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Humber Cars, by model:

On this page are all the adverts placed for classic Humbers, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual Humber model pages.

To view any of these ads in full, or place your own Humber advert, simply visit the specific model page that interests you. On there you'll find all the ads for that particular model only, and also the form to complete if you have something for sale, or there is something that you need for your car.

Placing ads is free so why not post your own ad, simply go to any of the Humber pages below.

All existing entries for older Humbers are listed here, by model...
15hp - View the Humber 15hp car page
15hp listings
Spares Wtd: Looking for humber pullman bonnet mascot - Poland..
Spares Wtd: Iner and outer driver side seals - Pl66he..
Parts F/S: Wheel hub humber12 - Lancs..
Parts F/S: Zgkhpwdvxoes - New york..
Parts F/S: Wjzwyowd - New york..
Spares Wtd: I need a hupcup for my humber sceptre mk 1 - Malta..
Parts F/S: Are cliner bodey for twen zennit cabs - Malta..
Parts F/S: Are cliner bodey for twen zennit cabs - Malta..
Parts F/S: Raylltsbwqaqo - New york..
Parts F/S: Ndrqrkbsrhahcmfyaf - New york..
16/50 - View the Humber 16/50 car page
16/50 listings
Workshop Manuals: Origional humber 16/50 instruction book fair condition - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Wheel for 16/50 wanted - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wheel for 16/50 wanted - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Bumpers - Warwicksire..
Parts F/S: Bumpers - Warwicksire..
16/50 Saloon - View the Humber 16/50 Saloon car page
16/50 Saloon listings
Spares Wtd: Humber 16/50 wire wheels wanted, either earlier type (with small centres) or later magna type. - Bucks..
Spares Wtd: Radiador con sistema sifon,abre cuando toma temperatura - Argentina..
Free Car: Looking for a humber 16 saloon kneeling lady mascot - Spain..
16/60 Foursome DHC - View the Humber 16/60 Foursome DHC car page
16/60 Foursome DHC listings
Spares Wtd: Wiper motor wanted or any parts for humber 16/60 - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: 1humber 16/60 cylinder head - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Cylinder head wanted 1934 - Rotterdam holland..
Spares Wtd: Humber 16/60 cylinder head - Rotterdam holland..
Hawk Mk1 - View the Humber Hawk Mk1 car page
Hawk Mk1 listings
Literature For Sale: 1949 august owners handbook \humber hawk mark iii rootes group - Australia (melbourne)..
Spares Wtd: I looking for humber hawk one 1958 parts , i ned peds and oll springs for oll vilss. - Ilford..
Parts F/S: I have unused rad hoses for sale. suit hawk 1954-57 - 1 bottom hose and 1957-61 1 bottom hose. - Watford, herts...
Spares Wtd: Gearbox (or 3rd gear) for 46 hawk mk 1 series 1 - Nr blandford, dorset ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1944 humber hawk 3 speed gearbox - Dorset..
Information: Wanted humber or pullman mk1 thank you if you can help - Sydney..
Parts F/S: New genuine lucas wiper motor still boxed, range of other new lucas parts tail lamp lens etc. - U.k.n.i...
Parts F/S: Humber hawk 1961 spares available, breaking whole car. - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Humber hawk mk1 wheel brake cylinder seals - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Gearbox wanted - column gears with overdrive. - Dublin, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Gearbox wanted - column gears with overdrive. - Dublin, ireland..
Hawk Mk2 - View the Humber Hawk Mk2 car page
Hawk Mk2 listings
Spares Wtd: Carburettor zenith w1a.36 - Holland..
Parts F/S: New genuine girling rear wheel cylinders £ 20-00 pair, contact for details. - U.k...
Spares Wtd: Wantedengine block suitable for talbot 90 please call 07722055724 - Portsmourh, hampshire..
Parts F/S: Hawk 2 push rod - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Hi im looking for a damper pulley for my humber hawk 1961 seris 2 - Uk..
Hawk Mk3 - View the Humber Hawk Mk3 car page
Hawk Mk3 listings
Spares Wtd: Look - England..
Spares Wtd: One 1957 - Ilford..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber hawk gearbox 1960 - Dorset..
Parts F/S: Rear brake shoes still boxed £20-00 set. - U.k...
Spares Wtd: Wanted boot catch for 1957 series 1 (all series), have lock etc, but catch is missing - Spain..
Parts F/S: Walnut dash no clocks - Yorkshire..
Hawk MkIV - View the Humber Hawk MkIV car page
Hawk MkIV listings
Spares Wtd: Boot hingers, suit humber hawk vi - Hervey bay..
Parts F/S: Looking for tail lights for 1956 humber hawk - Las vegas, nv..
Spares Wtd: Thermostat housing for v1 - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Hawk badge v1 passenger door needed also boot hinge r/h side or both - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Needed water pump for 2267 motor (hawk mark 6, any series hawk, commer superpoise or sunbeam alpine/talbot - Sydney/canberra..
Spares Wtd: Looking for windscreen beeding, boot hinges and badges for a hawk mk vi - Sri lanka..
Spares Wtd: Sill kick plates x 4 - Tasmania..
Spares Wtd: Hawk mk 6 screen rubber front - Malta..
