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All Classic Dodge Parts & Information ads bundled together

Dodge Cars, by model:

On this page are all the adverts placed for classic Dodges, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual Dodge model pages.

To view any of these ads in full, or place your own Dodge advert, simply visit the specific model page that interests you. On there you'll find all the ads for that particular model only, and also the form to complete if you have something for sale, or there is something that you need for your car.

Placing ads is free so why not post your own ad, simply go to any of the Dodge pages below.

All existing entries for older Dodges are listed here, by model...
880 - View the Dodge 880 car page
880 listings
Spares Wtd: Dodge kingsway 1956 window rubbers - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Need 2 l.h.s doors! - Sydney australia..
Spares Wtd: Looking for dodge 880 custom 1965 2 doors moulding - France..
Parts F/S: Qdkonpcttsblvcbgyff - New york..
Parts F/S: Ytzjvynsfv - New york..
Parts F/S: Tdwzszqbqgcwkkvmzek - New york..
Parts F/S: Tail lights - United states..
Parts F/S: Jewufitptmyaycvemwf - New york..
Business Coupe - View the Dodge Business Coupe car page
Business Coupe listings
Spares Wtd: Need 1940 dodge coupe trunk lid - Utah, usa..
Spares Wtd: Need various - Salisbury, ma..
Spares Wtd: Center piece for hood - New york..
Parts F/S: Various parts - New york..
Challenger - View the Dodge Challenger car page
Challenger listings
Spares Wtd: Center console & wood grain steering wheel - Michigan..
Spares Wtd: Need a complete front grille and panel for a 70 challenger - Hampshire..
Information: How do i find out the month of maufacture for a 1974 challenger - Perth west austarlia ..
Spares Wtd: Dodge challenger parts wanted - Australia..
Parts F/S: 70 challenger rt/se for sale vin js29v - Connecticut..
Parts F/S: One 73 auto w/shift kit 340 one 74 rt 360, 4-speed, project cars, all glass good, make offer on both, will consider transporting for right price and location - Michigan..
Spares Wtd: Dodge challenger pars any considered, rear quarters are needed - Southport england..
Charger - View the Dodge Charger car page
Charger listings
Spares Wtd: Floor pan, rear quarters for dodge charger rt 1970 - Notts..
Spares Wtd: 6 xcalipers wanted for renault dodge - Beds..
Parts F/S: 1968 dodge charger for spares only - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Interior wanted - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Tail light lenses, looking for a pair of good lenses - Waynesville,oh..
Spares Wtd: Dodge charger wanted - Swansea..
Information: 440 charger wanted - Warwick..
Information: How do i check vin# i have a 70 rt charger with 440 tri pistol 4spd owner says it was ahemi car special ordered with out the hemi any info on how i can check on this would be great - New york..
Parts F/S: Dodg charger wanted - Manchester/uk..
Spares Wtd: Would like to purchase a dodge charger with in the years 1965 and 1970 - North wales..
Parts F/S: Dodge charger doors/spares wanted - Stornoway..
Literature For Sale: Any dogde charger literature or whole car for sale please ring me. - Broxbourne hertfordshire..
Spares Wtd: Need right front fender for 1970 charger front end - Mt holly nc..
Parts F/S: Dodge charger 1968 to 1969 wanted - Northamptonshire..
Spares Wtd: 1968 charger wanted any condition considered - Sunderland ..
Parts F/S: Cmlvcwlijlifkvdsqxs - Xkzwiobxqemzpi..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear 1/4 panels for 1974 charger - Lincolnshire..
Parts F/S: 1970 dodge charger r/t $ 6500.00 225-769-4853 - Baton rouge , la ..
Parts F/S: Charger parts wanted - San francisco..
Parts F/S: Shell chassy scrap spares - Crewe..
Spares Wtd: 68-70 dodge charger body panels, grill, bumpers, lights wanted - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Dodge charger front seat - Greater manchester..
Parts F/S: Fibreglass bonnet good condition - Eastbourne..
