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Hillman Minx Phase 8 convertible.

I'm not sure where this Minx convertible was photographed, but it looks like a parking area, accompanied by two other stalwarts of the motoring scene in the 1950s, namely an F-Type Vauxhall Victor, and a Phase 1 ("beetleback") Standard Vanguard. A sign in the background advises of "R A WORKS AHEA", although I suspect a couple or three letters have fallen off, and it should probably read "ROAD WORKS AHEAD".
A parked Hillman drophead coupe
The Hillman Minx convertible shown here, registration KRX 510, is seen demonstrating the three position hood that this drophead model was known for. It could either be fully closed, partially open with the forward section rolled back, as shown above, or fully folded, with the rear side windows wound down out of sight. The convertible and the Californian tin-top were Hillman's eye-catching variations on the basic Minx theme, with somewhat plainer-looking Minx saloons and Husky estate cars being the biggest sellers.The Phase VIII of 1954 - 1957 would make way for the new 'Audax' Minx of 1956/7, both sharing the 1390cc four cylinder engine, but the new car totally different in overall design to the outgoing model.

2. An earlier Minx Convertible, July 1953.

Next, three photographs of a slightly earlier model - either a Phase III or IV Minx Convertible, in LHD guise. The first overhead view demonstrates the Minx's neat lines and accommodation for four people, especially as in this shot the car has its roof fully folded.
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A Phase III/IV Minx Convertible car
The roof in the next two shots has only been partially lowered. Three people, a gent behind the wheel and two female companions, sit in the confines of the Hillman's cabin.
Three people in a Hillman Minx
A final view of the car in the same position, with just two ladies for company. Handily a note on the reverse of this photograph confirms that the scene dates to July 1953, and the location is Chandos Lake, situated in North Kawartha, Ontario, Canada.
Two ladies in a Hillman Minx
A smart red Phase VII Minx saloon owned by Jim can be seen here.

3. Side view of another Minx Convertible.

The following photo popped up on my Facebook feed, my thanks to Ross for ok'ing me to share it here too. Ross found the photograph amongst his late father's items. Who the gent in the photo is, he doesn't know. The car though was easier to identify - another example of early 1950s Hillman Minx Convertible.
The car shown above was photographed overseas, in Canada. The Minx in Ross' photo is also an overseas-registered vehicle, albeit a little closer to home - on the island of Jersey, to be precise, as confirmed by both the registration and the country-identifying "J" plate attached to its bootlid. A very smart little car indeed, I wonder whether it survives or not?
Side view 1950s Minx Convertible
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