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See Homepage. This page: A flyer from Foulis referring to Charles Mortimer's new book on racing a Healey Silverstone, circa 1950/1951.

Racing a Sports Car - the Healey Silverstone OPA 2.

This is the second old flyer promoting a motorsport-related book to be included in this section (the first was by Raymond Mays). Again from 1951, this book is by Charles Mortimer and describes a season where he and his wife competed in a Healey Silverstone, registration number OPA 2, a type D Silverstone two-seat sportscar.
The book's cover is reproduced on the leaflet, it shows Mortimer and his wife with their Healey in an assembly area at a racing circuit somewhere in the UK. Other classic sportscars in shot include another Healey Silverstone - LGC 272 - a pale blue 1950-built car first owned by Robin Richards, and now registered as TKA 330. Behind the Mortimer car is a Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica, and, of all things, a Riley RM road car. Coincidentally, the majority of Healeys were powered by the twin cam engine found under the bonnet of 2.5 litre RMs.
Book about Healey Silverstone sports cars
The book's introduction by the Duke of Richmond and Gordon (of Goodwood circuit fame) is referred to in the text on the rear of the leaflet, and reads as follows:
His Grace the Duke of Richmond and Gordon congratulates the author, Charles Mortimer, on having provided just the information required by those who would try their hands at sports car racing. The author of this book is, of course, an experienced driver having graduated through the hard and invaluable school of motor-cycle racing, and Mrs Mortimer who has joined her husband in racing their Silverstone Healey was as inexperienced at the beginning of the season as she was subsequently successful in her debut.
Mr Mortimer has undoubtably amply fulfilled the task which he has set himself when writing this book which was to give not only a faithful account of a season's sports car racing but to provide for those who have the ambition to participate, most valuable first-hand information both as to the running of the car and the races in which to enter it with details of the costs involved. Price 10/6 net.
Amazingly, a season's racing in the Silverstone cost 291 all in, the trials and tribulations of the races and the preparation that went into the car prior to meetings, are all described in this book from 1951.
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Healey Silverstones also appear in several sections of the site; this page for instance can be used to post free ads relating to this car, and a few years back I photographed this Healey Silverstone (JBY 220) at the Lakeland Motor Museum. A period b/w photo of car KXN 876 is on this page.

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