Parts F/S: 69 dodge daytona 440 - Boca raton, florida..
Spares Wtd: Wanted dodge charger parts 1968-1970 any thing considerd will collect - Northamptonshire..
Spares Wtd: Dodge charger (1968-1969) parts wanted --- floor pan, bulkhead connector and other parts, please contact. - Northumberland..
Parts F/S: Hvleokdaxvz - New york..
Parts F/S: Wbuvdqccixndrb - New york..
Charger 440 - View the Dodge Charger 440 car page
Charger 440 listings
Spares Wtd: Dodge 440 cid engine + gearbox - Northeast/cumbria..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1968-1970 front n/s wing, and both rear quarters, even rusty old ones considered. - Sussex..
Coronet - View the Dodge Coronet car page
Coronet listings
Spares Wtd: 1949 dodge coronet, spare wheel, rear lights , some exterior trim (stainless) - Lincolnshire uk..
Parts F/S: 1954 dodge tail light lenses and horn ring in very nice condition. - Carlisle, pa...
Spares Wtd: Looking for 1950 dodge coronet conv parts - Columbus,ohio..
Parts F/S: Chrome tail lights wanted for 1954 dodge coronet - U.k...
Information: Wanted. 1950 dodge coronet 2door coupe.must be in good-excellent condition. - North america..
Spares Wtd: 52 dodge coronet - Chula vista,ca. ..
Spares Wtd: 52 coronet parts - Murrieta,ca...
Parts F/S: 1954 dodge coronet parts, interior/exterior, too much too list - Triad, n.c...
Spares Wtd: Pit main arm, dodge coronet 440 1966 - Montreal..
Spares Wtd: Pitman arm - Montreal..
Spares Wtd: I need a generator for a 1949 dode coronet sedan - Houston tx,..
Spares Wtd: Need bumpers - Knoxville tn..
Parts F/S: 1949 dodge coronet eng. trans. rearend bumpers and other parts - Stambaugh ky...
Spares Wtd: Grille extensions l & r side, windshield trims. - Norway..
Spares Wtd: Trim - Oak hill..
Spares Wtd: Right rear fender chrome trim - Oak hill..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: 54 dodge v8 hood ornament - Ft. walton beach, fl..
Parts F/S: Rear coronet glass $500 - Victoria bc canada..
Parts F/S: 1967 newport tailight (1) complete bezel & lens offers - Victoria bc canada..
Parts F/S: 1967 satelite rear quarter glass $200 - Victoria bc canada..
Coronet 500 - View the Dodge Coronet 500 car page
Coronet 500 listings
Spares Wtd: Need 66 coronet 500 parts - Kent wa..
Custom Royal - View the Dodge Custom Royal car page
Custom Royal listings
Parts F/S: Need complete steering box assembly ready to insall rh drive - Australia..
Dart - View the Dodge Dart car page
Dart listings
Parts F/S: Parting out...73 dart swinger 318, bucket seats, wht. interior, and factory sunroof - Southern california..
Parts F/S: 68 dart fenders & hood - Southern california..
Spares Wtd: Front bumper & grill, 71 4d dodge dart - Ct..
Spares Wtd: Suspension parts 1973- 1976 frontupper control arms and knuckles off a drum brake car - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: 1970 dodge dart - Richmond kentucky..
Spares Wtd: 67 dodge dart gt parts - Iowa city iowa..
Spares Wtd: 1970 rear quater panel - California..
Parts F/S: Parting out 1966 dodge dart gt - Concord, new hampshire..
Parts F/S: 1970 with 340 mag, new top, hood scoops, so clean you can eat off the engine. completely original, featured in mopar magazine few years back - Johnstown, pa..
Spares Wtd: 68dart fenders - Maryland..
Parts F/S: 1970 dodge dart for sale - North carolina..
Spares Wtd: 69 340 dart swinger hood - Richmond,virginia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted fenders 68 dart - Florida..