Parts F/S: Bonnet snipe mascot complete with pedestal for super snipr mk6 - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Any engine parts for mk vi - Albany w.a...
Spares Wtd: Any and all parts for a humber hawk mk vi - Albany west australia..
Parts F/S: Hawk for sale believed to be last hawk ever built one owner - Nelson new zealand..
Spares Wtd: Front grill wanted for hawk - Derby..
Spares Wtd: Hawk kølerfigur merkater til fordøre - Skævinge..
Parts F/S: Humber hawk 4 speed reconditioned gearbox (for use with a overdrive unit) unit serial no. x1634. never used or fitted to a car. - Halifax, west yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: 4 speed gearbox with overdrive for hawk - London..
Parts F/S: Wanted late series hawk all synchromesh overdrive gearbox. - Melbourne australia..
Spares Wtd: Humber hawk 1959 engine mounts front - Reading..
Parts F/S: Wanted gearbox for overdrive - Essex..
Parts F/S: Auto box 59/64 hawk - Qld..
Spares Wtd: Overdrive relay - South yorks gb..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen seal wanted for 1953 series v hawk - Cambs..
Spares Wtd: Front windscreen rubber for humber hawk 1 v - Uk london..
Spares Wtd: Rubber seals for windows for hawk series 1 - Portugal..
Spares Wtd: Looking for humber hawk tail lamp - Portugal..
Spares Wtd: I have friend in uk i will give you his address to delivery if any - Iraq - kirkuk..
Parts F/S: Wtb boot hinges and hawk badges , wheel rims and any parts avail to suit - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Rear window rubber seal for hawk series 2 - Portugal..
Spares Wtd: Humber hawk mkv 1953 front windscreen rubber wanted - Rugby uk..
Spares Wtd: Humber hawk mkv 1953 front windscreen rubber wanted - Rugby uk..
Spares Wtd: Spares - Portugal..
Parts F/S: 2267.cc complete running engine also various other spare - London..
Parts F/S: 2267.cc complete running engine also various other spares. - London..
Spares Wtd: Doors - Rotherham s yorks..
Spares Wtd: Mk6 hawk windowscreen rubber and door seals - Essex uk..
Imperial - View the Humber Imperial car page
Imperial listings
Parts F/S: Humber imperial parts for sale - Yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Humber imperial parts for sale. bonnet, boot (with imperial badge), front seats with chrome fittings, rear seats less centre armrest all in dark red leather, (ok condition, some sttitching required), light fittings, bumpers. - Yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber imperial seats - Gloucestershire..
Parts F/S: Humber imperial for spares - Nweport,gwent..
Spares Wtd: Clutch presure plate - Plymouth..
Literature For Sale: Pick up sales literature - North london..
Spares Wtd: Wanted :humber imperial car in excellent condition - Kent , uk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted walnut dashboard ball joints and steering box for humber imperial 1967 - Stirling , scotland..
Parts F/S: Iner and outer sills super snip - Plymuoth uk..
Spares Wtd: Red interior wanted - Essex..
Literature For Sale: Wanted humber or daimler vehicle . cash waiting - London..
Spares Wtd: 1966 imperial bumpers & indicator chrome surround & other minor trim parts wanted - Essex..
Pullman - View the Humber Pullman car page
Pullman listings
Spares Wtd: Hillman 14 - Pontypridd south wales..
Spares Wtd: Big end bearings s.t.d - Plymouth..
Spares Wtd: Help need some parts in oz - Sydney , australia..
Parts F/S: 1949supersnipe4sale - Australia..
Workshop Manuals: Supersnipe1949 - Brisbaneaustralia..
Spares Wtd: I am generally looking for parts to my 48 pullman. but specially mirror and bumber and documentation - Norway..
Parts F/S: Gp classics have recently purchased a humber pullman with v5 that is too bad to be put back on the road, the spares are available. if you need anything please call - Essex..
Parts F/S: Humber pullman - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Humber pullman wonted 1950s fror restoration - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Looking to buy a cylinder head for my 1946 humber supersnipe pullman,its a aluminium flathead - India..
Spares Wtd: 1932 humber pullmam starter motor or armicher - United kingdom..
Workshop Manuals: Rebuilt humber pullman iv - Hadamar germany..
Sceptre - View the Humber Sceptre car page
Sceptre listings
Spares Wtd: F/n/s wing 1974 sceptre - Barnsley..
Parts F/S: 1966 sceptre 2 for sale needs minor work for mot taxed till march 2005 solid body - Carlisle..
Spares Wtd: Front brake discs - Leeds..
Spares Wtd: Complete dash with clocks including center console wated for 1969 scepter - Liecester..
Parts F/S: New front bumper for series 2 1965/67 pre arrow range £80-00 plus postage. - U.k...
Spares Wtd: Sceptre series i 1964 total interior and dashboard, chrome switches etc. - Forestof dean..
Spares Wtd: Flywheel for 1966 1725cc sceptre automatic - Andover,hants..
Spares Wtd: Indicato for 1963 mk1 - London..
Parts F/S: Mark ii doors. set of 4, complete with glass etc. - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: O/s sill panel for 1963 mk1 sceptre - Hertfordshire..
