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Morris Minor (toy) restoration.

My Moggy Restoration.

As you may know, I enjoy collecting old model cars. When I saw this Morris Minor with the majority of its paint off, in dad's garage, I made the decision that it would be my first toy car resto. I have grown up with Minors, my Grandad having had a saloon, a pickup, and a Traveller, my Dad has a 1952 "cheese-grater" grill Moggy as his little runabout!
So, I decided to restore it.
The first job was to scrape what was left of the paint off with a screwdriver and also fine sandpaper. You have to be very careful when doing this, if you do this too hard, you will scratch the bodywork. This is to be done lightly.
The Morris Minor with no paint on it
Once all the paint was off, I took it apart (the body was held together by screws, not riveted). I had to remember where and how everything had been put together to help me. I wanted my car's paint to not flake off, so I had to apply a layer of primer to protect the Minor.
The bodyshell in primer
Next, we had to buy some spray paint to paint the car; I chose a lovely shade of red (in my opinion). When it came to actually painting the car, we should've worn masks - but we didn't!!! Although I had to stand far back, and it was painted outside. Once the first layer was applied, we left it to dry for about a day. The next day, we painted the second and final coats. We left this to dry until the next day too.
Painted red
My restoration was a triumph. Once pieced together again, I declared my project finished. Now, it takes pride of place in my bedroom, beside one of my next projects; a Lesney Jaguar Mk 10. I have acquired many more projects to complete, all of the paint on them has already been scraped off by ... guess who?
The completed restoration of my Morris Minor, with a Jaguar Mk10
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