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Listed below are all the adverts placed for Mazdas within the modern car parts section on OCC, pulling together ads that have been placed on the existing specific Mazda model pages.

To view any of these ads in full, or add your own advert, simply visit the relevant model page. On there you'll find all the ads for that particular model in greater detail, and also details on how to place your own For Sale or Wanted ad - it only takes a few seconds.

All existing entries for new & secondhand Mazdas are listed here.

Mazda Cars, by model:

2 - View the 2 car page
2 listings
Literature Wanted: Both rear brake callipers on mazda 626 1996 model - Airdrie lanarkshire ml66pz..
Spares Wtd: Searching for front windshield for 1998 mazda 626 - Saint lucia..
Spares Wtd: Front drivers window regulator (electric window) - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Front panels and bumper for 1992 mazda 626 (curvy shape) - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Front panels and bumper for 1992 mazda 626 (curvy shape) - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Front end body panels and bumper for mazda 626 1992 4 door saloon - Heshire..
Spares Wtd: Front end body panels and bumper for mazda 626 1992 4 door saloon - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f r reg spot lights - Scotlando..
Spares Wtd: I have a mazda 626; 2002 modle and m looking for a temperature sensor - Fiji islands..
Parts F/S: 91 mazda rx7 engine for sale 900.00 runs great. factor 5 lug wheels and tires 400.00 - Oceanside ca..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: bonnet chrome strip for 2003 mazda tribute - Mwanza tanzania..
Spares Wtd: Tapet cover - Kadawatha..
Spares Wtd: Tapet cover mazda familia hatch back b3 engine.(1987) - Srilanka kadawatha..
Parts F/S: Uzanckyfhmwcjpija - New york..
Parts F/S: Hyhdovhcmoqqpvvvols - New york..
Parts F/S: Pilnldyrfonqel - New york..
Parts F/S: Rljpsqod - New york..
Parts F/S: Flnhxecuib - New york..
Parts F/S: Elmtmyllvinjykuhr - New york..
Parts F/S: Looking for parts contact me on vandstrading@gmail.com - Johannesburg..
Parts F/S: Qjwynhgc - New york..
Parts F/S: Fivwtelv - New york..
Parts F/S: Omznqfmmvlecuphhg - New york..
Parts F/S: Bqzmacjitc - New york..
Parts F/S: Lthjrofbgddcn - New york..
Parts F/S: Ijiagyodp - New york..
Parts F/S: Xhgscxuuknotdtvfzm - New york..
Parts F/S: Sbawpnbikmjw - New york..
Parts F/S: Iybognpz - New york..
Parts F/S: Bgsqprmffrqb - New york..
3 - View the 3 car page
3 listings
Spares Wtd: Front end body panels required including radiator for saloon - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Left near side rear light cap - Totnes, devon..
Parts F/S: We make & sell mazda parts. - China guangzhou..
Parts F/S: We make & sell auto parts. - Guangzhou,guangdong china..
Parts F/S: 2x f/bumpers,1x rear bmpr,1xrear boot,f& rear lights , etc - Somerset..
Parts F/S: 2x f/bumpers,1x rear bmpr,1xrear boot,f& rear lights , etc - Somerset..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 3.automatic speedometer required - London..
Parts F/S: Mirrow and right site screen - Mozambique..
Spares Wtd: Need nsf suspension complete for 323 bf series 1986 - Sussex..
Spares Wtd: Looking for boot,rear engine mouting,left and right lower wishbone arm - Palpye,botswana..
Information: Looking for boot,rear engine mouting,left and right lower wishbone arm - Palpye,botswana..
Spares Wtd: Need a 1986 mazda 323 1.3 lx front bumper - Worcester..
Spares Wtd: Front burber mazda 3 - Gaborone..
Parts F/S: Looking for parts contact me on vandstrading@gmail.com - Johannesburg..
Spares Wtd: Executive dash with wooden trim 1998 - Chesterfield..
5 - View the 5 car page
5 listings
Spares Wtd: Front and rear shocks for mazda premacy g-package vin number cp8w-109328,1999 make. - Lusaka,zambia..
6 - View the 6 car page
6 listings
Parts F/S: A.b.s hydrolic device - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 6 n/s mirror electric & heated)(glass only) - Wigan , lancashire..
Information: Air intake temp sensor - Lanarkshire, scotland..
Literature Wanted: Mazda 6 parts - Perth western australia..
Spares Wtd: Chrome tailpipe trim - Leeds uk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for bobbin for mazda 6 2005 - Russia, st.petersburg..
Spares Wtd: 626 mazda diesel,1988,rf7 engine, camshaft and camshaft cap number one, 2 litres. front wh. drive, 4 doors sedan. auto, need - Sydney, australia..
Spares Wtd: 2003 mazda 6 grey parcel shelf needed - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Chasis support bracket/tow bar - Sydney..
Spares Wtd: Space saver or spare wheel - Shotts,motherwell..
Parts F/S: 2006 mazda 6 breaking for parts - Teesside uk..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
Parts F/S: Looking for parts contact me on vandstrading@gmail.com - Johannesburg..
121 - View the 121 car page
121 listings
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 autuzam revue - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: A pair of mazda 121 bushings - Montserrat, west indies..
Spares Wtd: My mazda is the second type - Italy..
Spares Wtd: 1994 mazda sunroof - Bermuda..
Parts F/S: Mazda 121 body panels for 1992 /94 doors wings lights etc - Lancaster..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 fuel cap - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Want some parts of mazda 121 - Georgia, germany..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 (bubble type) petrol tank required. will consider other parts as spares too. - Scotland, uk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 glx: front parts - Colwyn bay..
Spares Wtd: Windshield wanted for mazda 121 bubble - Tanzania..
Spares Wtd: For mazda 121 auto manufatured in 1991,wanted distributer and sun visor clip.thanks - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: Vinyl roof top for a 1992 mazda 121. - Bermuda..
Spares Wtd: Left hand side tail light for a mazda metro - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Rear spoiler / wing - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Grille for an 88-91 mazda 121da with mounting brackets etc. - Calgary ab canada..
Parts F/S: Carb for mazda 121 1989 1200cc - England..
Spares Wtd: Wanted mazda 121 1.3 1998 clutch diaphragm - Battle, east sussex..
Spares Wtd: Wanted mazda 121 1.3 1998 clutch thrust bearing - Battle, east sussex..
Spares Wtd: Carbretors - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 windscreen wanted, pls contact me at teresa@loherfe.com - Malaysia/singapore..
Spares Wtd: After bonnet and right back passenger door dark blue the bubble style - Perth..
Spares Wtd: Looking for hatch/boot badge for a mazda 121 - Calgary, ab, canada..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 121 - head lamp wanted. contact me on email provided if you have one. thanks - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Cv joint, front/rear suspension and spring - Seychelles..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a radiator (automatic trans) for my 121 - Bermuda..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a radiator (automatic trans) for my 121 - Bermuda..
Parts F/S: Need right hand wing and engine 121 - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Undercar brake hard lines - Usa..
Parts F/S: I have a l reg. mazda 121 (red)1.3i-16 which has been off the road for 2 yrs but is complete and ran well before. such a shame to scrap it as so unusual. anyone could use it?? - Kent uk..
Parts F/S: We need all rear bearing for mazda 121 1998 model - Colombia ..
Information: Need help a.s.a.p to get the inside of my 1989 121 door off to get the code so i can get a new key cut (im a women so i have no idea what to do!) - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Rear axil and hubs - N.ireland..
Parts F/S: 1991 mazda 121 auto trans going to scrap yard. contact me if you need any parts. - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: Airflow mazda mpv 2002 - Jakarta..
Spares Wtd: Alternator reqd for f regd (1988-1989?) mazda suntop 121 - Preston..
Spares Wtd: Rear left side power steering motor - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: Doorseal rubbers - Wolverhampton uk..
Spares Wtd: Front left & right wheel hub - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Mounting - Fiji ..
Spares Wtd: I need a windsceen and left door 4my mazda 121 88 - Croydon melbourne..
Spares Wtd: 1976 mazda 121 cosmo doors - Victoria..
Spares Wtd: Wanted mazda 121 1991 radiator - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: 1992 mazda 121 1300cc auto need a radiator must be for automatic my car is the limited edition known as the bubble in the trade - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Front left hub cap(knucle) - K.l.malaysia..
Parts F/S: 1994 1994 bubble, whole for parts - Uk..
Parts F/S: Much-loved 121 bubble (1995) getting too much for us to maintain. number plate begins m121. would love to see it go to a good home. - Brighton..
Spares Wtd: Caburater mazda 121 1.3at - Bkk thailand..
Spares Wtd: Caburater mazda 121 1.3at - Bkk thailand..
Spares Wtd: Vinyl sunroof mazda 121 - Australia..
Parts F/S: 121parts4sale - Dublin irl..
Spares Wtd: Rear driver passenger window glass for mazda 121 l - London uk..
Spares Wtd: Wtb: mazda 121 front windscreen (1991 model) immediately. - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: Wtb: mazda 121 front windscreen (1991 model) email: e5115@singnet.com.sg - Singapore..
Spares Wtd: Carb for e2000, 1990,1998cc, can you help please ? - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1989 mazda 121 distributor - Essex..
Parts F/S: On the computer - Shepparton. vic..
Parts F/S: On the computer - Shepparton. vic..
Spares Wtd: Steering pump for mazda 121lx 1.3i 1991 - Brunei..
Spares Wtd: Low pressure air cond. pipe - Sydney..
Parts F/S: Suspension parts - Fiji..
Spares Wtd: Nearside front wing & nearside front headlight assembly - Royaume-uni..
Spares Wtd: For 1988 uk model (righthand drive)need nearside front wing and nearside front headlamp assembly - France..
Spares Wtd: 121 1988 need drivers side headlamp assembaly - London..
Spares Wtd: New front n rear absorber - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Nozzle-fuel injector-carburetor - Zambia..
Parts F/S: 121 glx 1.3.i 1994. runs well, mot expiring. whole or parts. - Devon, uk..
Spares Wtd: 121 glx auto 1992 auto gearbox wanted - Newcastle upon tyne, uk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a ford festiva gtx dash cooler for drink.. only available in japan - Victoria, australia..
Spares Wtd: 121 sunroof motor - Thailand..
Spares Wtd: Windshield mazda 121 demio model no.dc86-aaa chassis no jmodw103200205261 - Cape town..
323 - View the 323 car page
323 listings
Parts F/S: ** - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: 1994 323(new shape) front nearside wing in green and front panel. would concider other colours - Stoke-on thent..
Spares Wtd: Competition gearbox for a 1988 mazda 323 4x4 turbo - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Red front bumper wanted for 1998 mazda 323 gx1 - Tunbridge wells..
Parts F/S: Headlight assemblies (pair) for 2 door hatch 323 1990. 1600cc petrol - Hull..
Spares Wtd: Wanted black drivers side door off twr 1989 323 - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet - Harlow..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a replacement mast only for a mazda 323f 1994.... please help. :o) - London east..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323, 98 model type. need front, rear bumper, 2 headlamps, 2 front indicator lights, front panel that hold radiator which must come with bonet lock and preferrably headlamp containers. it would be great if body parts were in white. thanks - Reading, berkshire..
Spares Wtd: Any colour bonnet(1995-97) - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Engine for sale for a 1.6 mazda 323 - delivered incorrectly as needed an mx5 engine - e-mail me for more info - Hove..
Spares Wtd: 323f offside front wing wanted, any colour. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: 1993 mazda 323 hatch sidelights front offside and near side - Sheffield..
Spares Wtd: Need green lower front and lower back panels (bumpers) for a green 95 mazda 323f glx, and a parcel shelf. - Cumbria..
Spares Wtd: Need front offside wing for 323f glx l reg, green if possible - Cranleigh..
Spares Wtd: Seat belts for 323 lx estate - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: 1990 323 mazda front bumper and/or nearside front wing wanted - Tunbridge wells..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 glx parts for sale. buyer collects either the whole car or welcome to take parts. white. front bumper and lights and wing already missing. - Surrey chertsey..
