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All Classic TVR Parts & Information ads bundled together

TVR Cars, by model:

On this page are all the adverts placed for classic TVRs, grouping together ads that can be found on the existing individual TVR model pages.

To view any of these ads in full, or place your own TVR advert, simply visit the specific model page that interests you. On there you'll find all the ads for that particular model only, and also the form to complete if you have something for sale, or there is something that you need for your car.

Placing ads is free so why not post your own ad, simply go to any of the TVR pages below.

All existing entries for older TVRs are listed here, by model...
400 - View the TVR 400 car page
400 listings
Parts F/S: Cdzesfvdjxg - Yyjeuzltqci..
Parts F/S: Xnlbhjher - Uyuewytnx..
Parts F/S: Iwyckgfytonu - New york..
280i - View the TVR 280i car page
280i listings
Spares Wtd: Passenger side seat belt for 2.8i tasmin - Scottish borders..
Spares Wtd: Exhaust manifold needed r/h. - West wales..
Spares Wtd: Need steering column bushing tvr# 025h-108a and mount 025h-109a - Orlando, fl..
Spares Wtd: Square, electric wing mirrors, tvr 280i tasmin 1985 - Guildford, uk..
Parts F/S: Tvr parts for sale. contact classic motor works with your needs. - Roanoke, va usa..
Spares Wtd: Passengerwindow tvr 280 i - Sweden..
Spares Wtd: Rear spoiler - Westerly. ri...
Spares Wtd: Air filter cover required tvr 2.8i or wedge 280i - Surrey, uk..
Spares Wtd: Need tvr wedge seats in leather - London/essex..
Spares Wtd: G 82 fhc 280i tasmin. - Cambridgeshire ..
Spares Wtd: Four speed gearbox required for 1982 280i tasmin fhc. thank you - Cambridgeshire ..
Parts F/S: Tvr tasmin - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: N/s exhaust manifold please - Saffron walden..
Spares Wtd: Wheels other than lace for 1985 tvr 280i - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Tvr tasmin mk1parts needed - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Drivers door for fhc with working electric window mechanism - Northampton..
Spares Wtd: Radiator required for mk1 tasmin - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Door mounted ear view mirrors for 280i series 11/2 - Clifton park, new york..
Parts F/S: Wedge bonnet - Staffordshire..
Spares Wtd: Passenger wing mirror - Kilkenny, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Passanger door glass 1983 tasmin - Northern ireland..
3000M - View the TVR 3000M car page
3000M listings
Spares Wtd: Windscreen wiper{offside} - Reading..
Parts F/S: Tvr 3000m black a1 condition a rare original turbo 1 of 20 ever, needs inside tidying a little. summer bargin £4200 muss be seen - Milton keynes..
Spares Wtd: Front and rear window rubbers,must be new. - Walsall..
Parts F/S: Original, new and restored parts for 3000m - chassis, wheels, glass, engine & more - Leamington..
Parts F/S: Bonnet, slight damage, easy repair. too good to dispose of - Selby, north yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Tvr 3000m 1976 bonnet engine mountings. - London..
Spares Wtd: Outdoor cover/floor mats - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Hood and frame - Uk..
Parts F/S: Sunroof tvr taimar 3000m etc - Yorks..
Spares Wtd: Sunroof for tvr taimar/3000m either glass or fabric please!! - Yorks..
Spares Wtd: Exhaust manifolds wanted - South bucks..
Parts F/S: I need for a tvr taimar the broken glasses for the left door after an accident, its a right handed car, - Germany..
Parts F/S: I need for a tvr taimar the broken glasses for the left door after an accident, its a right handed car, - Germany..
Parts F/S: Tve chimera front clamshell genuine - Bucks..
Parts F/S: 3000m fuel tank wanted - Suffolk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted. 3000m s or taimar bonnet in the us or canada - Canada..
Parts F/S: Taimar/3000m petrol tank - Runcorn..
Spares Wtd: Wanted plastic engine fan for 3.0 l v6 - Greece..
Spares Wtd: Looking 4 koenig shock absorbers for 3000m - new - Yorkshire..
Parts F/S: New original 3000m radiator - Bolton lancs..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: right side aluminum window frame - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: right side aluminum window frame - Usa..
350i - View the TVR 350i car page
350i listings
Spares Wtd: Need tvr350i (1979 model) bulkhead steering column bearing and flange(part ref.no:crc360,363) - Preston, england..
Spares Wtd: Wanted down pipes for a 89 350i - West midlands..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a tvr 350i chassis , v8 engine would be great. cat can be damaged. - Germany..
Spares Wtd: Tvr wedge 350i seats wanted - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a lucas 4cu ecu for a tvr 350i of 1989 era, in working oredr - Warminster..
Free Car: Tvr 350i for sale, c reg. sensible offers - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Wanted drivers window glass for tvr 350i series 2 - Derbyshire..
Parts F/S: Tvr 350i f reg for sale whole car only, 6 months mot tax til end of feb, scratch on bodywork (£250 quoted to fix) nice looking car - £offers - Norwich..
Parts F/S: 1987 tvr 350i convertable white t/t runs and sounds superb needs some minor work £3500 ono - Northwich cheshire..