Spares Wtd: Propshaft wanted for automatic humber sceptre - borg warner 35 gearbox - Cumbria..
Spares Wtd: Wanted mk1 glass - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: A rear wheel arch (sceptre mk 3 1970 ) - Grimsby..
Spares Wtd: 1967 mk ll sceptre horn ring assembly. - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Engine for scepter 1966 mark 11 auto - Andover..
Spares Wtd: 4 door handles and boot lock mk 1 - Notts..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre mk1or2 n.s rear wing panel after n.o.s top price paid - Sheffield..
Workshop Manuals: Workshop manual wanted for 70s scepter - Edinburgh..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre breaking - N west..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre mk11 - Hull..
Parts F/S: Sceptre mk 2 dash board parts required (console,sterring column covers an ind stalks etc.) - Hull..
Parts F/S: 1968 humber sceptre for spares - Southampton..
Workshop Manuals: Wanted, glove box manual for mark 1 sceptre, any condition - Australia..
Spares Wtd: I am seeking the small curved piece of windscreen trim, drivers side, three or four inches long,which joins tha main piece of trim to the drivers side windscreen surround. 1964 humber sceptre. - Queensland, australia..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted for a humber sceptre(1964) left and right hand front wing, left and right hand sill,and left and right hand back quarter panel,front and rear under bumper panel. - Bantry,co.cork.ireland..
Spares Wtd: New dash,and anyone got carpets,front grille, and headlight surrounds that are in decent condition cheers steve - Co/durham..
Parts F/S: Humber scepter,whole car,1976 - Beds england..
Parts F/S: Mk3 sceptre overdrive gearbox and rostyle wheels for sale. - Croydon..
Parts F/S: Correction to the above advert. see correct e-mail adress. - Croydon..
Spares Wtd: Wanted late series 4 speed auto box,will travel 50-60 miles - Bedford..
Workshop Manuals: Sceptre workshop manual for salel - Hertfordshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: excellent sceptre (hunter shape) rear lamp units and reversing lamps. thanks - West yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre lower front valence for sale - new old stock - call for details - Fife..
Parts F/S: Many mk3 parts available. see www.mleacock.me.uk - Croydon..
Parts F/S: Humber1954 - Kuwait..
Spares Wtd: Humber secptre mk 3 - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Humber secptre mk 3 - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: Heater control valve mk 11 sceptre 1967 - Bedworth warwickshire..
Parts F/S: New front indicator lens for mk1 sceptre also indicator switch breaking 2 mk1 cars contact for details. - U.k...
Spares Wtd: Drivers seat belt and metal boot trim needed for mk3 sceptre - Northants..
Spares Wtd: Mk3 whole car for spares or repair - North yorkshire u.k..
Spares Wtd: Can anyone help me in finding all coolant hoses for a 1966 sceptre 1725cc also door and window seals - Gwent..
Spares Wtd: Correction to email address of above - Gwent..
Parts F/S: Mi sceptre front bumper, grill complete and side grills also some other parts contact for details. - U.k...
Spares Wtd: Interior mk 1 also bumper front and back and corners could do with a manual too 1963 - Huddersfield..
Parts F/S: Breaking mk3 sceptre. all parts available. some new. - London..
Parts F/S: All glass and alot more for mk1 sceptre dials bumpers the lot - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Due to vandels car needs restoring parts needed ar front/rear window rubbers water pump carpet and exaust for humber scepter mk2 (1966) - Chichester w/sussex..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 2 top swivel joints for mk1 sceptre.. must be new ! - Grantham lincs..
Spares Wtd: Rear bumper for amk11 humber sceptre 1966 - Gwent s.wales..
Parts F/S: Humber septer and h120 parts. - Wigan..
Parts F/S: Humber septer, 4 alloy heads. 2 sets of twin carbs also single carbs. 1 set of h120 dcoe 40 webber all with manifolds. 2 sets of wheel trims, 2 sets of headlamps and chrome trims, front and back lights. new wheels boxed h120. much more stuff. - Wigan..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - Reading..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre whole car for sale repairs or spares - Walsall..
Spares Wtd: Needs engine rebuilt to sceptre mk1 - Barcelona-spain..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front right wing for sceptre mk2 also a indicator flasher unit for same model - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Full exaust,carpet - Chichester west sussex..
Spares Wtd: Drivers side window wanted for 1970 model - Abergavenny, south wales..
Spares Wtd: Mk 1 sceptre, wheelarch repair sections;also plastic trim on dashboard that fits at bottom of w/screen from left to right at demister vents; it runs from n/s to o/s of front w/ screen; also oil pressure gauge for same; also rear bumper. thanks. gil. - Ayrshire..
Parts F/S: New genuine roots front bumper for hunter shape sceptre, new front bumper for mk2 requires re-chrome range of other spares contact for details. - U.k.n.i...
Workshop Manuals: Workshop manual for a 1970 humber sceptre - Blackburn..
Workshop Manuals: Humber workshop manual for pullma,imperial,supersnipe,touring limousine (1952) - Gosport..
Spares Wtd: 76 sceptre walnut drivers door panel wanted - Ashton-in-makerfield..
Spares Wtd: All walnut panels for 1976 sceptre inc dash. - Ashton-in-makerfield..