Spares Wtd: 1995 323 1.5 glx 3 dr automatic. bonnet, front bumper, front nearside wing, front nearside headlight and indicator. fan, radiator, cowling and grill. - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet mazda 323f 99 t reg - Berkshire..
Spares Wtd: Nearside windscreen trim - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: N/s wing, headlight, indicator, front bumper and bonnet prefer white - Cirencester, glos..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet mazda 323 f 1998.14 - Leeds west yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Back bumper wanted for a mazda 323 gxi - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Giar change is not stable (random) - Iraq..
Spares Wtd: Wanted a drivers door for a 3 door mazda 323 m reg new shape would prefer white but not fussy - Scarborough..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: competition gearbox mazda 323 4x4 1987 + any other competition parts - S.wales..
Spares Wtd: Switch for halogen lamps wanted - Dominican republic..
Spares Wtd: Switch for halogen lamps. mazda 323 glx 2002 - Dominican republic..
Spares Wtd: Headlamp passenger side with electric motor - Portsmouth..
Spares Wtd: Bonet 1995, 323f 5door 1.8i - Doncaster..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet wanted for 1995 mazda 323f 1.8i glx (any colour) - Doncaster..
Parts F/S: Front fog light drivere - North lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Front fog light driver side required for 323f or will buy pair - Scunthorpe..
Parts F/S: 323f 1997 gxi. parts needed: bumper, nearside front panel and bonnet. met blue if poss. my fingers are xed - Belfast..
Parts F/S: 323f 1997 gxi. parts needed: bumper, nearside front panel and bonnet.+ indicator light unit n/s. met blue if poss. my fingers are xed - Belfast..
Spares Wtd: Left side front window and a clutch master cylinder - Newtownards n.ireland..
Spares Wtd: These parts i need are for a 1987 mazda 323 4x4 turbo - Newtownards n.ireland..
Spares Wtd: Front near side headlight for 323f (1998) - Gloucester..
Literature For Sale: Car for sale. - Crystal palace,london..
Spares Wtd: N/s front fog lamp for 323f v6 1996 - Norwich..
Spares Wtd: r reg - passenger side wing mirror - Wiltshire..
Spares Wtd: 1997 323f airflow sencor...b6bf 197400-0031 - Trinidad west indies..
Spares Wtd: Locks driv & pass, poss boot & steer too! - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Re: locks ^above^ 323 is 1988 - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - an oil sump for a 1997 (p reg) mazda 323f v6 2.0l - Bury..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - red passenger side wing mirror for 2001 mazda 323 sport (y reg) urgent - Reading..
Spares Wtd: Towbar roofrack - Faversham kent..
Spares Wtd: Passenger side wing for 1990 mazda 323 - Limerick..
Spares Wtd: Front drivers side caliper wanting to buy also willing to post to me - Wick caithness scotland..
Spares Wtd: Clutch and back box for exhaust - Newtownabbey..
Spares Wtd: Ariel4mazda 323 1996 - Newtownabbey..
Literature Wanted: I am looking for instructions how to fit a clutch into a mazda 323 1996 - Newtownabbey..
Spares Wtd: 323f 98 nearside front foglight wanted, may but both. can travel to collect anywhere lincs to essex - Rutland..
Parts F/S: Front bumper 323 1991 model (popup headlamps) 2nd hand, few scratches - Leeds yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Turbo wanted for 323 gtx 4x4 - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f m reg - popup headlight units (left and right) - red if possible required. - East midlands..
Parts F/S: Front bumper 323f 1991 model few scratches - West yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Red front bumper for 1991 323f 1.8 gti wanted. ta. - Poole..
Parts F/S: 93 - complete car for parts - Lisburn..
Spares Wtd: Arial wanted for 323f 98 lxi - Dunstable..
Spares Wtd: Am looking for mazda 323 f wing mirror. colour blue but can paint and is electrical. drivers side. 1994 model. - Cranbrook..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 turbo - London..
Parts F/S: mazda 323 4x4 turbo for sale mot +tax quick sale requied - London..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mazda 323 bg , 4dr saloon parts , such as head lights bumpers e.t.c. - U.s. , miami , florida..
Spares Wtd: Rar bumper, rear lights (both) and boot lid for mazda 323 (2002) model - London..
Spares Wtd: Sothbank - Middlesbrough..
Literature Wanted: Fuel pump - Botswana..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen for 1984 323 - Bangor n wales ..
Spares Wtd: Rear door -driver side(black) - London essex..
Spares Wtd: Electric mirror switch-driver side.model 323f 1991. - London essex..
Spares Wtd: Front fog lights 323f 2002 - East yorshire..
Spares Wtd: 1300cc 1999t ecu plus the nec bits - Oldham..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323, 1994 model , l-reg, hatchback, front passenger side headlight and indicator assembly i need now, if you have, please contact my mail id or mob no. thank you - Derby..
Parts F/S: Wanted please for my 99 323f lxi rear o/s lens also window glass rear n/s door. cheers - Cardiff..
Spares Wtd: Front left wing (white preferred) or any other colour for my mazda 323 l reg 1993, - Manchester (uk)..
Spares Wtd: Sills for my mazda 323 l reg 1993, - Manchester ..
Spares Wtd: Need headlight motor of mazda 323f 1990 right hand side - Malta..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323f gti 1991 complete car for spares or repair. great mechanically. rear wheel arch surface rust. colour dull. rusty rear cross member. clean interior. v cheap car. - Wiltshire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 wagon 1982 wanted n/s rear light, n/s bumper clip - S.devon..
Spares Wtd: I need 2 x headlights, front grille, front bumper and 2 x indicators for my 1987 mazda 323. can anyone help? - Potters bar, herts..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a tri-pod for the left side axel of my mazda 323f 1995 - Trinidad..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: ignition lock + key for 1995 mazda 323f (must be compatible with airbag and ignition illumination) - Leeds, west yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a white driver side door for a 1990 j reg mazda 323 with electric window - Wrexham, north wales..
Parts F/S: Tow bar for a 1990 mazda 323 - 10 - Wrexham, north wales..
Spares Wtd: 1991 mazda 323 se 1324cc!! rear fog light unit panel needed!!! front grill - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Soleniod b in auto gear 323 f - Thailand..
Information: All spare parts - Curepipe..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for the front passenger indicator unit for a mazda 323f estate. please get in touch asap!! - Bilston, wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: Need a passengers indicator for mazda 323f gxi 2 door car (1998) rare shape mazda - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Need two front fog lights for a 323f 5 door car (1998 - Newport (shropshire)..
Spares Wtd: Need two front fog lights for a 323f 5 door car (1998) - Newport (shropshire)..
Spares Wtd: Complete or bottom end of 1.8 323 executive engine - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: 1996 complete or bottom end of 1.8 323 executive engine - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: Looking to buy mazda 323f m-reg radiator - London, e11..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 4x4 turbo 1.8 engine gearbox and ecu wanted or cylinder head for 1.6 turbo - Edinburgh..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 4x4 turbo parts for sale call for info - Edinburgh..
Information: Why does oil rush to the top end of my engine?? its burning oil like mad so much blue smoke any ideas - Edinburgh..
Spares Wtd: 90-94 323 bg hatchbackpassenger side (or both )external a pillar platic trims wanted - Wrexham..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a passenger seat (bottom) with working airbag sensors for a 2001 mazda 323 - our airbag lights have been on permanently & diagnostic check traced problem to pass seat sensors not working. - Larne, co. antrim n.ireland...
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 4x4 turbo, any condition, mot failure or accident repairable, please eamil with any offers or info. cheers rich - Scunthorpe..
Spares Wtd: Boot badge centre of - Warminster wilts..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 se 1991. 4 door saloon. red. good runner no tax or mot. spares or repair. photos available. - Swansea south wales uk..
Spares Wtd: 323 1.8 gt 1989 offside rear lower caliper bolt required pls - London..
Spares Wtd: 323 f switch 4 electric window driver side - Se5 south london..
Parts F/S: Brand new mazda 1.6 323 4x4 turbo bonnet with the bulge - South wales..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 gtr 1.8 4x4 turbo gearbox - South wales..
Spares Wtd: Master brake cylinder - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 gxi hatchback 3 door 1997 (not coupe shape) complete for breaking and parts. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f 4 door hatchback, glass for drivers side front door - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f 4 door, front bumper red - Reading..
Spares Wtd: 1.6 4x4 turbo gearbox needed - Bulgaria ..
Spares Wtd: Boot lifter hydrailic spring/jumper(both) which help to make boot up & down - Dublin, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Need 88 ecu - Hot springs..
Parts F/S: Can you do valve stem oil seals without removing the cylinder head..323f 1500cc,,5doorhatchback..r,,reg,, - Yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Black plastic strips that goes on both sides of windshield needed. - Texas..
Parts F/S: We stock all 23 spares - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: Near side full electric mirror 1999 t plate - Glasgow..
Spares Wtd: Front fog lamp, drivers side - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f sport (2001) - front round fog lights - must bwe good condition - Newport wales..
Parts F/S: P reg 323f, silver,12months mot. 300 ono. - Formby/liverpool..
Spares Wtd: 1989 mazda 323 body panels wanted - West mid..
Spares Wtd: 1990 mazda 323 f 1.6 automatic gearbox - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Head for mazda 323 1.6 turbo - Wales..
Spares Wtd: I need a 96 323f driver window switch. - Kent..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 1977-1981 new old stock front o/s wing.i can post anywere - Surrey..
Parts F/S: 1987 323 4x4 turbo,complete car for spares,stood 6 years,starts and drives, slight damage to o/s/f wheel 2 owners ,s history - Newcastle..
Information: Does a mazda 323lxi 1994 have a crankshaft position sensor? - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Distributor lead. low tension lead from the coil to the distributor. mazda 323 se executive a, 1.6cc, 1991 - Cambridge..
Spares Wtd: Both passanger and driver electic window switches - Malta..
Spares Wtd: 323 passenger door silver - London..
Parts F/S: 1989 323 4x4 turbo breaking, it was a mint car running 200bhp until it got robed and hit from the front, mint engine and gearbox and turbo, i have a recon headblock and gearbox plus more - West mids..
Parts F/S: 88 mazda gtx 2 good complete bottom ends, 1 head, intake/exhaust headers - Oshkosh, wi..
Spares Wtd: Oil filler cap - Beaminster dorset..
Spares Wtd: Auto gearbox wanted for mazda 323 hatchback. p reg, 1840cc,asap.....email me on nykebaby2006@yahoo.co.uk - Bermondsey london..
Literature Wanted: Mazda 323 1987 literature on spare part compartibility needed - Seychelles..
Information: Mazda 323 1987 list of part numbers used by my car and other jap cars - Victoria..
Spares Wtd: Want ducking from engine to airfilter sensor with breath hole for mazda 323f v6 zxi - Westmidlands..
Spares Wtd: 1993 mazda 323f 1..6 16v - front driver side indicator light ( under the pop up light ) wanted!?!? - Hereford, uk..
Spares Wtd: Need 2001 323f manifold good condition . - Cardiff..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 1.8gt-i, for sale....... yes thats right. its a one of a kind 323 it has the 323 gti-r kit. it has a skyline r32 turbo fitted also a e-manage. it have.. back to the engine it has been boared to a 2.0 and lots more 2k ono - Scotland..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 still for sale. need to sell quick as baby on the way need a family car... 2000 ono first to see will buy... - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Gtr bootlid with double spoiler & exterior body parts - Leicester, midlands, uk..
Spares Wtd: 1987 323 turbo 4x4 bottom rear tailgate spoiler - Oxford..
Parts F/S: I have a 323f 1999 for spares or repair (front end of the car is damaged inc. bumper, bonet, lights) wings and rest of the car is are in good condition. 290 - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for the backdoors for a mazda 323 1981 hatchback thanks - Rustenburg..
Parts F/S: Looking for gearbox!! for mazda323gtr 1.8 turbo 4x4 cash wateing!!! - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 1977-1981 & estate to 1985 new old stock front o/s wing.i can post anywere, or collection from epsom, surrey - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: 323 lxi sump wanted in good condition - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: Looking for rear 3 windows for a 1987 mazda 323 4x4 turbo and water pump pullie - W.sussex..