Parts F/S: 350i 1985 offers - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Power steering parts wanted to convert from manual. please help - West midlands..
Parts F/S: Breaking complete tvr 350 - Stratford upon avon..
Spares Wtd: Wanted drivers side indicator and side light - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Spares wanted for tasmin 350i, interior,rear spoiler, replacement good condition convertible roof , set of alloy wheels - Somerset..
Spares Wtd: Need drivers door window for 1985 tvr - Minnisota..
Spares Wtd: Wanted complete roof for tvr 350i - London..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr chassis with v5 for project dont mind repairing - W.midlands..
Spares Wtd: Mirrors 350i - France..
Spares Wtd: Diff carrier wanted - W.mids..
Spares Wtd: Tvr 3591 handbrake cable required - Lancashire..
390SE - View the TVR 390SE car page
390SE listings
Parts F/S: Tvr 390se project - Wrexham..
Parts F/S: Various spares available. complete rover v8 engine & gearbox, interior, windows, roof, alloys. ring for more details - Salisbury, uk..
400SE - View the TVR 400SE car page
400SE listings
Spares Wtd: Rear spoiler - Uk..
450SE - View the TVR 450SE car page
450SE listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr 400-450se - Sheffield..
Grantura - View the TVR Grantura car page
Grantura listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted, interior for mk3 grantura plus diff casing - Guildford..
Spares Wtd: Tvr grantura wanted with mbg engine any condition - Surrey..
Parts F/S: Wanted, granturamk3 or griff 200 wouuld prefer road car and should be rhd. contact 07765 232760 - Surrey..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura mk 2a for spares or complete car. - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Tvr grantura mk3 wanted with mgb engine rhd - Surrey..
Parts F/S: Grantura 2a restoration project,good basis/original parts offers around £3000.00 or visit ebay - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Grantura parts wanted for on going restorations. please dust those old parts off and help keep these rare cars on the road. - Peterborough..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura mk3 for sale - Germany..
Parts F/S: 1965 tvr grantura mk3 for sale - Germany..
Spares Wtd: Looking for grantura tvr bonnet badge - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Mk2 grantura front & rear badges, drivers seat shell, interior trim, why ? - Leeds, england..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr grantura door hinges and latch mechanisms - Usa..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura mk1&2 parts for sale - The netherlands..
Spares Wtd: Grantura parts mk1,2,2a,3 wanted - The netherlands..
Spares Wtd: Caliper nearside - England..
Spares Wtd: Caliper nearside - England..
Spares Wtd: Mgb 1800 engine and gearbox my consider complete car - England..
Parts F/S: Wanted mk3 1800 grantura any condition - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Searching grantura - Asteinha@yahoo.de..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura mk.1 (chassis no.148) 1800cc mg engine - complete car for sale. in need of restoration. have most parts. - Devon..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura - Colchester essex..
Spares Wtd: Seat shell and badges wanted for mk2 - Auckland new zealand..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: grantura aluminum door window frame - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Mk 2 door handle wanted - Norfolk..
Parts F/S: Complete mk iv grantura (67) with v% and also a mk2 body on a mk 3 chassis plus some spares. an opportunity to build a fia car from both of these and have spares - £8,000 - Kent..
Parts F/S: Polycarbonate rear windows for tvr granturas and 1800s now available. unbreakable and dont discolour or crack with uv light - Cheshire..
Parts F/S: Mostly complete mk2 grantura (in bits) offers overe £1000 - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Grantura hand brake - Swindon..
Spares Wtd: Wanted ..grantura/1800s parts. especially diff casings.anything considered - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Wobbly web wheels, any other parts ,engine and gearbox wanted - Germany..
Parts F/S: I m looking for tvr grantura vixen - France..
Spares Wtd: Wanted grantura mk3 rolling chassis - Westyorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Tvr grantura wanted! looking for a tvr grantura in need of tlc or restoration. prefer a complete and early example. get in touch if you have something up for sale. thanks! - Netherlands..
Parts F/S: Tvr grantura mkiia complete car part way through the rebuild, now ready for painting, chassis has been off, repaired and rebonded, suspension and brakes overhauled. ideal as now at the point to be finished as you would like or historic racer - Lancashire, uk..
Spares Wtd: Grantura vixen wanted - Sheffield..
Spares Wtd: Front & rear badges wanted for grantura mk2 - New zealand..
Parts F/S: The above tvr grantura has now been sold cheers! - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted any tvr 1800 parts or mkiii grantura.anything considered - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Wanted grantura mk2a parts - diff carrier front and rear uprights and hubs, any other parts to project car considered - Lake district..
