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See Homepage. This page: A fifties' photograph showing an estate car conversion based on a Model Y van of the 1930's.
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Ford Model Y woodie estate.

John kindly sent this family photo in and agreed to it being shown here. Whereas various photos of Model Y cars and vans already feature on the site, this is the first Model Y estate, or Woodie, to be included. It does however have a link to the pre-war 8hp vans, as this conversion was based on a 5cwt Model Y van, as John explains:
"Enclosed a picture of my father's Ford Model Y conversion. My father and a work colleague bought this 1937 Model Y van in the early fifties and fitted it with estate car bodywork. It had a bench seat that ran front to back, so it would take three children (after clambering in through the back door). I remember being driven to Lynton in Devon in 1953. Father had to drive up Lynton Hill in reverse while my mother and I walked up lugging the suitcases. The following year it took all five of us to Northumberland. The journey took ten hours. We only broke down once, but it was on the Tyne Bridge in the evening rush hour!"
Ford Model Y estate car woodie
Thanks for sending the photo John! The conversion looks very neat indeed, especially compared to some woodie conversions I've seen photos of. In the 40s and 50s it wouldn't have been unusual to see homebuilt creations such as this out on the road, as many hands-on car owners whiled away the hours in the garage, fiddling with and improving their cars. Often using basic handtools, these inventive owners would craft their own coachwork to suit their needs, sucking thoughtfully on their pipes and pencilling various ideas on the garage wall, before setting to work with saws and spanners.
A number of vintage and classic "woodies" appear across the site, including this glimpse of an Austin A70 Woodie, and on this page of A40 photos, a fine A40 Woodie. An advert showing a professionally-built woodie appears on this page too.
A story involving a deal whereby a Royal Enfield motorcycle was swapped for a Ford Model Y woodie, can be found on this page in the motoring memories section of
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