Spares Wtd: Tailgate and parts for 1979 323 - New zealand..
Spares Wtd: Wanted, 323f bg 89-94, tstat housing and temp. sensor - Bicester oxon uk..
Spares Wtd: 1987 323 turbo 4x4 bottom rear tailgate spoiler - Oxford..
Spares Wtd: Gtr brake proportioning valve and leather shift boot. - Ny, usa..
Parts F/S: Selling: gtr handbrake lever, ceiling light - Ny, usa..
Parts F/S: Chrme and panel parts for whale tail 323 - Akld new zealand..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 s all parts available - Northampton..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 s complete car for sale / mot failed on welding / feb 09 - Northampton..
Spares Wtd: 1987 mazda 323 4x4 turbo engine wanted, cash waiting - West yorkshire..
Parts F/S: 1991 323 lxi 16valvle,4 door saloon, white. sale for spares or rebuild due to blown head gasket (no contamination). requires towing. - Canterbury,kent,uk..
Spares Wtd: Left hand blinker door trims set of 4 - Snowy mts..
Parts F/S: For sale. 323f 1996 rear boot spoiler. - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Need a cylinder head for my mazda 323 turbo - Gwynedd..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 gtr bumper needed any colour cash paid - Evesham..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 89-91 driveshaft n/s - Guildford surrey..
Spares Wtd: 03 mazda 323 sport tail lights wanted - London..
Spares Wtd: 323f t reg both front wings ,passenger side mirror and front indicators both wanted please. - Bournemouth..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 red front bumper - Miltonkeynes..
Spares Wtd: 323 3 door saloon rear boot lid. any colour but dark silver best. - Winchester..
Spares Wtd: 323 4 door saloon rear boot lid. 1990 (h) reg any colour. - Winchester..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 f, 3 door hatchback 1997 - need front passenger window glass - Manchester..
Parts F/S: 1995 mazda sting 1600. was in accidant. selling as spares. engine &gearbox 100% - Eloff delmas..
Literature For Sale: 323f exec interior trim - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: 323f w-2000 whole car parts for sale interior+exterior - Luton..
Information: 323f 1999 1.8. requires new clutch. has anyone attempted this before please?is it worth trying at home ??? - Doncaster..
Spares Wtd: Rear bumper in red for mazda 323 1993 saloon model (rare model) - Sheffield..
Parts F/S: I have complete mazda 323 gti hatchback 1993 for sale and if u want the parts just give me a ring thanks. - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Cluth wanted - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: Red sunroof for a 93 mazda 323 saloon 4 door model - Sheffield..
Spares Wtd: Rear washer motor for 1992 familia gtr also interior light unit from inside rear tailgate - West sussex..
Parts F/S: All parts available for 323 4x4 turbo bf 1.6 - West mids..
Spares Wtd: Front fog lights for 1997 4 door - Yate b ristol..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front fog lights for 323 4 door 1997 - Yate bristol..
Spares Wtd: Indicatore lens wanted - Middlesbrough..
Spares Wtd: Front passenger side indicator lens for p reg 323f lxi - Middlesbrough..
Spares Wtd: Back spoiler for 1987 hatchback - Sunshine coast ,aus..
Parts F/S: R reg 323 rear lights 20 a side +5 for delivery - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Need frond end head lights - South africa..
Spares Wtd: Radiator wanted for 1994 1595 cc 323f glx, - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: I have a mazda 323 1981 needing parts, any infomation on where to get them or if anyone has some for sale please call me or text cheers - Surrey..
Parts F/S: Just wondering...i have a mazda 323 gti abs which im finding hard to do up due to no parts...has big dent in rear pass side quarter panel and small dent driver side front panel how much should i ask if i was going to sell it?? - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 4x4 turbo 87, temperature sender required attached to the head beside the thermostat housing which gives you the temperature on the dash board, and a radiator switch low level with 2 connections for operation of the radiatir fan. - South wales..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 4x4 turbo 87, roll cage required and strut braces back and front and gearbox mount. i would be interested in any fibre glass panels for the same car for sale. - South wales, colin@etscymru.com..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 f 1994 red in colour...good engine 1.8...no tax no mot...buyer collects. - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Panel frontal 323bf modelo87 - Costa rica..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 gxi 1.6 left indicator wanted - Leeds..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323gsi .need a idel vavle and air flow meter w reg - Newcastle..
Spares Wtd: Front bumper for mazda 323 -r reg - Swindon..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323bg only 38000 miles great condition 500 - Swansea, wales..
Parts F/S: 1992 mazda 323 f need two red passenger side doors or back passenger at least. - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Looking for front passenger side door for mazda 323f fastback 1995 \green\ - Ipswich..
Parts F/S: 1993 323f 1.6glx broken for parts; most still available - engine & gearbox, etc. car had 63k on clock when stripped. please contact me for further info - Stafford..
Spares Wtd: Looking for full bug front and drivers door for 1981 323 wagon - Ashburton,new zealand..
Parts F/S: Cat - North wales..
Parts F/S: 1987 323 turbo 4x4 for sale, - West yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Need passenger seat, passenger door and passenger back quarter panel...mazda 323 1.8 gti - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Selling rare mazda 323 1.8 gti. taxed. mot til feb. has a few issues with body work etc but runs well...contact me for full info - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: F/n/s. side/indicator light unit wanted - Penarth,nr. cardiff,s.wales...
Parts F/S: Looking for a1994 drivers side door grey colour if possible - Kilmarnock..
Spares Wtd: Left wing mirror mazda 323f silver - United kingdom..
Spares Wtd: Left wing mirror mazda 323f silver - United kingdom..
Parts F/S: Various parts for sale for 323 4x4 turbo 1987/9 models - Huddersfield..
Parts F/S: Sump for mazda 323f 1.5gxi 1996 - Mansfield..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mazda 323 1.5l engine b5 coolant sensor and rear hatchback door. email jazz4 (at) uk2 (dot) net - Dorset..
Parts F/S: Looking for a turbo and a supplier of new air mass sensor for an 89 4x4 turbo? - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a turbo and a supplier of new air mass sensor for an 89 4x4 turbo? - Devon..
Parts F/S: Complete car rear damage. good engine and gearbox, new distributor. - Gwent (south wales)..
Spares Wtd: Cv joint, shock absorber - Ethiopia..
Spares Wtd: Ooking for silver n/s front door mazda 323f 1999 reg - South lanarkshire..
Parts F/S: 323 turbo for sale 89 mot n tax call for details 07821307483 - Edinburgh..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323zxi 2.0 v6 p reg starts and drives like a dream slight work for mot. offers - Ayrshire..
Spares Wtd: 1998 mazda 323 executive original 14in alloy wheel wanted - Midlands..
Parts F/S: 1997 auto h/lights & rev/fog lights - Liverpool/germany..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a gearbox for 1.8 16v 4x4 turbo 323 1991 cash waiting anyone - Livingston..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a gearbox for 1.8 16v 4x4 turbo 323 1991 cash waiting anyone - Livingston..
Spares Wtd: Gearbox for a 1988 mazda 323 4x4 1.8 turbo - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: Gearbox for a mazda 323 familia 4x4 turbo - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: Silver bonnet and front bumper wanted - High wycombe..
Spares Wtd: Mazda323 gti j reg.1.8dohc gearbox req.07596857634. - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Mazda car sale - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 1993 car for free - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Gearbox for 93 323 1.5 dohc 16 valve - Lreland co.louth ..
Parts F/S: Selling the running gear for 89 1.6 323 gearbor prop shafts rear diff all for 500 call for details - Scotland..
Parts F/S: Selling a 1.8 1991 323 4x4 gearbox as spares the crown wheel and pin has gone bt all gears working fine call for details - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Still looking for a gearbox for 1991 dohc 323 4x4 turbo - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Still looking for a gearbox for 1991 dohc 323 4x4 turbo - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Electric aerial. electric window gear for front nearside - Edinburgh..
Parts F/S: 323 4x4 turbo - everything - Aberdeen..
Spares Wtd: 1978 323 1.4 indicator lamp - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Mazda323 1.6i gtx 1987/1988 instrument console wanted in total - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: 323f gse roof bars wanted or any help - Oldham..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323f 1995 5 door model complete car breaking for spares please call if you require any bits, you can collect or i can post. - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Tailgate for x reg (2000) mazda 323f silver/aluminium colour - Loughborough..
Parts F/S: 323f complete car for spares mot and taxed - Lewisham se13..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323f complete car 100 taxed and mot drive away - Lewisham/catford se13..
Parts F/S: Correct phone no for above advetr - Lewisham catford..
Parts F/S: Parts - Teeside..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a towbar for a mazda 323f hatchback 1991 - Kent..
Parts F/S: Ignitio oil - Libis quezon city..
Parts F/S: Ignitio oil - Libis quezon city..
Spares Wtd: 1999 323f 1840cc roof lining with sun roof,air con rad and plastic centre that goes round temp controls and air con swiches ect - Chatham kent..
Parts F/S: Red j reg 323 spares/repair = mot failure but brilliant runner, recent new clutch & radiator/pump, has black driver door. - Market harborough..
Spares Wtd: Want mazda 323 f auto gearbox 200 singapore model - Harare..
Spares Wtd: Near side front door for a black mazda 323 f glxi 1993 (pop up lights) - Nottinghamshire..
Parts F/S: Breaking 323f 1991 pop lights style - Sheerness,kent..
Spares Wtd: Wanted towbar for 323f pop up light model - Sheerness, kent..
Parts F/S: 1994 mazda 323 1.3i red, often mistaken for gt-r. ideal for spares or repair. minor oil leak from sump. drivers cv joint a little funny. mot-d and taxed 300 o.n.o - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 turbo bf 1988 parts and car phone for info - Edinburgh..
Spares Wtd: Any gtr parts looking for side skirts,the insert for boost pod aux gadge nxt to gear stick - Edinburgh..
Spares Wtd: Looking gtr parts front bumper and rear spoilers - Cork, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Need mazda 323c red car doors-drivers side - Slovenia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1990 /1994 mazda 323 f gt 1.870 cc pop up lights model privae csah buyer - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Wanted 1990 /1994 mazda 323 f gt 1.870 cc pop up lights model privae csah buyer - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 1995 left hand drive windscreen wiper connector wanted or full mechanism - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Look for gearbox for 323 4x4 1.8 tubro - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: I ask for r/h rear light for 2002 mazda 323f gxi - Bradford..
Spares Wtd: A flexplate for a mazda 323 glx 1988.b5 engine 1.5cc - Rochester,kent...
Spares Wtd: Drivers side dore black pasinger side dore glass, windskreen, boot lid spoilers, 2 x14\ aloys, for a h reg mazda 323 turbo 4x4 - Derbyshire..
Parts F/S: 1989 323 turbo bf braking all parts available, plus more or less complete car for sale, contact me for info - West mids..
Spares Wtd: Needed silver drivers door with electric window and mirrors for 1996 323f lxi all electrics need to be working ok - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Need a mazda 323 turbo 4x4 gearbox - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: Need a 1987 mazda 323 turbo 4x4 gearbox - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: 1899 mazda 323 overhead cam - Tacoma wa..
Spares Wtd: Distributor t2t57371 b6bf - Curacao netherlands antilles..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mazda 323 turbo 4x4 bushings for transmission shift linkage or a substitute. e-mail: agelessautos@centurytel.net - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Wanted-mazda 323f lxi1999 towbar - Dumfries..
Spares Wtd: Side windshield a pillar - Usa..
Parts F/S: 98 323f just failed mot 58000 ml only needs a lot of welding - Driffield yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Mazda 323 engine head - Johannesburg..
Spares Wtd: Mazda familia z5 piston rings - Botswana..
Spares Wtd: 1989 323 4x4 turbo. turbo wanted - N. yorkshire ..
Spares Wtd: Looking for rear shocks, springs and top mounts for 1993 mazda 323f - one with the pop up lights! - Staffordshire..
Parts F/S: Breaking for spares 1993 323 1.8 gti - Shropshire, uk..