Spares Wtd: 1959 grantura parts needed ,anything and everything. - Watford..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr grantura rear badge - Somerset..
Griffith FHC - View the TVR Griffith FHC car page
Griffith FHC listings
Spares Wtd: Griffith 400 doors/windows wanted - Herts uk..
Spares Wtd: Griffith 400 doors/windows wanted - Herts uk..
S1 - View the TVR S1 car page
S1 listings
Spares Wtd: Oil sump for 2.8i s1 - Hartlepool..
Spares Wtd: Car seats magnolia - Sussex..
Spares Wtd: S1 second hand /new complete chassis required , will take rotton one or twisted as long as the twist is not at the front or soeone tell me where i can get one , i believe s2+s3 will do the job also - Stirling..
Parts F/S: 1978 red tvr tasmin 60k miles all original kit vgc - Scottish borders..
Spares Wtd: Drivers side targa roof required oxblood intereior but any colour accepted also nearside front indicator also required , not so easy to find in oz 1988 s1 2800cc - Brisbane australia..
S2 - View the TVR S2 car page
S2 listings
Parts F/S: 1988 s2 in fantastic condition with to many new parts to list, great winter bargin at just £5995 - London..
Parts F/S: Wanted tvr s2 wheel not v8will buy set if need be any condition but must be straight - Herts..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr s2 wheel not v8will buy set if need be any condition but must be straight - Herts..
S3 - View the TVR S3 car page
S3 listings
Spares Wtd: Need struts for the rear roof section - Brighton..
Spares Wtd: Oz 15\ 8 spoke alloy wheel as fitted to s series cars. - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted dash from lhd tvr s2, s3,s4,v8s, non sweeping - Canada..
Spares Wtd: Wanted headlights for s3 l/h/d - France..
Parts F/S: Oz 8 spoke s3 wheel centre caps - Bedford..
Parts F/S: Series 3 2.9 complete car for spares 51,000m met blue runs all parts available. - North wales..
Spares Wtd: S3 front indicator lens wanted - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Drivers door mirrow for s3 - Tyne & wear..
Tasmin - View the TVR Tasmin car page
Tasmin listings
Spares Wtd: Driveshaft and hub 86 tasmin - Yorkshire..
Free Car: Tasmin key chain - received at tvr factory. - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Tvr tasmin 350i convertable 1988 drivers window required urgently. - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: Drivers door window, seats and v8 black-faced tacho. a pair of good seats, any colour. - West midlands..
Spares Wtd: Rear n/s hub & bearing - Mansfield, notts..
Parts F/S: Tvr tasmin 2.8 good cond interior tatty - Southwest..
Parts F/S: Tvr tasmin 2.8 good cond interior tatty - Southwest..
Spares Wtd: Hi there,am looking for a few bits on my tasmin,namely airbox complete,pipi from inlet manifold to airbox unit and an accelerator cable - Blackpool..
Spares Wtd: Hi there i am looking for a radiator for a 1981 tasmin 280i and a thermostat thanks - Yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Need a front bumper for a 1985 tvr 280i. euro style that the parking lights mount in the bumper. bumper is color coded to the car. - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Hi there,i am looking for door window frames for a 1981 tasmin v6 coupe - North alleton..
Spares Wtd: Tvr tasmin 280i fhc exhaust tubuler manifolds - Leeds..
Parts F/S: Workshop manual wanted for 280i (1988 us spec model) - North wales..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tasmin steering wheel - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Driver and passenger seat required in blue or black - Portsmouth..
Spares Wtd: Plastic moulding surrounding steering column mounted wiper and traffic indicator controls - Portsmouth..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 14\ lattice wheel & rear round radius arm 81 tasmin - Norfolk..
Tuscan - View the TVR Tuscan car page
Tuscan listings
Spares Wtd: Broken tuscan t5 gearbox wanted - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Tvr tuscan pair of seats - Cumbria..
Spares Wtd: Full tuscan mk1 interior needed seats, dooor cards, dash board and carpets, any colours considered. - Middlesex..
Vixen - View the TVR Vixen car page
Vixen listings
Spares Wtd: Vixen s1 wanted. basket case for restoration. anything considered. please ring with details or leads. - Rochdale..
Parts F/S: Tvr vixen alloywheels five in number - Plymouth..
Spares Wtd: Bumpers - Virginia..
Spares Wtd: Need bumpers - Usa virginia..
Spares Wtd: Tvr 2500 vixen project wanted - Netherlands..
Spares Wtd: Tvr 2500 vixen project for restoration wanted. must have documents, if incomplete no problem. basket cases also welcome. mail me what you have. - Netherlands..
Spares Wtd: Wanted! all tvr vixen s3 body parts (body shell bonnet doors) in any condition... - Bournemouth..
Spares Wtd: Wiper rocker switch - Darby/nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Wanted vixen rolling chassis - Westyorkshire..
Parts F/S: Bodyshell, doors, window frames with glass fuel tank, rear glass, dash upper pad & wood dash, interior panels, title - Sanibel, fl...
Spares Wtd: S2 vixen rear badges wanted - Lancs..
Spares Wtd: Vixen alloys - Staffs..
Parts F/S: Tvr vixen wheels - Holland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted tvr vixen front indicator light chrome bezel - Brighton sussex..
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