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See Homepage. This page: Seen advertised in 1948, the Harvey Frost car gantry, one of many garage-related tools the firm offered.

Harvey Frost & Co. car gantry.

The name of Harvey Frost is synonymous with a selection of breakdown recovery cranes that the firm marketed for many years, the company dating to the earliest days of motoring in Britain. Rare would be the garage that didn't have something with HF stamped upon it - salvage cranes, towing ambulances, towing poles, steering locks, engine jacks ("jackranes"), gantries, bottle jacks (by Ernest Lake Ltd), garage jacks, jacking skates, tyre inflators and vulcanizing equipment just some of the items they could supply.
The Harvey Frost & Co. Ltd car and engine lifting gantry
The illustration above shows the Harvey Frost Gantry, a piece of equipment sold throughout the pre-war years and improved as time went by. The gantry incorporated two lifting hawsers, which could be used together or individually. The image shows both being used to lift the rear end of a car into the air, and then just one of the hawsers, presumably readied to life the engine from a car - a Morris? The car's registration number HW3960 shows that it was registered in Bristol, between July 1927 and July 1930.
The gantry stood some 10ft tall, and could lift a weight of 25cwt using both of the hooks, or 12.5cwt on just one. Handily it was mounted on heavy duty castors, so could easily be wheeled out of the way when not in use. The price to the Trade was 55.0.0, and Harvey Frost Ltd would include a 6 month guarantee.
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