Spares Wtd: 323 bf side light l/h/s front - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: 323 bf side light l/h/s front - tacomplete@cytanet.com.cy - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: Hi, i have a 2001 silver 323, and i need a new electric ns door mirror please - mine broke off during the winter - currently all taped up! x - South wales or northampton..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a bolt on turbo and manifold for my mazda 323 1.3 b3 - Cape town south africa..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a bolt on turbo and manifold for my mazda 323 1.3 b3 - Cape town south africa..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 bootlid - Derby..
Spares Wtd: Im , looking the back reflector/back lights on the right side of a 1997 mazda 323 saloon. - St. maarten..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for two black front door trims in vinyl for a 1997 323 mazda hatch - Dapto..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
Parts F/S: 323 4x4 parts 4sale - London..
Spares Wtd: Am in need of left front door and elect viee mirror.mazda 323 glx manual - Zimbabwe gweru..
Spares Wtd: Am in need of left front door and elect viee mirror.mazda 323 glx manual - Zimbabwe gweru..
Spares Wtd: Looking for an air flow sensor for a mazda 323 familia - Gweru zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323 bg 3dr parts or whole car wanted - Surrey uk..
Spares Wtd: Turbo ihi vj14 - Portugal..
Spares Wtd: Pass rear interior panel beige and rear seat - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: 1990 3doorpass rear interior panel beige and rear seat - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Need electrical part of ignition switch.. - Belfast..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 323f ba 1998 1.8 air filter housing wanted - Uxbridge..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted - Puchong..
Parts F/S: Qeplxapspraesjbvjhu - New york..
Parts F/S: Zbycoicmrqmr - New york..
Spares Wtd: Porglenone - Tamlaght o\'crilly..
Parts F/S: Dnipitmrdyqrr - New york..
Spares Wtd: Wind shield - Nairobi, kenya..
Spares Wtd: Wind shield - Nairobi, kenya..
Spares Wtd: 323f mk v front nearside hub - Exeter..
Parts F/S: Wstpmygsgsf - New york..
Parts F/S: Wanted front bumper for 1992 323f(flip headlight} - Southend-on-sea..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front bumper for 1992 323f(flip headlight} - Southend-on-sea..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front bumper for 1992 323f(flip headlight} - Southend-on-sea..
626 - View the 626 car page
626 listings
Information: 626 glx 16v fault - Uk..
Parts F/S: 1993 626 lx parts - Eau claire, wi..
Spares Wtd: Ns rear caliper required - Farnborough hants..
Spares Wtd: 626 glx headlight glass required - London..
Spares Wtd: 1985 sub frame wanted - Reading, berkshire..
Spares Wtd: 1993 maroon rear bumper needed - Kent..
Literature For Sale: Mazda 626 lx front and rear dics.right side review mirror . - Miltonkeynes..
Spares Wtd: 1998 mazda 626 air compressor - Houston tx..
Parts F/S: 1989 glx exec with failed auto gearbox - all parts available - London e3..
Spares Wtd: O/s rear caliper - Worcs..
Spares Wtd: Hydraulic struts that keep the boot lid up on mazda 626 s registration - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: 1989 2.0 12v heater matrix needed - Preston..
Information: Workshop manual for 1990 626gt - Saltash..
Spares Wtd: 11 tooth spiral bevel pinion, with 23 splines (that drives a 37 tooth crown) wheel: it has an engraved tag id: ga c 1 . - Zimbabwe..
Parts F/S: 1992 mazda 626 glx with slipping clutch (driveable) - whole car or parts for sale - Brighton..
Spares Wtd: Timing belt covers for 16valve gt - Cornwall..
Spares Wtd: 1993 626 estate 2.0i 16v abs ignition coil required - Caernarfon..
Parts F/S: 1991 626gt w/ faulty turbo-still drives-complete or parts - Rancho cucamonga, ca..
Parts F/S: \e\ reg 626 auto. not driveable. good all round for age except head gasket blown. - Worksop, notts..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 gti coupe 1989 f reg excellent condition for sale, offers over 500 pounds - Middlesbrough..
Parts F/S: N/s indicator unit,mazda 626,93-97 reg - North waes..
Parts F/S: Looking for boot lifters, (tailgate ) both. - Blantyre..
Spares Wtd: Imported japan mazda 626 2002 model headlight, front bumper, fog light wanted - Windhoek..
Spares Wtd: Ns (passenger) front indicator glass housing unit for 1990 h reg mazda 626 glx hatchback. - Godalming , surrey..
Parts F/S: 1996 mazda626 parts - Leeds..
Spares Wtd: Body parts - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 import for sale or parts (mar 06) small tax and test - Worcestershire..
Spares Wtd: I am after a nsf wing for a \l\ reg, 1994, 1.8, 626, 5 door hatchback. if poss in passion rose. - Coventry..
Spares Wtd: Rear sway bar links, required the pair left and right - Durham, england..
Spares Wtd: Wanted front bumper mazda 626 gti coupe - Wiltshire..
Spares Wtd: Urgent rear boot struts for 626 r 1997 - East sussex..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: main lights switch (switch & stalk) for m reg - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Aircon compressor diesel 2.0tdi - Perth..
Spares Wtd: Fender, bumper, bonnet 626 gxi [1997] - Reading..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 626 gt abs a. 1993 2497cc auto petrol...distributer needed. thanks mel - Norwich..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 626 2002 headlight covers for both sides - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Electrical switch for mazda 626, 1997 model - Zambia ..
Spares Wtd: Accelerator cable for 1997 626 - Gallup, nm..
Spares Wtd: Distributor for ge 14 - Mauritius..
Parts F/S: Electric aeriel - North lincs..
Spares Wtd: Need manual for 1992 626 plus front headrest - Hereford..
Spares Wtd: Pvc valve and fuel filter for 97 626 with 1.8 - Blackburn..
Parts F/S: Ingeniero - Ecuador..
Spares Wtd: Need front timing pulley for 1985 mazda 626 diesel 2.0 - Tenn..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 625 glx abs - uk model- drive shafts, front and rear shocks , boot door shocks wanted - Harare - zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 626 (1998) boot struts - Essex..
Spares Wtd: I need 1 canshaft for 626 mazda sedan, front wheel drive, motor rf7, 4cyl. 2 litres, diesel and two seals and 1 cap number:one.- - Sydney..
Spares Wtd: 97 glx abs rear ns door required - Aldershot..
Spares Wtd: Looking for (2) 1995 mazda 626 headrests (front headrests) beige - Queens, ny..
Spares Wtd: Air flow meter rectangular 6cm by 5cm and serial number is b577 e5t51071 3716. the car is mazda 626 cronos 1995 model. the engine is a 16 valve - Lesotho..
Information: 1998 mazda 626 1.9 workshop manual wanted! - York..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 k reg 2.0i 7 seater estate. no mot. whole car only - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: I need an ecu ( kf05) for 2.0 ltr. 6 cyl kf eng. i also need the instrument bezel for same car. its rh drive. thanks. - Pickering ont canada..
Parts F/S: 1998 626 gxi passenger side doors - Mildenhall..
Parts F/S: N reg, 2.0i glx model for sale. 300 ono. vehicle off road, no tax or mot. - Nuneaton..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 j reg 2ltr 7 seat estate. 300. met. blue. mot & tax end july. towbar, roof rails, c/l e/windows/sunroof. compressions all good 163kmiles. - St albans..
Parts F/S: 1995 whole car - Pennsylvania..
Spares Wtd: Rear anti roll bar - Northumberland..
Spares Wtd: 1989 off side rear light cluster - Devon..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 gt coupe 16v 1988 f reg. whole car for spares or repairs. 250 ono. black, big bumpers, alloys. still looks good. no tax or mot. drives but needs attention. - Mansfield, notts..
Parts F/S: 1993 mazda 626 cronos - Ottawa, ontario..
Spares Wtd: 2001 light unit rear driver - Southampton..
Spares Wtd: 626 coupe wanted please call with any details other years of same model considered - Blackpool, lancs..
Information: Timing - Trinidad..
Information: Correct timing for engine - Trinidad..
Spares Wtd: Looking for hood, front grille, front bumper - Ottawa..
Parts F/S: 1993 mazda 626 drive away brill engine,runs well open to offers - Telford..
Spares Wtd: Ignition switch - Loughborough,leicstershire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda626glxhanbrakecabledisc - Trinidad..
Parts F/S: Glx 1992 mazda - Temuco..
Spares Wtd: Maz 626 exec auto gearbox good but cheap - Bournemouth..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 tubo all part on car for sale - Bundaberg..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: hood, right front headlight, grille - Peterborough..
Spares Wtd: Mazdagxi air compressor needed - London..
Spares Wtd: Fuel tank 626 2.0i estate 1993 part no. gj2142110g - Huddersfield..
Parts F/S: 1990 mazda lx 626, 2.2 (non-turbo) complete motor (53k miles) w/ 5 spd manual transmission $800.00 (0.b.o) - Davenport, iowa..
Spares Wtd: Front shocks for 626 sudan willowvale assembled, 1993 - Harare..
Spares Wtd: 15inchwheel 1999 626 - Glasgow scotland..
Spares Wtd: 15inchwheel 1999 626 - Glasgow scotland..
Spares Wtd: Bootlid wanted for 1998 mazda 626 gxi saloon - London..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 glx 1990. gear box needs work. suit enthusiast. - Norfolk uk..
Parts F/S: Distributor module wanted - Gaborone,botswana..
Parts F/S: Breaking 626 mazda estate - London..
Parts F/S: Mazda 626 mk1 breaking - Teesside uk..
Parts F/S: 2006 mazda 6 breaking for parts - Teesside..
Parts F/S: Need 1994 mazda 626 - Chattanooga, tn..
Spares Wtd: 94 626 4cyl 5-sp iat - Chattanooga, tn..
Spares Wtd: Looking for, water pump, turbo charger, valve timing kit, o/gasket set, timing belt covers, engine service kit, front and rear suspension links, head lamps, rear view wing mirrors, fog lamps, grill, rear boot shocks, for mazda 626, 1994, eng no. de 0 - Bulawayo, zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: 626 f/l side lights 1992 - Walton on thames..
Parts F/S: 4 stud rear drum - P.o.s..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
Spares Wtd: Looking for windscreen and other parts - Nairobi..
Spares Wtd: Looking for back door and shocks (rear and front) - Bulawayo zimbabwe..
Parts F/S: 1984/1985 mazda 626 glx 2.0 window roller motor wanted - Sidcup, kent uk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 626 automatic gear box f5 year 2000 willowvale make engine number 702719 - Gweru zimbabwe..
Parts F/S: 1986 mazda 626 gt - California..
323 Di Turbo - View the 323 Di Turbo car page
323 Di Turbo listings
Spares Wtd: Drivers side door - Cornwall..
Atenza - View the Atenza car page
Atenza listings
Spares Wtd: Ignition distributor - Ny..
Parts F/S: Back left smokey light, 2007 model - Windhoek ..
Bongo - View the Bongo car page
Bongo listings
Parts F/S: Mazda bongo for sale - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Turbo charger for 2.5 d wanted - Dorset..
Parts F/S: Mazda bongo for sale great vehicle converted 7000 ovno - Lancashire..
Parts F/S: 1996 2.5 td tin top full mot a little scruffy but lovely inside recent new head belts etc 8 seats dives fab 1400 - South wales..
Parts F/S: Front bumper for bongo 99 or later; brand new never used 200 - Basingstoke, hants..
Spares Wtd: Wanted:bongo, min. 6 seats, must be good condition! no rust, fairly low mileage, cash waiting - Derbyshire..
Spares Wtd: Looking for rear wheel bearing-full kit and air cleaner bottom one and its case.for mazda bongo 1998 - South africa-burgersfort..
Spares Wtd: Electric window switch wanted for o/s door - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Need fuell sensor in are tank - London -barking..
Information: Glow plug lights come on when hitting 4500 revs then vehicle slows down any ideas why? please many thanks - Plymouth..
Spares Wtd: Thermostat housing for 1997 bongo - 222..
Spares Wtd: Wanted oil filter housing - Torquay..
Spares Wtd: Wanted oil filter housing - Torquay..
Spares Wtd: Lock barrel and key neede for bongo tailgate - Hythe southampton..
Parts F/S: Mazda bongo friendee, - Chililabombwe, zambia..
