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12v car kettle and frying pan.

Pages regarding many different types of car accessory can be found across this site. Some gadgets are strictly functional, while others are designed to improve the motorist's lot. The pair of devices featured here definitely fall into the latter category, and - unusually - benefit not just the driver, but also any passengers that may be present in the motor-car.
What could be more welcome, perhaps while motoring on a grey rainy day, than a quick bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, all the while sat behind the wheel of your car? Foglamps, roof racks, and whippy aerials are all very nice, but nothing can compare to having a fry-up en route, surely? The car slowly filling with smoke as a full English breakfast is created, ready to be washed down by a fresh cup of Tetley tea in a bone china teacup, what could be better? Certainly not a flask of hot brown liquid, served in a cheap plastic cup, that's for sure.
The "Eltron" car kettle, and the "CarFri" in-car frying pan, were sold at Gamages in London, either together (costing 59/9), or separately (35/9 and 49/- respectively).
12v car frying pan and kettle
There are a few potential issues with using either, or both, devices. They're only designed for cars with 12v electrical systems, for starters. By the 1960s, most new cars were thus equipped, but there'd still be many old-timers pottering about, their wiring systems propped up by just 6 volts. Dynamos rather than alternators were still standard fitment on most cars, so careful use of the fryer and kettle would be required, if a flat battery was to be avoided. Campers, perhaps one of the key target markets for any gadgets such as these, would do well to have a spare battery or two to hand, just in case.
Sufficient level surfaces within the car would also be needed, as would suitable - perhaps chilled - storage for un-cooked food. Space for eating utensils, and for crockery and cutlery that were ready for a wash, would also need to be arranged. Perhaps an in-car dishwasher was on the drawing board already? Safe space to set down the hot pan and kettle after use, would also need careful consideration.
While campers, and motorhome owners, might well have been tempted to invest in a fryer and/or a kettle, the advert is aimed at all motorists, not just hardy types who like sleeping in fields, and relish the use of primitive sanitation arrangements. I wonder what the constabulary would make of someone attempting to drive, while simultaneously tending to a sizzling pan of bacon, and pouring a brew, while on the move? A dim view, a few choice words, and a handful of penalty points on one's licence would, I think, be the result. Logic suggests that most users would park safely, prior to firing up their snack-making devices, but not every driver is blessed with commonsense, after all.
"[Eltron car kettle and CarFri] gives you fried bacon, eggs and a fresh cup of tea as you travel. No drain on the battery if the engine is running. Complete with heating element, flex, plug and socket, and wiring instructions."
Despite frying-while-you-drive not being perhaps the most sensible idea in the world, 12v kettles and frying pans would no doubt appeal to the camping fraternity. Certainly, buyers of the Foldaday trailer (with tent option), and of the Jagrose car tent (both featured in this section of OCC), might have felt tempted to invest, so long as frying and boiling times were not unreasonably long.
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