Parts F/S: Indercator and overdrive leavers - Southampton..
Spares Wtd: Pair of new front wings for humber sceptre mk3 - Aylesbury,bucks..
Spares Wtd: N/s inner/outer sills humber sceptre mk 1 - Herts..
Spares Wtd: Front right wing wanted for humber sceptre m2 - Poole, dorset..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre mk2 r.h front wing, good condition, £35:00 - Weymouth..
Spares Wtd: Needs motor mk1 humber sceptre - Barcelona..
Parts F/S: Rear nearside door, structurally sound, complete with black door trim, rubber seals and glass. - Cardiff..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre mkiii body shell, as new/never used. dry stored since new. very rare. offers considered - Shropshire..
Parts F/S: Unopend box standard size set of shell bearings for 1725cc humber/hunter engine - Wales..
Spares Wtd: 76 humber sceptre walnut door and dash trim needed - Wigan..
Spares Wtd: For rootes 1725 engine an inlet manifold for twin strombergs but must be the water heated type - South lincs..
Spares Wtd: Clutch master cylinder wanted.or repair kit - Glasgow..
Parts F/S: Sceptre spares auto&manual ,alloys etc - N.i...
Parts F/S: Four chrome rimmed doorsbonet, and boot found in loft been there 20+yrs v g c - Wirral..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: master clutch cylinder or repair kit for humber septre mark iii. - Donegal, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Boot chrome letterings - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Water pump wanted for mkii humber 1725cc - Holywell north wales..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1966 mk2 front brake pads - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Humber csrptre mk11 parts wanted . - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: Steering and rear lamp - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted walnut dashwith or without clocks - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Solex carb b32 paia - Youghal co.cork .irl..
Parts F/S: Mk 3 parts, lights rear windscreen, switches and much more . ring for details. - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Mark 3 sceptre rear bumper servo unit carpets also manual - Southampton..
Parts F/S: For sale humber sceptre front and rear screen - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Looking for front inner wings [tubs] for humber sceptre mk1 - Welwyn garden city u.k...
Parts F/S: Box and o/d needed with pedals flywheel clutch etc etc to convert to manual. - Wigan..
Spares Wtd: Wanted.. bonnet badge, clock and left hand sun visor for mk1 1964 - New zealand..
Parts F/S: Many parts for sale for mk3 sceptre. including screens, engine spares, sills heater unit and propshaft. www.hunter-sceptre.co.uk. - London..
Spares Wtd: Wing badges1725 - South shields..
Parts F/S: I have lots and lots of new and second hand parts this includes o/s/r.wing bran new and a bran new o/s/r door - South shields..
Spares Wtd: Wanted auto box and all controling parts - South shields..
Spares Wtd: 1725cc engine wanted mk 2 sceptre - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Sceptre mk 1 needed for parts?? - Scotland ( ayrshire)..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre mk2 1966 right front wing. v.g.c £25:00 - Weymouth..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for a cylinder head for a 1974 humber sceptre 1725. - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Rear screen wanted for humber sceptre mk2. thanks - Surrey..
Parts F/S: Door cards, engine components, glass, wheels, prop shaft, various other parts call evenings please. - Derbyshire..
Parts F/S: 1968 humber sceptre parts chrome lights trim glass etc - Derbyshire..
Parts F/S: 1963 humber sceptre front windscreen for sale, new & unused. - Fordingbridge..
Spares Wtd: Humber parts wanted - Meath..
Spares Wtd: Humber parts wanted - Meath..
Spares Wtd: Humber parts wanted - Meath..
Spares Wtd: Ad - Telford shropshire..
Parts F/S: Front brake discs - Telford shropshire..
Parts F/S: Wonted rubbercoushins on the rear springes2 on each spring held buy the uboltes for humber sceptre mk i 1964 mod - Malta euorope..
Parts F/S: Humber septre mk3 complete car make me an offer will break if enough interest - Diss norfolk..
Parts F/S: Complete set of door handles for mk3 septre like new £100.00 - Diss norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Partes wonted - Malta euorope..
Spares Wtd: Partes wonted - Malta ..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre manual gearbox prefer with j type overdrive - Barnsley..
Spares Wtd: Rubers for humber sceptr e dores mk1 1964mod - Malta euorope..
Spares Wtd: Various parts - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Wanted holbay engine plus bits - Southampton..
Parts F/S: I am member of the club and sell bits of mk3 and series hawk s/snipe call me - Southampton..
Spares Wtd: Wanted weber 40 carbs and manifold for 1725 engine - Southampton..
Parts F/S: All seats /door cards,/arm rest /rear window shelf cover .all in vvgc - S/lincs england..
Parts F/S: Many sceptre mk3 parts for sale. see www.hunter-sceptre.co.uk - London..
Parts F/S: For sale needs some work - Portugal..
Parts F/S: Humber scepter back window - Lincoln..
Spares Wtd: Side window flap (x 4) - London..
Spares Wtd: Mk1 sceptre. rear seats with arm rest.light brown - Stevenage ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - lucas flasher unit 8fl type 41 - Wiltshire..
Parts F/S: Wanted scepter mk 1 front bumper - Hertfordshire..
Spares Wtd: 63 sceptre parts wanted - Rotherham..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Nairobi,kenya..
