hood & vents wanted
(Years applic: 1971 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Spain) (24/7).
Celica TA22 Hood vents & surrounding metalwork for mounting vents into another hood wanted - Ideally cut from a crashed or rusted out hood.
(Years applic: 1971 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Alberta, Canada) (7/8).
Looking for right and left side fenders
(Years applic: 1987 or any that will fit )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Watford) (28/8).
Need air flow meter for toyota celica gt4 Carlos Sainz Edition is different to ST185
(Years applic: 1992 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Northern Ireland Banbridge) (11/9).
I am breaking all types of toyota celicas 2000 GTs, 2000 STs, GT4 etc - all parts available
(Years applic: 1990 to 2000 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Romford, London) (12/9).
I need Steering rack for toyota celica, 1992, 4wd, 2.0, convertable, auto
(Years applic: 1992 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Lake Havasu City AZ) (21/9).
For Sale Cheap! $500.00 takes all
(Years applic: 1982 Toyota Celica GT )
Parts F/S Ad. (Lake Havasu City AZ) (21/9).
1982 Celica GT Complete It
(Years applic: 1982 Toyota Celica GT )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (Ireland) (22/10).
Looking for manal book on toyota celia gt 4 year91
(Years applic: 1991 )
087 9573484
Parts F/S Ad. (Scunthorpe) (29/11).
Breaking Celica GT-i ST182 in Red, whole car is avaliable for breaking.
(Years applic: 1991/92 )
07733305611 (After 6pm/Text)
Parts F/S Ad. (Bradford\' west yorkshire) (1/12).
celica 2.0gt coupe
(Years applic: 1994 m reg )
Parts F/S Ad. (Ireland) (11/12).
Wanted any parts for a toyota celica 1977 ,ra28 liftback
(Years applic: 1977 )
Parts F/S Ad. (London ealng) (17/12).
Need air flow meter for 1991 gt4 turbo
(Years applic: to )
Spares Wtd Ad. (London - Ealng) (17/12).
Need air flow meter for 1991 gt4 turbo
(Years applic: 1991 j reg )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cornwall) (8/1).
Superstrut parts
(Years applic: 1994 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Cornwall) (8/1).
Superstrut parts
(Years applic: 1994 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Wembley, Middx) (12/2).
J reg Celica. low mileage but body no good. Free to collector
(Years applic: )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Essex,UK) (28/3).
White tailgate for 1996 N Reg 2litre Gen 6 Toyota Celica GT
(Years applic: 1996 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (31/3).
Left side wing mirror
(Years applic: 1987 )
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (Suffolk) (3/4).
Folding roof section gen 4
(Years applic: 1987 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Suffolk) (3/4).
4 alloys off 1987 celica good tyres in need of refurbishing
(Years applic: 1987 )
Parts F/S Ad. (West sussex) (25/4).
Genuine parts catalogue
(Years applic: )
Workshop Manuals Ad. (West sussex) (25/4).
Genuine parts catalogue very rare
(Years applic: 1972/3 to 77 all types )
Parts F/S Ad. (Bristol) (25/4).
(Years applic: 1975 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Australia) (6/5).
Wanted ta22 gt hood vents and grill
(Years applic: 1971--1975 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Ireland) (16/5).
For sale 91 gt4
(Years applic: 1991 )
987 9573484
Parts F/S Ad. (Ireland) (16/5).
For sale 91 gt4 white good order
(Years applic: 1991 )
087 9573484
Convertible Parts F/S Ad. (New Hampshire,USA) (10/7).
Toyota Celica GT Sunchaser, drivetrain restored,new brake system,new rear convertable section, targa top seals, original honeycomb wheels, 20R engine with 98K original miles, all numbers match the body. $2000.00 American, for the complete car.
(Years applic: 1980 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Bristol) (10/7).
Wheel arch spats wanted ra28
(Years applic: 1970s )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Medellin- Colombia) (20/8).
I need set intake and exaus valvule and 2 gasquet cilinders heat
(Years applic: 1978 )
2118887 movil 3148101959
Parts F/S Ad. (HARARE ZIMABABWE) (10/9).
(Years applic: )
00 263 4 706220
Spares Wtd Ad. (Usa) (6/11).
I am looking for celica gt emblem that is located on drivers side of 1974 celica gt grille .this is not the center grille gt but the large gt emblem with the small dragon above it
(Years applic: 1974 only )
217 787 4059
Convertible Spares Wtd Ad. (North east emgland) (23/1).
Rear windscreen, also roof95 celica convertable
(Years applic: 95 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Birmingham, uk) (13/3).
Ive got a 77 celica ta23 gt and I need front springs, would be very greatful if anyone has them up for sale or any info to where I can buy them from. Thanx
(Years applic: 1977 - 1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Glasgow) (9/5).
Looking for a ra28 ta23 gt or st in any condition
(Years applic: 71-78 )
Parts F/S Ad. (Manila Philippines) (26/5).
Need a front bumper, radio, tail light and a steering wheel for my Toyota celica 1977 GT Liftback
(Years applic: 1977 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Chesterfield) (25/6).
Wanted 1970s and 1980s Toyotas, any condition, mot and tax not important, willing to travel for the right vehicle
(Years applic: 1970-1987 )
07528 832486
Spares Wtd Ad. (Banffshire) (24/7).
Im looking for a cd player TF0410 for my 1998 Celica, can anyone help
(Years applic: 1998 )
Parts F/S Ad. (U.K.N.I.) (24/7).
New clutch assembly and water pump for celica contact for details and photographs.
(Years applic: )
07802 351 317
Spares Wtd Ad. (Ireland) (23/8).
Front wings for a TA27 or aRA25
(Years applic: 1973 )
087 2252967
Parts F/S Ad. (Bristol) (13/6).
Ta22 parts for sale
(Years applic: 1970s )
Spares Wtd Ad. (West Yorkshire ) (25/9).
Wanted Toyota Celica RA28 GT grill, badge and back plate
(Years applic: 1971-1978 )
Spares Wtd Ad. (Aust. davedavis53@ gmail.com) (14/12).
Celica Ta 22 coupe. Oil pressure/amp gauge. Genuine electriic window set up , regs wiring and switches.
(Years applic: 71 -74 coupe )
O61 415 868 371
Spares Wtd Ad. (Lancaster PA 17603) (13/4).
I need both front fender for a 1987 hatchback
(Years applic: 1986-1988 )

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