Parts F/S: 70 dart factory sublime 340 car - Iowa..
Spares Wtd: Dodge dart 1967 tail lights wanted - Antioch ca..
Spares Wtd: Looking for frnt turn signals - Taylor,az..
Spares Wtd: 68 dart fenders above average - Illinois..
Spares Wtd: Any condition need it for part car - Beaumont texas..
Parts F/S: 1966-67 i am restoring one need one for parts car - Beaumont texas..
Memorabilia: Own a 66 dart - Maryland..
Spares Wtd: 58-61 transmission selector cable - South africa..
Spares Wtd: Need front fenders for 65 dodge dart 270 four door - Claremont n.h..
Spares Wtd: 1967 dart taillights and headlight bezels with or without grille. i also have lots of parts for other classic vehicles(e.g.hoods ,dashes,etc.,) my e-bay store is chicos mopar and will be up and running by 04/11/07. - Metter,ga..
Parts F/S: 2 66 4-door darts 1 runs in good cond. one for parts - Tullahoma,tn..
Spares Wtd: 66 dodge dart gt covt - Yahoo.com..
Parts F/S: 73 dodge dart sedan 4 door all parts in great condition - Fort atkinson wi..
Parts F/S: 73 dodge dart sedan 4 door - Fort atkinson wi..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 340 emblems with or wth out four berrel - Leland nc..
Parts F/S: Original 1974 dodge dart for sale - runs - needs work - Pennsylvania. us..
Spares Wtd: Left fender wanted for 72 dodge demon year specific - Nw in..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 1968 dodge dart door panel trim without black stripe - Us..
Spares Wtd: Looking for front and rear bumper and also a grille for a 1974 dodge dart(4 door) - Birmingham,al,usa..
Spares Wtd: Need rear screen for dodge 1962 dart - Cape town south africa..
Spares Wtd: Need tail lights for 62 dodge dart - Alabama..
Spares Wtd: Door panels blk, rear qrtr. panels blk, dash board blk. and complete stearing wheel. black bucket seats x2 - Los angeles, ca..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a cheap parts car in nc. leave message. - Mooresville, nc..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 1962 dodge dart hood good shape - Alamogordo nm..
Spares Wtd: Temp gauge air filter - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Seaching for steering wheel for a dogde dart 1966/1967 - Denmark..
Spares Wtd: Looking for turn signal switch assembly. - Lynnwood, wa..
Parts F/S: 1975 dodge dart sport-v8 for sell.. been sitting since 91 ran 9 years ago need to sell.. needs body work and some rust damage - Redodno bch..
Spares Wtd: Looking for titles to 65-67 dodge dart thanks - Wisconsin..
Spares Wtd: 340 emblems no four barrell - Shawsville va...
Spares Wtd: Vent window moulded rubbers - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Right front headlight bezel, chrome - Libety,sc..
Spares Wtd: Wanted split bench seat for 1969 dodge dart swinger. will pay shipping costs. - Winnipeg, manitoba, canada..
Spares Wtd: Dodge dart convertible white front arm rests, paper defroster hoses - Hiawatha - iowa..
Spares Wtd: Back window right trim, also left rear side body curve trim - South africa..
Parts F/S: Acfnnsrterlbzhewrjy - New york..
Parts F/S: Exzvsfwcbdwxwmockde - New york..
Daytona - View the Dodge Daytona car page
Daytona listings
Spares Wtd: 69 dodge daytona nosecone and rear wing wanted. - Australia..
Parts F/S: Have 88- dodge daytona with t-tops -parts car - Leland,nc..
Demon 340 - View the Dodge Demon 340 car page
Demon 340 listings
Spares Wtd: I am looking for parts for my 1972 dodge demon, i really need a 1970-1971 demon grill - Illinios..
Spares Wtd: I need a front clip for a 71 dart or demon, 340 if possible, i also need a rear tail light valance. i am interested in bucket seats and a console, but i have a 4 spd. bench seat for sale. i am parting out a 72 duster if anyone needs stuff. - Virginia..