Spares Wtd: Steering wheel, tail lights, front indicator lamp covers,master brake cylinders (rear) - Nairobi,kenya..
Spares Wtd: Solex twin chooke carb - Stourbridge, w.mid..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre mk3 spares for sale, includes front and rear screens, heater unit, distributor, dashboard and more. - Croydon..
Parts F/S: 1966 humber sceptre mk 2 - Wadebridge, cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Mk1 humber sceptre parts wanted frt wings both / exhaust system/ new rear arches / lower front crome grill / any crome trim / all 4 doors if poss - Shirebrook..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear brake cylinders front brake callipers.speedo cable. - Ireland ..
Parts F/S: Various mk3 sceptre spares doors bonnet engine woodwork i can restore trim trim clips and other stuff exhaust etc call memk 1 bumpers mk3 bumpers hawk bumpers - Southampton..
Parts F/S: Bonnet new for humber sceptre (hunter shape) never been fitted. call & make me an offer - Portsmouth..
Parts F/S: Wanted brake master cylinder for mk2 sceptre lockheed - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen and rear window rubbers mk2 septre also bumpers - Orkney isles..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Kinross-shire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Body badges front and bactk for arrow series sceptre - Ak nz..
Workshop Manuals: Wanted - Scotlsnd..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear axle,or diff for arrow series sceptre - Newmains..
Spares Wtd: Wanted, inlet manifold and carb (weber) for mk1 scepter - Hull..
Spares Wtd: Wanted, fuel cap cover for sceptre - Alton, hants ..
Parts F/S: Auto gearbox sceptre mk3 - Pontypridd..
Parts F/S: Wanted auto gearbox mk3 sceptre - Pontypridd..
Parts F/S: Nos mk 3 sceptre chrome bonnet trim and sill trims wanted.please email dtvk1977 (at) gmail (dot) com - U.k...
Parts F/S: Got loans parts for sceptre mk3 and sell humbers - Leicestershire..
Parts F/S: For sale, new original spares for sceptre/rapier/hunter. some body panels, only one of each part but a wide range of mechanical parts. i no longer drive and want to sell parts. contact by phone only, no emails - Coventry, warwickshire..
Spares Wtd: Required urgent 1963 mk1 1600cc thermostat housing may be same as other 1600 rootes engines please please - Kent uk..
Spares Wtd: Induction manifold - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Mk1: rear taillights,front grille,4xouter door handle,left back lower door trim,right rear window,boot catch and lock - South africa..
Spares Wtd: Fuel tank wanted - Cambridge..
Workshop Manuals: Wanted sceptre mk1 workshop manual - Sunbury on thames..
Parts F/S: Wanted sceptre mk1 1965, lh and rh chrome trims that are above the front head light on the front of the wing. or 1 will do - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: wheelarch moldings. full or partial sets - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Looking for: humber sceptre mk 1 inner doorhandles left side front and rear or all 4 - Germany..
Spares Wtd: I would need for a humber sceptre mk1: blinkerglas front right side, inner doorgrips in beige, canshaft for rootes 1725, two badges \sceptre\, one badge \gt\ - Germany..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a humber sceptre name badge for the front drivers door please - Tipperary ireland ..
Spares Wtd: Locking chrome petrol cap - Carrickfergus ni u.k..
Spares Wtd: Chrome petrol cap - Northern ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted- sceptre name badge for mk 1 (rear badge) - Cork, ireland ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted in good condition. sceptre mk1 bonnet plaque - Somerset..
Spares Wtd: Wanted, a pair of front indicator/side lights for a mk1 humber sceptor - Welwyn garden city..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre mk 1 need 2x front indicators, taillight trims, 4xbumper stops, 2 xleeft and right door mirrors,speedometer, instrument panel gauges - South africa..
Spares Wtd: Trm bumpers - Warwickshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted petrol tank humber sceptre mk 3 - Rugeley staffordshire..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre mk1 wheels wanted 13\, tyres need to hold air but they do not have to be legal. 2 required - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Swindon..
Parts F/S: Complete rear end including leafsprings, axle, hubs recently removed from 1964 sceptre mk1. this has been removed as the car is a hot rod project and a new narrowed volvo rear axle with 4 bar suspension is being used. - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Black seats and dash - Romford essex..
Parts F/S: Front windscreen for a 1975 humber sceptre - Braintree..
Sceptre Estate - View the Humber Sceptre Estate car page
Sceptre Estate listings
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre estate wanted, any condition considered, please e-mail with details of your car, thank you. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: 62-65 model. chrome surround trim for air intake below wiper blades. - U.k...
Parts F/S: I have a 1975 humber estate no interior good engine and box sheell has damaged front wings no rust - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Humber sceptre - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Humber sceptre estate - Banbury oxon..
Spares Wtd: Wigs and all parts of front valance wanted - Romford essex..
Spares Wtd: Rear window wanted - N.ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted brake servo for 1975 humber sceptre estate - Braintree..
Snipe - View the Humber Snipe car page
Snipe listings
Parts F/S: My father has a front windscreen and rear window suitable for humber super snip saloon (1962 i think!) he would like to go to a good home. - Peterborough..