Parts F/S: Mazda bongo friendee, 1997,* seater petrol, need h/lamps, radiator,sideview mirror, and suspension brake pads - Chililabombwe, zambia..
Parts F/S: 1996 mazda bongo silver. good condition. whole car for 3000 pounds - Plymouth..
CX-7 - View the CX-7 car page
CX-7 listings
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Demio supermini - View the Demio supermini car page
Demio supermini listings
Spares Wtd: Fog light grill thingy - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted air flow meter mazda demio 1999 - Sheffield, south yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Left rear door - Poland..
Spares Wtd: New tails lights for a mazda demio - Stapleford..
Spares Wtd: Both headlamps, both indicators, radiator, bumper - London..
Spares Wtd: Need a right hand front blinker unit - Kingston, jamaica..
Literature Wanted: English handbook for a mazda demio - Hull..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen wanted - Lusaka, zambia..
Spares Wtd: Air flow meter for 1999 nazda demio 5door1.3engine - Ireland..
Information: Great car - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Radio and cd player - Jamaica..
Literature Wanted: Wanted: mazda demio handboo/owners manual - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio 1999 chassis # dw3w-346249 required: wind shield, bonnet, bumper, r&l head lamps, r&l corner lamps, fog lamps, grille - Lusaka zambia..
Spares Wtd: 2004 mazda 2 - rs fornt - head light, front fender, arch shield, shock, cradle, steering end, knockle joint, wheel bearing. - Trinidad w.i...
Spares Wtd: 96 demio auto gearbox - Northern ireland..
Parts F/S: Crystal indicator lenses for 2002 model - Trinidad and tobago wi..
Parts F/S: Mazda demio - St.lucia..
Literature Wanted: To get the service manual - Dominican republic..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio shocks & lights wanted urgently - Lusaka, zambia..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio, 52 plate, 1.5 automatic. air conditioning unit wanted - Watford..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - mazda demio rear light cluster (offside) for 2002 model (52 reg) - Herne bay, uk...
Spares Wtd: I need rare lower arm bush two numbers .if you have please send me prize - Sri lanka..
Spares Wtd: I need rare lower arm bush two numbers for 1998 mazda demio .if you have please send me prize - Sri lanka..
Spares Wtd: Air flow meter etc - Blackburn lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio rear light cluster (offside) for 1998 model - Shipley..
Parts F/S: Parts - St.lucia..
Literature For Sale: Parts - St.lucia..
Parts F/S: Right head lamp, right corner lamp and right bumper lamp - Zambia africa..
Spares Wtd: I want shocks,corner lamps,and wind screen - Chingola..
Spares Wtd: Demio 1999 1.3 heater knob - Dublin, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Demio 1.3 petrol 1999 - round push on heater fan speed knob required - Dublin, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Offside front bottom ball joint - England..
Spares Wtd: 2001 mazda demio, left indicator lense and right rear view mirror and seat covers wanted - Zimbabwe..
Parts F/S: Iam looking for suspension parts, for mazda demio, 1997 model, chasis number dw3w 125736 - Kitwe, zambia..
Spares Wtd: Parts to buy - St.augustine..
Parts F/S: Nose cut - St.augustine,t&t,w.i..
Spares Wtd: Front passenger light wanted - Cork, ireland..
Parts F/S: Demio alloy wheels - Liverpool..
Parts F/S: Demio alloy wheels and tyres. only 3--very good cond. any offers - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Rear parts for demio - Essex..
Spares Wtd: Suspension parts shocksand springs - Harare..
Spares Wtd: Driver side back door window fixed trhangle.t reg onwards n floor carpet - Bedford..
Spares Wtd: Demio supermini - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Driver door window regulator - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Need following spares for mazda demio torsion bar, grille, air cleaner housing, front right indicator, right head light, air con radiator, air con fan - Masvingo, zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: Front indicator lenses - Nairobi,kenya..
Spares Wtd: Left corner lense, spot lamps set,alternator and shock,driving shafts. for mazda demio 1998 - Harare..
Literature Wanted: I need a mazda demio maintenace & service manual - Malawi - africa..
Spares Wtd: Rear shock-absorbers - Blantyre..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for a cam belt and front bumper for mazda demio 1998 model - Buawayo..
Spares Wtd: Windscreen ans service parts for 2002 mazda demio - Windhoek namibia..
Spares Wtd: Need drivers side headlight assembly - Co clare, ireland..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for the front engine mounting for mazda demio chassis number dy3w-403361 - Blantyre,malawi..
Parts F/S: 1999 dimeo tail gate with glass and light clusters wanted - Uk..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a front offside(driver) seatbelt and pretensioner for a mazda demio gxi on a 52 plate - Dundee..
Spares Wtd: Headlamps fittings both left and right / radiactor/ sensor for exhaust/ front bumper/ steering gear box for madza demio 2000 - Bulawayo..
Spares Wtd: Looking for these spares for madza demie 2000 , head light fittings for left and right, radiator .power steering box, grittie and all the belts - Bulawayo zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for 2headlamps non crystal or ordinary and 2corner lamps for 2001 demio. - Harare..
Spares Wtd: Front corner lights - Nairobi, kenya..
Spares Wtd: Urgently nid one exhaust valve n a full set of piston rings @ standard for mazda demio 2003 ,engine serial no. 261958 zj chasis number 1353128 , pliz assist urgently - Gweru ,zimbabwe..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for a mazda demio 1999 model left hand side rear door ,urgently please assist - Bulawayo..
Spares Wtd: Looking for right corner lamp and right view mirror - Marondera..
Spares Wtd: Corner lamp wanted(right) - Gweru..
Spares Wtd: Air cleaner element - Kenya..
Parts F/S: Im looking for a front windscreen for mazda demio model au-dy3w chasis dy3w273004 a 2004 make - Kenya..
Spares Wtd: Spare for mazda demio station wagon 2006 shock absorber front - Thika..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio dw3w 2002 ball joints and tie rod ends wanted. - Zambia..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mazda demio ls headlight - Nairobi ..
Spares Wtd: Mazda demio rear gear mounting 2004 model - Othaya..
Spares Wtd: Looking for drive shaft on pasenger side plus gear box coupling - Chingola..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mazda demio dw3w drive shaft on pasenger side plus gear box coupling - Chingola..
Spares Wtd: Loking4the windscren for mazda demio 2008 - Windhoek..
Spares Wtd: Wanted, mazda demio dw3w auto transmission and torque converter - Witbank, sa...
Spares Wtd: Wanted, mazda demio dw3w auto transmission and torque converter - Witbank, sa...
Spares Wtd: I want a mazda demio 2006 engine toper - Namibia..
Spares Wtd: Tail lamps l+r - Mauritius..
Parts F/S: Mazda demio dw3w manual: shaft l+r / corner lamp / tail lamp l+r / radiator / bumber rear / suspensions. - Mauritius..
Spares Wtd: Im looking formazda demio a computer box engine nob3808029 - Vic falls zimbabwe..
Eunos - View the Eunos car page
Eunos listings
Spares Wtd: Back light 91eunos300 - Jamaica..
Spares Wtd: Trunk lid damper eun300 1991 - Jamaica..
Spares Wtd: Wanted cylinder head - Hampshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted: cylinder head for eunos, 1990, 1600cc, auto. - Hampshire uk..
Spares Wtd: Navigation system - Usa..
Spares Wtd: Alternator for mazda rx8 - Cyprus..
Spares Wtd: Beige glovebox with hinges - Hyde cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Mk 1beige glovebox with hinges - Hyde cheshire..
Parts F/S: Parts - Papua new guinea..
Spares Wtd: Tan leather seat 1991 - Devon..
Information: Do the 2 pullys off the crank run together - Wirral..
Information: I have mazda rx8 yellow and having starting problem plz confirm this problem has solved thanx - Lahore..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a distributor for a 1993 eunos 30x - Canberra..
Parts F/S: 1991 eunos, whole car for scrap/spare parts - East london..
Spares Wtd: Nearside rear brake calliper for 1993 model - Plymouth..
Spares Wtd: 94 eunos 30x drivers door electric window box cover (buttons) or whole electric box. - Perth wa..
Spares Wtd: Eunos distributor wanted or just its cap - Botswana,s/africa..
Parts F/S: 89 eunos whole or parts for sale - Stansted essex..
Spares Wtd: 94 mazda eunos 30x v6 need a distubutor module/ coil pack - Perth wa..
Spares Wtd: Wing mirror driver side and num plate plinth - Trowbridge..
Spares Wtd: For eunos 94 , gear box , and engine mounts , front body kits - Melbourne..
Parts F/S: North essex mx5 parts:- we are a small company that have been established 2 years now and have been successful in selling all our second hand mx5 mazda mark one parts for all parts and prices please give us a call and we can give you a free quote. - Clacton on sea essex..
Spares Wtd: Search eunos 100 rear wing - Germany..
Spares Wtd: Search eunos 100 rear wing - Germany..
Spares Wtd: 1995 drivers side dual window control - Melbourne..
Spares Wtd: Timing belt - Cairns, queensland..
Miata - View the Miata car page
Miata listings
Spares Wtd: Need hard top for miata 97 - Philippines..
Spares Wtd: Need new crom roll bar mazda mx5 1990 - Malta..
Spares Wtd: I have a 1977 black mazda miata. i want the following parts for my car: - Usa, ca..
Spares Wtd: Rear view mirror with attachment screws - Ca, usa..
Parts F/S: O2 sensor single wire, high tension wires - Ozamis city, philippines..
Spares Wtd: Wtb air flow meter for 92 miata auto - Chatsworth..
Parts F/S: Sensor - Mexico..
Spares Wtd: 99 mx-5 rubber piece that covers metal on drivers window frame (wind-wing) - Surfside..
Spares Wtd: 92 miata windshield - Cebu..
Spares Wtd: Miata 1990 - Puerto rico..
Spares Wtd: I need a local version of 1996 mazda miata mx-5 - Baliuag, bulacan..
Parts F/S: North essex mx5 parts:- we are a small company that have been established 2 years now and have been successful in selling all our second hand mx5 mazda mark one parts for all parts and prices please give us a call and we can give you a free quote. - Clacton on sea essex..
MX-3 - View the MX-3 car page
MX-3 listings
Spares Wtd: /s front headlight+indicator - Telford shropshire..
Spares Wtd: Leather seats required - Peterborough..
Spares Wtd: Need 2 headlights for my 97 mx-3 - Fife, scotland..
Spares Wtd: Leather seats/interior - Preston..
Spares Wtd: Front fog lights - Tuxford..
Spares Wtd: Window regulator (drivers side) wanted - London..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 bonnet ns wing ns headlight - Herts..
Parts F/S: Mx-3 for sale. good runner. long mot & tax. high mileage hence 1,495 - Ipswich..
Parts F/S: K reg mx3 auto red short mot 650 no offers - Bristol..
Parts F/S: Stainless steel exaust (cat back) bolts straight on. 4 mths old. 200 - Redditch..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 leather interior wanted ( black ) - Reading, berkshire..
Spares Wtd: Auto gearbox for 1.6 mx3 - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Ns and os front headlights required - Bucks..
Spares Wtd: Mx-3 v6 1.8l front shock absorber (new) - Norwich..
Spares Wtd: Looking for seats for my mx3 1992 - Dufftown..
Parts F/S: L reg spares or repair 795 - Ipswich..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx-3 l reg spares or repair 795 - Ipswich..
Parts F/S: Mx3 v6 auto will break for parts or sell to repair, head gaskets gone, new set of alloys, good bodywork, auto gearbox. - London..
Spares Wtd: I require a maxda mx-3 front bumper in red, as soon as possible - the car is a k reg, 92. thanks in advance. - London..
Spares Wtd: Auto gear box required for 1.6i j reg1991 also sunroof in red - West sussex..
Spares Wtd: All parts mx3 required asap - Leeds..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx3 93 for sale. 1000 - London..
Spares Wtd: Rear parcel shelf for black 1994 v6 - Bridgend..
Spares Wtd: Auto gearbox for 1.6 mx3 - Peterborough..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx3 v6 blue parts for sale phone for available parts. thank you - Bedford..