Spares Wtd: Need grill for 1973 dodge demon - Washington..
Parts F/S: Rear clip ,72 dodge demon - Va..
Spares Wtd: Need the dash piece for my 71 demon that goes between the radio panel and the glove box panel. - Wixom, michigan..
Spares Wtd: 72 demon - Mishawaka in..
Spares Wtd: Tail light valance for 72 demon also dash with out gauges - Mishawaka in..
Parts F/S: 71&72 340 demons - Oregon..
Parts F/S: Cboawgcofjlprlcrv - New york..
Parts F/S: Vubgiqfrwj - New york..
Kingsway Sport sedan - View the Dodge Kingsway Sport sedan car page
Kingsway Sport sedan listings
Spares Wtd: Rear round reversing lens and chrome bezel.l/h/r,r/h/r,r/h/f opening quarter glass frames.l&r opening quarter glass rubber seals.front bumper brackets. rear stone tray r/h corner panel. - Australia..
Lancer Hardtop - View the Dodge Lancer Hardtop car page
Lancer Hardtop listings
Parts F/S: Emblem and grille - D.f..
Monaco - View the Dodge Monaco car page
Monaco listings
Spares Wtd: 77 monaco rear window, rear bumper and passenger side fender and both front bumper fillers - Darlington, sc..
Spares Wtd: Parts needed - Indiana..
Spares Wtd: 66 dodge monaco parts needed - Indiana..
Spares Wtd: 69 monaco parts - Tucson arizona..
Parts F/S: Wagon 67 - N.y...
Spares Wtd: Dodge monaco taillights parts nos or good driverquality bezels+lenses - Sweden..
Parts F/S: Neet info menaco 1950 - Sa..
Parts F/S: Working original motorola mark 2 radio 1970 dodge monaco - Tulsa ok..
Parts F/S: Suche teile für einen dodge monaco - Henstedt-ulzburg..
Spares Wtd: Suche teile für einen dodge monaco - Henstedt-ulzburg..
Spares Wtd: Need to find a source for original-type trunk mat for a 4-dr sedan 66 dodge monaco. also, possibly need the air cond clutch. - Kentucky..
Spares Wtd: Like new interior, except for front buckets. all exterior trim good condition. bumpers and all lights/bezels in excellent condition. hood/trunk lid minor hail damage, not rusted. like new original wheel covers. - Portage la prairie, manitoba..
Parts F/S: All 4 drs for sedan. complete with glass, inner panels, trim, hinges, hardware. $250 ea. left front fender. complete inner and outer. $350. excellent condition, no rust, just needs some cleaning. - Canada..
Phoenix - View the Dodge Phoenix car page
Phoenix listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Hinckley uk..
Spares Wtd: Rare bumper - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Wanted r/hand lower ball joint - South australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted boot/trunk swivel insignia with lock and key, no matter if no key and barrell , also phoenix name tag for rear pi;;ar both sides, also wheels and hub caps suit golden anniversary 1964 phoenix - Perth..
Spares Wtd: Wanted boot/trunk swivel insignia with lock and key, no matter if no key and barrell , also phoenix name tag for rear pi;;ar both sides, also wheels and hub caps suit golden anniversary 1964 phoenix - Perth..
Spares Wtd: Winding mechnisum for right and left corner windows, have handle only need the winding box - Melbourne..
Spares Wtd: Need laminated front windscreen to suit 1966 dodge phoenix - Melbourne..
Spares Wtd: Parts needed for a 1964 golden anniversary phoenix dodge - Wa..
Parts F/S: Parts for sale, doors, panels, etc - Orange, nsw..
Literature Wanted: dodge phoenix sales brochures - Geelong vic australia..
Spares Wtd: Rear deck panel below rear screen - Gold coast..
Parts F/S: Dodge phoenix for sale big block running straight gas. every part rebuilt or replaced. white with blue interior - Geelong..