Spares Wtd: A right hand boot hinge as you look at the rear - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Estate car/station wagon - Adelaide, south australia..
Spares Wtd: Need parts for restoration - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Need steering wheel - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Any parts for 1931 snipe tourer/pullman side valve. - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Grille wanted for 1960 super snipe - South wales uk..
Parts F/S: For sale humber snipe (i think late 1950 early sixties) engine reconditioned a few years ago but never used. - Bristol..
Parts F/S: Need lenze cover for front indercators and auto select switch for humber souper snipe year 1966 - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Humber tourer 1927 radiator - Suffolk..
Spares Wtd: Mk lv snipe wagon body required. possibly could use hawk wagon??? - Adelaide south australia..
Spares Wtd: Wheel covers all four - Gold coast..
Spares Wtd: I need rocker panels as well as a cap for the break fluid intake. - Vancouver..
Spares Wtd: Rear 1/4 light rubbers for mk 3 super snipe - Parkes, nsw, australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted snipe/hawk or pullman - W.midlands..
Spares Wtd: A source of new rubber extrusion to make seals for rear quarterlights - Uk..
Parts F/S: Would like to know if the humber snipe i learnt to drive in is still around it was a mk iv 1953 model green ithink rego no was q 617-294 i would love to see it and drive it - Esk aus..
Spares Wtd: 3 x spark plug tube seals (rubber-sit in thr top of the rocker cover) - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Snipe sunvisor - The netherlands..
Workshop Manuals: Is the workshop manual for the humber super snipe specific to it or does it include other vehicle types as well - Wagga wagga nsw..
Parts F/S: For sale humber engine - France..
Spares Wtd: Humber motor - Calif usa..
Parts F/S: 1966 running order /history/stainless steel exshaust/70.000mls/requires one sill/supplied/new spare part/ie body/mechanicial/fit the sill &mot it/and you have a running project/minor cosmetics work/call 4 more details/ £1.500 o.n.o / - Cheadle cheshire..
Parts F/S: Bagklap hængsler - Borupvej 24 skævinge..
Parts F/S: Gearbox - Birmigham england..
Parts F/S: Front/rear windscreens starter motor twin su,s with manifold suit sixneeds rebuilding - Lightning ridge nsw..
Spares Wtd: Need front brake shoes, cylinder & drums for super snipe mk iii 1059 model - Western australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber snipe/super snipe front seats ay condition - Devon..
Parts F/S: Humber gearboxes - Enfield en2oht..
Parts F/S: Humberg box - En2oht enfield..
Parts F/S: Humberg box - En2oht enfield..
Spares Wtd: Series snipe/hawk nsr wing complete, prefer nos - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Series humber fuel tank wanted mint or nos - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Trying to restore granfathers car needs almost everything, its a humber supersnipe mk 2 thanks - Gold coast qld..
Parts F/S: Standard con rod bearings series full set mint cond in box! - Essex..
Parts F/S: Lm67048v2 tapered bearings - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe boot hinges - Queensland australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted pure war snipe gearbox - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Nr/s rear quarter light rubbers - Essex..
Snipe Imperial - View the Humber Snipe Imperial car page
Snipe Imperial listings
Workshop Manuals: Original humber imperial handbook - Newcastle-upon-tyne..
Spares Wtd: Gearlinkage ball/ socket. bushers anything - Chesterfield..
Super Snipe - View the Humber Super Snipe car page
Super Snipe listings
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe windscreen - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a humber supersnipe mark or imperial body shell. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: How much would i have to pay for a hood ornament for a 1957 super snipe? - New zealand..
Parts F/S: Humber super snipe imperial cylinder head, crank, rods and main bearings available. - Poole, dorset, england..
Literature For Sale: Humber super snipe and pullman, parts catalogue for 1946 models. printed in 1956, in good condition for year - Carlisle..
Literature For Sale: Humber sceptre, 1963. original owners hand book. good condition - Carlisle..
Spares Wtd: Body panals and chrome 1963 saloon - London..
Parts F/S: Exhaust down pipe and starter motor - Surrey, uk..
Information: Any kind of technical manuals for 1956 model - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Super snipe 2- exhaust - Kent, uk..
Spares Wtd: Front winker lenses for 62-67 super snipe or s1 sceptre - Barry south wales..
Workshop Manuals: Any manuals super snipe 1962 series 3 - Australia..
Parts F/S: Spares - Hertfordshire..
Parts F/S: Mark iv parts available - Ashburton nz..
Parts F/S: Power steering ram for a 1966 humber super snipe - Belfast..
Workshop Manuals: Any available manuals, blueprints or technical diagrams for humber super snipe mk2 or super snipe series v - Sydney australia..
Parts F/S: Mk3 body and body parts no upholstery - Tasmania..
Spares Wtd: Side body trim,general light lenses,humber lettering front and back, window winders x2 ,rear number plate trim rh side - South africa..
Workshop Manuals: 1949 almost completed supersnipe - Brisbane australia..
Spares Wtd: 1955 mk1v steering wheel - Sydney australia..
Spares Wtd: Grille and front bumper needed mabey whole car for spares 1962 super snipe limo - Se london..
Literature Wanted: Any sales or road tests for humber hawk series 1a (1960) wanted - Western australia..