Parts F/S: 94 l vgc green 975.00 - Worcester..
Parts F/S: 1.8v6 4 sale, import, specail edition, lovely car, full leather, mot.tax 2200 - Wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: Bulb holders for modified front indicator unit to accomodate side lights or new side light units, reflectos and bulb holders. also need wiring harness. - Woking..
Information: Info wanted - Aberdeen..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 rear brake shims v6 1800 - Bolton lancashire..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a set of glass headlights for a mazda mx-3 - Memphis, tn usa..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 front number plate moulding - Bham..
Parts F/S: 1995 1.8 v6 all parts for sale except front suspension and steering. - Huntingdon, cambridgeshire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 bonnet in black needed - Hampshire..
Spares Wtd: 92 manuak driver side window regulator - Chandler,az..
Spares Wtd: Looking for an auto gearbox for a 1996 mx3 with abs 1.6litre - Ilford,london..
Spares Wtd: Full set of mazda mx3 seats wanted (1994) - Plymouth..
Spares Wtd: Looking for mx3 front number plate holder - South wales..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rear calipers left and right - Brighton..
Spares Wtd: Loking for replacement front fog light fittings - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Radiator for a auto - Croydon..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 parcel shelf - Dorset uk..
Spares Wtd: Im looking for used original tachometer for mazda mx3 v6 1800 year 1995. have you got it?? price?? i live in milan - italy. - Milan - italy..
Spares Wtd: Urgently require driver side eletric mirrorin red for 1996 p reg mx3 1.8 v6 .please get in touch asap - Scotland..
Parts F/S: K reg 90,000 miles, black 1.6 16v auto.goor runner.800.00 - Northumberland..
Spares Wtd: Rocker cover bolts - Dundee..
Parts F/S: N ( 96) 1.8v6 breaking. engine blown but all parts available. - Hull..
Information: Why will my fan blower motor only work on fast speed ie fan speed 4.thanks - Stratford..
Spares Wtd: Electric window switch and the electric window circuit for drivers side - South dublin..
Spares Wtd: Gear - Chesterfield..
Spares Wtd: Gear knob - Chesterfield..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx-3 front pipe & 2 lamda sensors. - Bristol..
Parts F/S: Mx-3 v6 red k reg. spares or repair. 800 - London (southall)..
Parts F/S: 1997 r mazda mx-3 1.8i - 1250 a bargain! - Cardiff..
Parts F/S: R mazda mx-3 1.8i - 1150 ono - Cardiff..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet silver for mx 3 v6 1998 bonnet - Coventry..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet red mx3 &red spoiler required urgently,also leather seats for mx3 mazda on an l plate - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Front n/s wing for a mx3 \p\ reg.. help please...!!! - Cheshire..
Parts F/S: Front drivers side wing/red,passenger side wing mirror/electric/red,pair of rear lights complete,interior light/electric roof,electric window mechanism,drivers side front indicator,fuel flip door,central locking motor, - Removed..
Parts F/S: Black mazda mx3 v6 1992 for spares or repair,car body in perfect cond.leather sport seats front and back,11 months mot 450 ono - Glasgow..
Spares Wtd: Thermostat fan sensor wanted - Warwick..
Spares Wtd: Red bonnet wanted - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Need back seat and front seats - Didcot oxford..
Spares Wtd: Rear calipers and break pads urgently needed - Cornwall..
Information: How easy and how do i change the starter motor on 1.8 v6 mx3 - Cleethorpes..
Spares Wtd: Need round clear front fog lens for l reg mx 3 - Cleethorpes..
Parts F/S: Mx3 1.8 new mot & tax , red, new cd,brakes,exhaust, very fast & reliable - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Timing belt pully right hand side cam shaft - Bournemouth..
Spares Wtd: Looking for exhaust-rear box for 1.8 1997 - Hertfordshire..
Parts F/S: Green mazda mx3 v6 1993 for spares or repair, 6months mot. clutch is shot. - Northwood, middlesex..
Parts F/S: Black mx3 alloys boady kit 1992 private plate no mot or tax offers - Falkirk scotland..
Spares Wtd: Set of dials eg spedo for 1.8 v6 uk - Hampshire..
Spares Wtd: R reg mx3 distributor required. - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: R reg mx3 distributor required. - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Exhaust (back box only) needed for 1.8 v6 m-reg - Surrey..
Spares Wtd: Gear box 1.6i abs auto - Great yarmouth..
Spares Wtd: A de cat mx3 import 1.5 16v dohc same parts as the 1.6 uk - Nottingham..
Spares Wtd: Need the engine top to a 1.8 v6 engine and a window switch(driver side) - Norway..
Spares Wtd: Offside wing in blaze res (sq) - Norwich..
Parts F/S: Mx-3 for sale, klze engine, loads of extras £1500. first to drive will buy. - London..
Spares Wtd: Wanted a cam shaft, for mx3 1.8i v6 1993 model - Petersfield, hampshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted a double end cap, rear left hand side, for clamping the cam shafts on a mx3 v6 1993 - Petersfield hampshire..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 1.6 auto jap imort 16v need air flow meter with pipe and down pipe must be jap parts part num b577est510716607 - Wales uk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 1.6 auto jap imort 16v need air flow meter with pipe and down pipe must be jap parts part num b577est510716607 - Wales uk..
Spares Wtd: Front number plate plinth - Witham,essex..
Parts F/S: Mx3 1995 n reg red - Leicester..
Parts F/S: Mx3 1995 n reg for sale mot till sep 09 can tax if wanted (you pay) 600 - Leicester..
Spares Wtd: Bumper indicator light passenger side - Derby..
Parts F/S: Breaking 1992 mx3 v6 1.8. in pacific blue - Durham..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 1.8 v6 oil filter/presure switch houseing - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Drivers side fog light glass - Spain..
Parts F/S: Bumper indicator lights glass - Spain..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx3 1997 1.6 coupe drivers side fog light glass - Spain..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 1997 1.6 coupe bumper indicator lights glass - Spain..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 1998 b6 1.6 dohc rocker cover - Birmingham/uk..
Spares Wtd: Black bonnet needed - Frome,somerset..
Spares Wtd: Hood, front bumper, ash tray, tail & arm rest. - Miami..
Spares Wtd: Mazda grey door for both sides on a mx3.drivers wing to,also need the air flow pipe as mine has split - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: I have mazda mx-3 parts for sale,all year,email me for photos at brian.cohen51@yahoo.com - Otario..
Spares Wtd: Back windscreen whole - Luton..
Spares Wtd: Rear seat wanted - Wolverhampton..
Parts F/S: Mx3 front hubs with new disks recon callipers 75.00 - Reading..
Parts F/S: Mx3 alloy wheels good 205/50/15 tyres75.00 - Reading..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 drivers seat - Reading..
Parts F/S: 1.8 v6 black mot tax 700 - Reading..
Parts F/S: Mx3 v6 silver for sale, r reg, many years service history, all old mots, needs slight attention. 650 ono. - Ashford, kent..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx3 v6 - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx3 v6 - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 1.8 1995 distributor, engine no. k829 - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 1.6 auto gear box - Shipley..
Spares Wtd: i need a distributor for mx3 1.6 16v of year 1992 - Portugal..
Parts F/S: I need front brake calipers/discs/pads and steering column - Southampton..
Spares Wtd: I need front brake calipers/discs/pads and steering column - Southampton..
Spares Wtd: Part wanted - South wales ..
Information: Whats the right distributor cap for mx3 1.8 v6 1995 - Waterford..
Spares Wtd: Radiator for 1.6 auto - Alcester..
Spares Wtd: Wanted :set of mazda mx3 wheels , 15 inch for winter drivers - Dorset..
Parts F/S: 1.6 p reg mx3 for sale 900 - Swansea..
Spares Wtd: Interior prefer leather and drivers door prefer black - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Mazda swan neck detachable tow ball - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Black 1.8 16v r reg mx3 for sale no mot - will sell either parts or whole car - Hull..
Spares Wtd: Front lateral link for rear suspension needed - Weston - super - mare..
Spares Wtd: Passenger fender and bumperlight - Traverse city michigan..
Spares Wtd: Catalic convertor 93 mx3 1.8 v6 - C.owicklow ireland..
Parts F/S: Exhaust mid section for mx3 1.6 brand new - Portsmouth..
Spares Wtd: Drivers door handel and lock if key available - South tyneside..
Spares Wtd: Crankshaft and pully - Oregon..
Spares Wtd: H/lamps 1454r&l...x582 - Chester..
Spares Wtd: Driveshaft with cv joints wanted both sides,and non abs - Hailsham..
Spares Wtd: Registration plate holder - Tyne and wear..
Spares Wtd: Blackor black/purple leather front car seats - Worksop..
Literature For Sale: Mazda mx3 1.6 coupe r reg workshop manual. - S.wales..
Parts F/S: 1999 mazda mx3 1.8 v6 for sale - Peterborough ..
Parts F/S: 1999 mazda mx3 1.8 v6 for sale - Peterborough ..
Spares Wtd: Mazdea mx3 1995 drivers head light reqd - London..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 1995 driverside headlight wanted - London..
Information: For all mx3 spares and information www.uk-mx3.com - Uk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda 1996 mx3 1.6 auto gearbox wanted - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Low mileage mx3 engine - Cornwall..
Literature Wanted: Kupie dokumenty do mazdy mx3 1.8 v6 98r - Gdansk..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
Spares Wtd: Rearwindowshade - Atlanta,tx..
Spares Wtd: Rearwindowshadefiberglass - Atlanta,tx..
Parts F/S: Rare mazda az3 breaking,complete car so everything there.shame to break but nobody seems to want it... - Lincoln..
Parts F/S: Ref az3 above this is the correct phone numder-apologies - Lincoln..
Spares Wtd: Part wanted cooling fan back shocks - Hayes middlesex..
Parts F/S: Axbtgxcmnafnlgise - New york..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx3 v6 1993 parts. electronic driver door side window switch; rear view mirror. shock absorbers front and rear - France..
Spares Wtd: Mx3 v6 1.8l abs 1993 suspension struts and coils front and rear - France..
Parts F/S: 1994mx3 for sale auto, offers - Cm11 1qn..
Parts F/S: 1994mx3 for sale auto, offers - Battlesbridge..
Parts F/S: Expat in bulgaria looking for rear trailing arm (drivers side) for mazda mx3 v6 1995. help please !! - Bulgaria..
Parts F/S: Need parts for mx3 eunos presso or will buy import - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Kbqibcfnrbf - New york..
Parts F/S: Fscnjujdzieiei - New york..
Spares Wtd: 1995 1.6 petrol cap - Mk2 2up..
Spares Wtd: 1995 1.6 petrol cap - Mk2 2up..
MX-5 Mk1 - View the MX-5 Mk1 car page
MX-5 Mk1 listings
Spares Wtd: Electric cooling fan - Exeter, devon..
Spares Wtd: Parts wanted for eunos jap import - Dorset..
Spares Wtd: Rear window (plastic) - Plymouth..
Parts F/S: Whole car for sale accident damage also hard top for sale - Hants..
Spares Wtd: Passenger door with glass wanted for mk1 eunos - Doncaster..
Spares Wtd: Air con pump - Oxfordshire..
Spares Wtd: Seeking black hardtop for mx-5 - Diss, norfolk..
Parts F/S: 1990 auto silver accident forces sale sell complete car mot - Middx..
Spares Wtd: Wanted. a 16 spoke 15 \ x 7jj fomb activa alloy wheel to fit 1997 mx5 dakar - Redhill surrey..
Spares Wtd: Glove compartment cover - Ln2..
Spares Wtd: Mk1 1.6 ignition coil pack - Essex..
Parts F/S: Rear plastic window (new) self fit kit, full instructions. 97 plus 14.99pp - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Gear box for 5 gear manual mk1 mx5 - Tyne + wear..
Spares Wtd: Need replacement air con pipe which runs across front of radiator for 1997 mk1 - Bournemouth..
Parts F/S: Need ball joint for headlight retracter - Kirkby-in-ashfield, notts...
Spares Wtd: Need hardtop for mx5 mk1 - Belfast..
Spares Wtd: Mazda mx 5 towbar - Melbourne australia..