Parts F/S: Dodge phoenix parts for sale. i have just about everything. i have a wealth of knowledge as well , feel welcome to make use of my knowledge. - Geelong vic..
Spares Wtd: Body trim/emblem dodge phoenix - Lawndale ca..
Spares Wtd: 1961 dodge emblems and trim - Lawndale ca..
Spares Wtd: Zoek voor dodge phoenix 61 goede bumper vooraan, radiatorgrille, chassis onder de motor - Belgie..
Spares Wtd: 1967 trunk/boot lid - Melbourne..
Parts F/S: Pair rear tail lights - Cranbourne vic..
Spares Wtd: Rear stone tray for a pillarless 400 series - Melbourne vic ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted lower rear quaters and tail light section and any chrome trim and door cards - Melb..
Spares Wtd: Looking for rear window trim - Germany..
Parts F/S: Phoenix 400 hardtop - Queensland australia..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - Darwin..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 1964 dodge phoenix parts chrome trim door cards etc - Boronia..
Spares Wtd: 400 ht c body - Nz..
Spares Wtd: Front bumper - New plymouth nz..
Parts F/S: Mpojfjhypcuep - New york..
Polara - View the Dodge Polara car page
Polara listings
Spares Wtd: Looking for chrome trim that goes on the front left side of the front light. small chrome trim that goes around the front left side of the car. - Miami..
Spares Wtd: We need floor pans polara 1964 4dr hardtop sedan - Miami, fl..
Spares Wtd: Trunk chrome - Va..
Spares Wtd: Accelerator pedel - Bloomington,il..
RAM 150 - View the Dodge RAM 150 car page
RAM 150 listings
Spares Wtd: I need a side door (sliding) - Montreal--canada..
Spares Wtd: 1972 w100 manual steering box 4x4 powerwagon - Rosendale ny..
Spares Wtd: Dodge ram 150 lower left control arm - Columbus,oh..
Ramcharger - View the Dodge Ramcharger car page
Ramcharger listings
Parts F/S: Front left and right wings front right door bull bars bk lenses and hijackers( air adjustable shock absorbers) all brand new in packaging im open to offers on these parts any veiwing is welcomed can deliver localy other wise collection is needed - Westmidlands..
Royal Lancer - View the Dodge Royal Lancer car page
Royal Lancer listings
Spares Wtd: Exhaust manifolds iron 361 cid left hocker power stearing - Luton..
Standard Six tourer - View the Dodge Standard Six tourer car page
Standard Six tourer listings
Parts F/S: Old dodge pick-up truck - Melbourne..
Stealth - View the Dodge Stealth car page
Stealth listings
Spares Wtd: 3pc (hoop wing) wanted - Wv..
Parts F/S: Dodge stealth (mitsu 3000gt) car has been rolled bur engine /box ok wheels some trim some suspension will sell whole car or break - Essex..
Parts F/S: 92-twin turbo - Los angeles..
Parts F/S: Dodge stealth automatic transmission control unit (computer) - Massachusetts..
Spares Wtd: Seeking black hatchback material window cover that rolls in and out. - New jersey..
Spares Wtd: Looking for 94 stealth power train parts - Apple valley, ca..
W200 pickup - View the Dodge W200 pickup car page
W200 pickup listings
Parts F/S: 1976 w200 for restoration, complete with 2nd cab, wings, bonnet etc, also all necessary parts to make right hand drive, also dually rear axle with matching heavy front - Manchester..
Parts F/S: 1976 w200 for restoration, all necessary parts to make rhd, approved conversion, also dually rear axle and matching heavy front. will break. - Leigh nr manchester..
Parts F/S: 1976 w200 for restoration, all necessary parts to make rhd, approved conversion, also dually rear axle and matching heavy front. will break. - Leigh, nr manchester..
Spares Wtd: Cowl top grille panel fits under windscreen wanted - Hertfordshire..
Parts F/S: Wanted dodge w200; m880 pick up shell any condition thanks - Luton..
Spares Wtd: Wanted m880/w200 spares - United kingdom..
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