Parts F/S: New front indicator lens also fitts mk1 sseptre. - U.k...
Information: Mymk iva/b was corinthian beige (by berger) and pearl grey(lusteroid). has anyone a current paint code to match those colours or a sales brochure colour chart i could buy/borrow? - Se melbourne..
Spares Wtd: Humber pullman/snipe/imperial mk2 1950. track rod ends desperately needed. - Sw scotland..
Spares Wtd: Any parts1940-45 - East anglia..
Parts F/S: 63 super snipe back window seal - Bolton..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for rockers and pistons for 1955 humber - London..
Spares Wtd: Stabilizer bushes 65 s/snipe - Nelson (nz)..
Spares Wtd: Wwii staff car - Suffolk..
Spares Wtd: 64 supersnipe. rings,bearings and gaskets. wheelcylinders - South africa..
Information: Help wanted. what are the gear placements on a 64 super snipe and how much to obtain a hood ornament? - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Want humber supersnipe skin sills (pair) - Stoke on trent..
Spares Wtd: Indercater lens - Drouin australia 3818..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a water pump for a 1955 humber supersnipe mark iv. also sun visor bracket (n/s) - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: 1963 s/3 h/s/s padded dash - Brisbane australia..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - Warrington,cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Drivers side lower wing - Kent..
Spares Wtd: I am loking for a front weelscreen of humbert supersnipe, and the badget of the doors. thanks - Barcelona..
Parts F/S: New genuine lucas wiper motor still boxed for 1953-57 snipe, pair new front indicator lens for 1965 snipe range of other parts available contact for details. - U.k.n.i...
Spares Wtd: I need a rear windscreen rubber - must be good condition - for series 4 super snipe 1963 model (with rounded roof top) - Stafford..
Parts F/S: Power steering series five humber super snipe - Yeppoon qld..
Spares Wtd: Power steering series five humber super snipe - Yeppoon qld..
Parts F/S: I am looking for a power steering belt for a humber imperial - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a 1964 humber super snipe water pump - Bendigo, victoria..
Spares Wtd: I need a rear windscreen rubber, must be new or good condition - for series 2 super snipe 1959 model - Junín, argentina..
Spares Wtd: Need a water pump for humber super snipe imperial - Uxbridge middx..
Spares Wtd: I want for a super snipe series 2 on, front nearside wing, f/bumper, f/n/s light/indicator unit. consider a car for spares - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Power steering humber super snipe - Australia..
Spares Wtd: övre stoppning till instrumentpanel i gott skick köpes - Sweden..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber super snipe complete front disc brake set up, inc stub axles. - N.yorks..
Spares Wtd: Quarter light rubbers - Hartlepool..
Spares Wtd: humber super snip sereis 1 brake servo - Upton wirral ch49 4qf..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snip series 1 brake servo - Upton wirral ch49 4qf..
Parts F/S: Lots of parts for sceptre mark i and super snipe series ii - Orway..
Spares Wtd: Has anyone got a steering wheel for a 1960 humber super snipe - Camberley..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber super snipe 1v steeering wheel, hub-caps, body trim lower - California..
Parts F/S: Hood - Denmark..
Parts F/S: I need almost a hole body for a humber super snipe 1965 can any one help me - Denmark..
Spares Wtd: A big ask ns +os front side grill chrome parts that go around front wings that house the side/indicator lamps - Staffordshire..
Spares Wtd: Cylinder head - South australia..
Spares Wtd: Need to know where to buy screen rubbers for a 55 super snipe saloon. - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Win rubber and front end parts - Brisbane australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanting brake calipers for 61 - Redcliffe..
Spares Wtd: Need a generator for a super snipe - Vancouver, cabada..
Spares Wtd: Need a generator. - Canada..
Spares Wtd: 1955 super snipe hood mascot wanted - Malta..
Spares Wtd: 1955 super snipe hood mascot wanted - Malta..
Parts F/S: Humber super snipe parts available 52-57 mk4 03 3085123 - Ashburton new zealand..
Information: Are you a humber super snipe expert? recent super snipe mkv owner would like some advice. - Auckland, new zealand..
Workshop Manuals: Is the workshop manual for the humber super snipe specific to it or does it include other vehicle types as well - Wagga wagga nsw..
Spares Wtd: We need 2 glazing rubbers, the front and the rear one for a super snipe, serie 3, 1962 - London..
Information: Humper super snip let hand drive israil - Israil..
Parts F/S: I am looking for a humber subper snip - Israil..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a water pump for 1966 humber super snipe series va - Taree, nsw, australia..
Parts F/S: !940 humber staff car engine and gearboxs plus ancillaries - Clacton-on-sea essex..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - New zealand..
Parts F/S: Bits n bits - Manukau nz..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - Suffolk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for front bumber in good condition for my 1966 super snipe also front chrome side strips - Auckland new zealand..
Literature For Sale: Two identical humber hawk service parts catalogue 1948 - Bristol uk..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe parts wanted in particular window seals all round - West midlands..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe - all parts wanted in particular: window seals all round - rebuild in progress - West midlands..
Spares Wtd: Wanted super snipe gearbox floor change type -staff car? - Sw scotland..