Parts F/S: Silver mazda eunos for sale, not driveable but full of great parts incl.spare wheel - hard top & a new soft top - Kingston..
Information: Can some kind soul please tell how do i fit a towbar to my mx5 eunos - Australia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted plastic or glass rear window. also hard top - Stafford..
Parts F/S: Red mx5 soft top 1991 whole car for sale, needs welding underneath to pass mot, offers. - Middlesbrough..
Parts F/S: Mx5 complete car for spares come take it away on trailer 180.00 - Berkshire..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - towbar for mk1 mx5. - Doncaster..
Parts F/S: Radiator for mx 5nmark 1 - Clacton on sea ..
Spares Wtd: Flasher/turn unit - Middlesbrough..
Spares Wtd: Tonneau cover to use during driving black mx 5 2002 - Germayn..
Parts F/S: Wheels for mk1 mx5 - Aylesbury..
Parts F/S: Wheels for mk1 mx5 - Aylesbury..
Parts F/S: Wanted alloy wheel for mk1 dakar - South yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: 4 x 14\ mx5 mk1 required - North london..
Spares Wtd: Roof rard or soft top - Ireland ..
Spares Wtd: Towbar for mx5 1997 mk 1 - North yorks..
Information: Info on cooling fans please - Bridgend..
Spares Wtd: 2 used black seats in good condition for mazda mk1 mx5 - Barrow in furness cumbria, uk..
Parts F/S: Mx5 hardtop ex con silver 200 - Nr cardiff..
Parts F/S: Replacement original zip out window 1992 mx5 - Barnsley s751nu..
Spares Wtd: Need the two pipes from the steering pump on a mk1 - Middlesbrough..
Spares Wtd: Aircon ali pipes number 2 and 3 for mark 1 - Milton keynes..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a replacement plastic rear window - Bristol..
Parts F/S: North essex mx5 parts:- we are a small company that have been established 2 years now and have been successful in selling all our second hand mx5 mazda mark one parts for all parts and prices please give us a call and we can give you a free quote. - Clacton on sea essex..
Spares Wtd: Mx5 mk1 replacement soft top rear pvc window - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Lokking for a mk-1 zip in rear window - Yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Mx-5 mk1- breaking for spares for donar parts for kit car sr2. collection only please ring for prices and availabilty. - East yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Mx-5 hardtop for sale from 02 model. immaculate condition. - Newcastle upon tyne..
Spares Wtd: Second hand window switch for mazda mx5 mk1 - Craigavon..
Parts F/S: Nmfjhoeoduiildkeele - New york..
MX-5 new shape - View the MX-5 new shape car page
MX-5 new shape listings
Parts F/S: Pair of brg wing mirrors in good condition. contact for more info. - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Frankenstein bolts for mazda mx5 mk 3 - North london..
MX-5 RC - View the MX-5 RC car page
MX-5 RC listings
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MX-6 V6 - View the MX-6 V6 car page
MX-6 V6 listings
Spares Wtd: One pair boot rams and electric ariel required please!!! - Bolton..
Spares Wtd: One pair boot rams and electric ariel required please!!! - Bolton..
Spares Wtd: Needing weatherstrip for windshield - Indianapolis..
Spares Wtd: Mx-6 a-rollbar drop links and wheels wanted. - East..
Information: Why do i have no 5th gear? gearbox fine otherwise! - Lincs/norfolk..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 parts for sale - London..
Spares Wtd: I have a 1993 mx-6 and need a wheel.i have an mot and just drove over an old silencer in the road.the tyre now has a puncture - Hampshire/berkshire..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 all parts 92-97 - London / suburbs..
Parts F/S: Mazda mx-6 for sale front damage - London..
Parts F/S: All glass windows for mx-6 - London / kent..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 gearbox 5-speed 175.00 - London..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 starter motor 40.00 altemnator 30.00, complete distributer 55.00 can deliver - London..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 starter motor 40.00 altemnator 30.00, complete distributer 55.00 can deliver - London..
Parts F/S: Mx-6 parts - bumpers, spoilers, valet, trim, light lenses, auto earial, all very cheap prices, make me an offer i cannot refuse, bargains!!! - London ..
Parts F/S: Engine for sale, v6, 2.5, 24v, out of vehicle, 350.00 guaranteed. - London..
Parts F/S: Drivers side window for sale for mx-6. 35.00 - London..
Parts F/S: Parts only - alloy wheels set of 4 100.00, very good condition. with set of 4 tyres 205 or 225s on alloy 155.00 - London..
Parts F/S: Parts only - auto electric self wind in mirrors, in any color 75.00 each or set for 95.00 only, with all fitings. - London..
Parts F/S: Vw golf mk 1 1.5 5 door h/b gls fsh,mot,tax,very good condition,fast,economical,all original condition, 1295.00 - London..
Spares Wtd: Need a oiston for a mazda 323 zxi v6 - Glasgow..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 miller front end parts - Dl4 1na..
Premacy - View the Premacy car page
Premacy listings
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual and general info on mazda premacy - Hampshire..
Spares Wtd: Cd changer for 1999 premacy - Plymouth..
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual wanted - Jakarta-indonesia..
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual,mazda premacy 2000cc gasolin,year 2002 - Israel..
Information: Looking for wiring code of the audio system for premacy - Sydney..
Parts F/S: For sale : mazda premacy year 2000, color : green - Jakarta , indonesia..
Spares Wtd: Cd changer wanted for 2000 mazda premacy - West scotland..
Literature Wanted: Premacy owners manual in english - Hong kong..
Literature Wanted: Mazda premacy manual book - Malaysia..
Spares Wtd: Cd changer for premacy - Cumbria..
Literature Wanted: Repair/workshop manual required for 2001 mazda premacy - Exeter, uk..
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual wanted - Russia..
Spares Wtd: Premacy front end parts 2004 plus auto box - West yorks..
Literature Wanted: Mail me a.s.a.p if having mazda premacy manual book or guiding book - Indonesia..
Spares Wtd: Behind reflektor e 2000 - Bandung..
Spares Wtd: Mazda - Kuching..
Tools: Workshop manual mazda premacy 2002 gasolin - Israel..
Spares Wtd: Cd multi changer, or single slot player for macy wanted - Hull, england..
Spares Wtd: Cd multichanger, or single slot cd player for 1999 premacy - Hull, england..
Parts F/S: Hydrolic klep - Pekanbaru,indonesia..
Spares Wtd: Hydrolic klep capela 91 - Pekanbaru,indonesia..
Spares Wtd: Looking for parcel shelf for 2002 premavy - North berwick..
Information: The colour monitor and dvd wont work, cant find a fuse any ideas? - Rotherham..
Parts F/S: Genuine mazda cd changer, in box unused. 120. - Kent..
Literature Wanted: 2001/02 premacy 2.0 auto owners manual - Sussex..
Spares Wtd: Reae cover/ parcel shelf required for mazda premacy 2003 - Leamington spa..
Spares Wtd: Cd player/autochanger & owners manual needed - 2000 (x) premacy - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Engine control module computer # fs09f-18881b / 2797001811-12v - Jamaica..
Spares Wtd: Mazda premacy, 2001 cd changer - Zagreb, croatia..
Information: I have a 1999 mazda premacy and i keep getting an error code e10 on my cd player and was wondering if anyone can help me remedy this. thanks! - Auckland, new zealand..
Literature Wanted: Workshop maual and cd player - Fordingbridge..
Spares Wtd: Map sensor (boost sensor) kjo1 for 2l turbo diesel year 2000 - Fortwlliam..
Literature Wanted: Workshop amnual wanted. haynes dont make them - does anyone? - Amesbury, wiltshire..
Spares Wtd: Wiper arms and parcel shelf - Slough (london)..
Spares Wtd: Need glass for right door - Trinidad & tobago..
Spares Wtd: Wanted sump for auto 1.8 2000 premacy - Manchester, uk..
Spares Wtd: Wanted cd player/changer 2000 mazda premacy gxi 1.8 have the built in radio/cassette - Gosport..
Spares Wtd: Busco masa trasera de mazda premacy 1999.rodamiento y carcaza.. - Iquique - chile..
Spares Wtd: Premacy 2002.cd player wanted - Dorset - poundbury....
Spares Wtd: Selector de cambio mazda premacy 1999 - Sucre - bolivia..
Parts F/S: Selector de cambio mazda premacy 1999 - Sucre - bolivia..
Parts F/S: Modulo 19-4444 selector de cambios mazda premacy 1999 ref. vladimiroaguilar@hotmail.com - Sucre-bolivia..
Tools: Piotrjurek33@wp.pl - Poland..
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual mazda premacy 1999 - Den haag, netherlands..
Spares Wtd: Part wanted - Leeds uk..
Parts F/S: Have centurion pop dwn dvd require headphones 52 plate - Brightons falkirk..
Spares Wtd: Mazda premacy,left fender,left head light,bumper needed - Zim..
Spares Wtd: I need the front door glass (right hand side). madza premacy 1999 mode please if you have it email me to hetto07211@yahoo.com or you call my number. - Lagos nigeria..
Parts F/S: Power steering rack - Nauru..
Parts F/S: Vmc - Vien nam..
Protege - View the Protege car page
Protege listings
Parts F/S: I like mazda - Iraq-baghdad..
Parts F/S: 2000 protege parting-out - Manteca..
tools: 1 - 1..
tools: 1 - 1..
RX-7 - View the RX-7 car page
RX-7 listings
Literature Wanted: Cars - Guatemala..
Spares Wtd: Wanted fuel tank to fit 1984 mazda rx-7 (must be leak free) cash waiting - Satffordshire..
Parts F/S: No - London..
Spares Wtd: No - London..
Spares Wtd: Ignition barrel and key - Scotland..
Spares Wtd: Solenoid valve isc - Staffordshire..
Spares Wtd: Rx-7 1993/4 model % speed gearbox wanted - Portsmouth..
Parts F/S: Rx7 spares 1979 - 85 - Bristol, england..
Spares Wtd: O/s/f brake caliper 1985 rx7 (14\ wheels) - Bristol,england...
Spares Wtd: Fd windsreen wanted + nsr bumper reflector - Midlands..
Spares Wtd: Wanted fd3 wheels why - Midlands..
Parts F/S: Series 1 mark 2/3 spares - Northampton..
Parts F/S: 1985 rx7 good for parts holley750 carb - Pleasant valley n.y...
Parts F/S: Rx7 series 1 breaking for spares all partes available - South yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Wtb: tow bar hitch for 1987 rx & turbo convertable - World wide( australia)..
Spares Wtd: Wtb: tow bar hitch for 1987 rx & turbo convertable - World wide( australia)..
Spares Wtd: 1988 driver door trim - Indiana..
Parts F/S: 1979 rx-7 with title runs super have all parts for sale - Florida..
Spares Wtd: 68-8toz l fe5 lid for the hook - Miami..
Parts F/S: Any parts for a mazda rx-7 fds . 3rd generation 1992. - Aberdeenshire..
Parts F/S: Mazda rx7 - Virginia..
Spares Wtd: switch - Malta..
Spares Wtd: Rx7 1990 moonroof - Puerto rico..
Parts F/S: Rx 7 parts - London..
Parts F/S: Rx7 parts - London..
Parts F/S: Rx7 parts ...driver side door with mirror..rearlights..radiator with 2 fans..few more parts - London..
Parts F/S: Rx7 1990 - Mancheser..
Spares Wtd: Right wing and boot - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: under cover plastico - Puerto rico..
Spares Wtd: Under cover plastico - P r..
Spares Wtd: Byrgundy/wine colour carpets for fb model - Wirral..
Parts F/S: Full car for spares or repairs engine only done 20000 all body panels perfect and interior 52000 on the clock been stood for years! great project call for more info 1990 turbo 2. t - Hull uk..
Parts F/S: 10th anniversary hood, bbs rims, cluster gages with turbo gage within - South florida..
Spares Wtd: Any interior parts for 1990 rx7, or any second generation[86 to 91 - South florida..
Parts F/S: For sale 84 rx-7 and spare parts - Shreveport, la..
Parts F/S: Vkayqekretwlmomsl - New york..