Spares Wtd: 1951 humber super snipe hubcaps with very good chrome wanted - Essex..
Parts F/S: I have a 63 humber super snipe for sale its not going and needs a lot of body work it has an excellent condition interior . - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Discs and pads - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: Window seals for 1961 series ii humber hawk - Wales..
Spares Wtd: Complete power steering system for hawk/supersnipe or imperial; - Dunmow essex..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe mark4 1953 wnted must be rust free and with current m.o.t - Malta..
Parts F/S: Windscreen for super snipe 4 sale - Benfleet essex..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen rubbers for mark iv humber super snipe 1955 front and rear not in single lengths but ready molded to shape of window - Kent..
Parts F/S: Humber super snipe mk1v most parts available including screen rubbers - New zealand..
Parts F/S: Parts for sale - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: I need a starter for a 53 humber super snipe mark iv - Arizona, usa..
Parts F/S: Parts for sale supersnipe parts no moters or gear boxes heaps of bits 2 cars - Newzealand..
Parts F/S: Assorted humber parts. i have no idea what they all are as they belonged to my late husband. however i do lmow there are several interior door panels, 2 dash boards, 2 rrear screens, 2 estate window (one of either side) 1 green leather back seat etc - Stratford upon avon, uk..
Spares Wtd: Seeking water pump and gasket/s - Sth australia..
Parts F/S: Wanted carby kit -zenith type carby , to suit 1964 super snipe and a fuel pump kit. - Kingsholme queensland..
Spares Wtd: Big ends +30 mains+30 wonted for super snipe 3 litre allso part no book for series 5 and imperial - Norwich..
Parts F/S: Super snipe engine 1960-1966? offers. - South london..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen rubber - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Humber pullman limo wonted - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Fuel filler cap and the two down pieces around the rear number plate - South africa..
Parts F/S: Parts - South africa..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted letter e for bonnet righthand sidechrome strip rear tail light fuel cap - South australia..
Parts F/S: Chrome parts - London..
Parts F/S: Pistons & liners nos for mk3 super snipe - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Wanted sill chrome for s/snipe mark4 - Malta..
Parts F/S: Bonnet for later twin headlight super snipe - N ireland..
Spares Wtd: humber supersnipe estate grill - Highlands scotland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted power steering unit - Australia, vic..
Parts F/S: I need inboard swaybar bushings for my humber super snipe - Vancouver, canada..
Spares Wtd: Red interior - Essex ..
Spares Wtd: Red interior - Essex ..
Spares Wtd: Humber super snipe tail lights needed as well as carburettor. - South africa..
Parts F/S: Complete dashboard and spare clocks - London..
Workshop Manuals: Humber pullman owners handbook mark 11, issued march 1951 - Australia..
Workshop Manuals: Humber pullman owners handbook mark 11, issued march 1951, mine was a 49 super snipe. book is in good condition. email me andrewbunney(at)dodo.com.au. for sale - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted for 1955 humber super snipe mark1v chrome horn ring,tailight lens type 527 lucas. - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Wanted for 1961 humber super snipe the tow chrome bits at the front that the park lights fit into - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Please let me know u can supply an water pump for my humber super snipe mark 2 1949? thanks kelela - Melbourne australia..
Spares Wtd: Please let me know u can supply an water pump for my humber super snipe mark 2 1949? thanks kelela - Melbourne australia..
Spares Wtd: New headlight surrounds - Croydon surrey ..
Parts F/S: Looking for water pump - Johanesburg..
Spares Wtd: Need water pump and radiator for a super sniper - Gauteng south africa..
Spares Wtd: Indicator switch please - Tasmania..
Spares Wtd: Looking for the rear hub engine seal - Israel..
Spares Wtd: power steering kit or spares or complete unit, for series 4 s.snipe - Guernsey, channel islands..
Parts F/S: Wanted new doors wanted for super snipe - Leicester uk..
Parts F/S: Wanted 4 doors for super snipe or take compleat car - Leicester uk..
Spares Wtd: Glove box lock wanted - London and yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Hi i am looking for two hub caps fo - Ireland ..
Spares Wtd: Hi i am looking for two hub caps and a air breather for my 1961 humber super snipe - Ireland ..
Spares Wtd: Snipe gearbox wanted - Staffs..
Twelve - View the Humber Twelve car page
Twelve listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted a chromed radiator cap ( male thread) - Saffron walden..
Spares Wtd: Water pump with pulley required for a humber 12. - Saffron walden..
Spares Wtd: Badges wanted - South shields..
Spares Wtd: Humber 12 cylinder head wanted - Hastings..
Spares Wtd: Dk4a distributor - Hastings..
Spares Wtd: Urgently required humber 12 water pump....please as this car is my wedding car and i need it asap...thank you - Northamptonshire..
Spares Wtd: Wheel hub cap wanted - Southport..
Spares Wtd: All rubbers for windows, front windscreen, rear windscreen and for doors - Southampton..
Parts F/S: Humber 12 most parts available - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Wheel hub humber12 - Southport..
Parts F/S: Speedometer - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Near side stub axle - Sale ..
Spares Wtd: Front hub oil seal cork type - Sale ..
Spares Wtd: Wanted humber 12 1937. cylinder head copper gasket - Hastings..
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