Parts F/S: Rnliejafjhkqyha - New york..
Parts F/S: Civwdkcv - New york..
Parts F/S: Mrgufuvfktq - New york..
Parts F/S: Xhmobmeismbladhpkh - New york..
RX-8 - View the RX-8 car page
RX-8 listings
Spares Wtd: Rx8 red leather handbrake sleeve - Wayne.avanson@zen.co.uk..
Spares Wtd: Rx8 red rear muflaps - Wayne.avanson@zen.co.uk..
Information: Info on sat nav - Yorks..
Parts F/S: Rx-8 complete engine for sale - Uk norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Rx-8 tachometer with digital speedo that can be changed from kph to mph wanted. thank you. - Devon..
Information: Does anyone know if thesat nav from a japanese imported rx-8 can be made to work in the uk? - Devon..
Literature Wanted: I need a japanese handbook book in english for mazda rx8 - Manchester..
Parts F/S: 18 manufacturer rims with mazda emblem centerpiece, 5 bolt pattern, in good shape.got new rims and dont need these. - Dallas, nc..
Spares Wtd: I need 2x front headlights (zenons off a 232psi) and 2x front wings - Birmigham..
Literature Wanted: I have just bought a 2003 japanese rx8 and need a handbook and sat nav change info. thanks - Bath..
Parts F/S: One zenon pack of pasenger side head light of a mazda rx8 on a 2006 reg - Durham..
Parts F/S: Index mark erx 999 for sale suitable for any age car or bike. would look stunning on rx model especially a 9 series if brought out - Sufffolk..
Spares Wtd: Has any one got a startermotor for an04 rx8 - Malton nr york..
Information: Car does not start when warm fitted newplugs but still wontstart when warm - Malton nr york..
Spares Wtd: Rx8 55 plate drivers side headlight zenon and front grill - Nottingham..
Information: Have a japanese rx8 and i want to change the satnav language from japanese to english. - Jamaica ..
Parts F/S: Turbo kit for rx 8 - North cyprus nicosia..
Spares Wtd: Wanted rx8 detachable towbar - Shropshire..
Spares Wtd: I need a rear fog light for my 04 rx8 - Dubai..
Spares Wtd: Wanted - bose amplifier for 53 rx8 - Slough..
Spares Wtd: Need keyless transmitter unit - London..
Spares Wtd: Front and rear crossmember with suspenson,steering ,calipers urgently required.could arrande picking up from uk - Limassol cyprus..
Spares Wtd: Rear bumper and drivers side insert that goes into the rear bumper around the exhaust for 04 rx8 - Kent..
Parts F/S: Need manual, service book and info on sat nav conversions - Rugbu..
Spares Wtd: I require passenger side door sill complete, the side skirt and the metal part too - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Front auto levelling sensor - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Navigation control button in centre console by handbrake - London..
Spares Wtd: Frount auto levelling sensor - Ipswich..
Spares Wtd: Guard rear bumber covers excaust - Stoke-on-trent..
Spares Wtd: Rx8 stearingrack - London..
Parts F/S: Front and rear bumpers/ original - perfect condition with logo intact - kitted our car and took off the original - pearl white - Southern california..
Parts F/S: Dvd for satnavrx8 2003 uk europe - Brittainy france..
Parts F/S: Driver headlamp assembly non-xenon - United states/ia..
Parts F/S: Rx8 diff and cradel torson bar missing right side arm and cv shaft - Sydney..
Spares Wtd: Auto headlamp adjust mazda rx 8 54 plate - Barnsley..
Spares Wtd: Rx-8 rear fog lighet - Any were..
Spares Wtd: Expansion bottle - Anglesey n wales..
Spares Wtd: Rx-8 towbar with detachable ball wanted. - Dudley, west midlands..
Spares Wtd: Engine sump wnted - Egham surrey..
Spares Wtd: Engine needed 321bhp - B\\ham..
Spares Wtd: Expansion bottle needed - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Headlight washer + cover (grey) and centre console latch - Berkshire..
Spares Wtd: Front n/s and o/s wing air vent fins - Halifax..
Parts F/S: Mazda rx8 for sale is my mazda non runner sat nav dvd leather sit alloy new tyres mot been told will need a new engine so selling as a non_runner 2800 - Leeds..
Spares Wtd: Rx8 rear fog lamp complete. - Weston super mare..
Tribute - View the Tribute car page
Tribute listings
Parts F/S: Need parts - Iraq..
Spares Wtd: Mazda tribute 200 rear luggage cover required - Ross-shire..
Literature Wanted: Tribute 2001 service history book - Ross-shire..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet chrome trim - East sussex..
Spares Wtd: Control box wanted & coils - Lagos nigeria..
Spares Wtd: Looking for both front drop links and both lower arms(bushes or wishbone?) - Motherwell..
Spares Wtd: Chrome silver bonnet trim for mazda tribute 02 plate - Manchester..
Spares Wtd: Mazda tribute luggage cover wanted - Hull england..
Spares Wtd: Looking for spares - Zimbabwe-masvingo..
Parts F/S: Mazda tribute gxi 2.0 spares/repair - Norfolk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for left front fender, left headlamp - Bulawayo..
Xedos 6 - View the Xedos 6 car page
Xedos 6 listings
Spares Wtd: Wanted: working aircon pump for 1996 xedos 6 2lt v6 se - Bournemouth..
Spares Wtd: Drivers seat, armrest lid and hinge, rear seat release button wanted for mazda xedos 6 (lreg.) coral silver, grey interior plus drivers handbook - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Bonnet for m reg xedos 6 in blue - London..
Spares Wtd: Black vynal hood - Stoke-on-trent..
Spares Wtd: Looking for an electrical antenne for my 1999 xedos 2.0v6 - Netherlands..
Parts F/S: For sale xedos 6 fully working conditon leather etc 900.99 - Coventry uk..
Spares Wtd: Looking for a xedos 6 drivers side headlamp unit. also standard fit motorised ariel. - Aberdeen..
Parts F/S: Free fiesta to good home - Coventry..
Spares Wtd: Headlight wanted - Reading..
Spares Wtd: Xedos 6 workshop manual wanted - France..
Literature Wanted: Looking for a mazda xedos 6 1995 2.0litre owners handbook. - Fife..
Spares Wtd: Need a green bonnet xedos 6 t reg - East london ..
Spares Wtd: European head lights, any info on moding shops - Essex..
Parts F/S: Xedos 6 breaking for spares, e-mail rawson1@hotmail.com - Leicestershire..
Spares Wtd: Artic blue n/s electric wing mirror complete wanted - Shropshire..
Literature Wanted: Xedos 6 manual wanted - Cornwall uk..
Literature Wanted: Xedos6 - Ukraine..
Spares Wtd: Full leather interiorany colour - Wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: I need windscreen for mazda xedos6 1995 - Hull - uk..
Spares Wtd: Steering wheel and other parts for xedos6 - Italy..
Spares Wtd: Front driver side wheel hub only (without bearing) - Slough..
Spares Wtd: Steering belt tension pulley for 1996 mazda xedos 6 - Llanelli, south wales..
Spares Wtd: Bumper and bonnet needed for xedos 2.o v6 se please get in youch - Bristol..
Spares Wtd: Boot lid (gray) needed for xedos 6 v6 2.0 se - Bath..
Spares Wtd: Both headlights, foglights, indicators, and bulbs! - Bradford(uk)..
Parts F/S: Alloy wheel for xedos6 se 1999 model multi-spoke type - Redditch worcs..
Spares Wtd: Alloy wheel for xedos6 se 1999 model multi-spoke type - Redditch worcs..
Information: Help stuck in denmark clutch slipping do i need a new clutch or just a plate ? - Working in denmark..
Spares Wtd: Both headlights and foglights. - Austria..
Spares Wtd: Wanted passengers side mirrir complete set for mazda xedos6 please e mail me. thanks - Lincolnshire..
Spares Wtd: Need a driver side armrest for a mazda xedos 6 1995 reg urgently - London..
Spares Wtd: I want saloon light system formmy mazda xedos6 1994 - Tbilisi..
Spares Wtd: Passenger side front window glass - London..
Spares Wtd: Shock strut (right), door mirror (right) indicator lamp (right) - Botswana..
Spares Wtd: Console central mahogany (brown) - Bulgaria..
Spares Wtd: Left headlight and indicator - Bulgaria..
Spares Wtd: Relais for center lock - Nederland..
Spares Wtd: I want mazda xedos 6 (left side) headlamp....1992-2000 - Se4 2ll..
Spares Wtd: I need the front bumper,the right front light,capot.from mazda xedos 97 - Madrid..
Spares Wtd: Front left turn headlight and fog headlight - Portugal..
Parts F/S: ΧΡΕΙΑΖΟΜΑΙ ΤΑ ΔΥΟ ΦΑΝΑΡΙΑ ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ ΚΑΙ ΚΑΠΟ mazda xedos 6 1998 - Grebena..
Parts F/S: 1993 xedos 6 for sale, 112,000 miles, good condition, runner, mot and taxed, ideal for parts, any reasonable offer considered - Warwickshire..
Spares Wtd: Water pump - Billingham -cleveland..
Spares Wtd: Radiator grill assy - Chichester area..
Spares Wtd: Radiator grill assy - Chichester area..
Spares Wtd: Clutch for xedos 6 2.0 v6 94 year - Bognor regis..
Spares Wtd: I need the left side headlamp and parking light and fonge - Lagos,nigeria..
Spares Wtd: Front grill - Nigeria..
Spares Wtd: Drivers side front fog light - Lincolnshire..
Parts F/S: Xedos 6 original alloy wheels - Lincolnshire..
Parts F/S: Xedos6 se 2.0 auto very clean 90k mot oct - Dorset..
Parts F/S: Xedos 6 v6 2l 6mths mot for sale due to emigration. needs respray due to vandal-key scratches. 200 ono - Devon..
Spares Wtd: Towbar wanted - Liverpool..
Spares Wtd: Looking for front headlight right side - Sweden..
Parts F/S: Xedos 6 v6 2l all parts avaliable - Staffardshire..
Parts F/S: Literature,complete rear offside light,2 wing/door mirrors(all used) for sale - Northampton..
Spares Wtd: 14 spoke alloys as on 98-99 xedos 6 - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: 14 spoke alloys as on 98-99 xedos 6 - Cheshire..
Spares Wtd: Ac control - Nigeria..
Spares Wtd: Intermittent light and look right mazda xedos 6 1997. my number is 655763137, spain - España..
Parts F/S: Xedos 6 1993 for sale. mot failure but engine in good running order and ideal for spares or repair. any reasonable offer will be accepted - Rustington..
Parts F/S: Mazda xedos 6 for sale, spares or repair, private plate, 4 brand new tyres, alloys, leather (tatty) no tax or mot, new battery and alternator, drives perfect. - Solihull..
Spares Wtd: Set of 4 used alloys suitable for 98 xedos 6 - Scarborough north yorks..
Spares Wtd: Rear light assembly, drivers side - Ross-on-wye..
Spares Wtd: Left headlight - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: Exhaust down pipe (twin) that links to the cat/converter - Birmingham..
Parts F/S: Front bumper moulded number plate holder - Warwickshire..
Spares Wtd: Front susp spring with shock absorber - Birmingham..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for a complete engine for a mazda xedos6 2.0v6 manual 1994/5.ex-uk and also the water pump and rear shock absorbers - South africa..
Parts F/S: Spares for sale ad - Radcliffe, manchester..
Parts F/S: Stripping my car for spares, various parts available, immacculate seats front and back in cream leather, some parts stripped already others can be stripped for you. ring for more info - Radcliffe, manchester..
Parts F/S: Need set left hand drive 98 mazda 6 - Malaga spain..
Spares Wtd: Need front end body parts - Astley, manchester..
Spares Wtd: Air bag crash sensor unit wanted for mazda xedos 6 se auto 1997 - Manchester..
Parts F/S: Mazda 6 running with mot plus personal plate k2dos cheap at 500 - Devon..
Information: How do i adjust the head lights on a xedos 6? - Suffolk..
Parts F/S: Cryptographic currency to reward classic car enthusiasts - Worldwide..
Spares Wtd: Centre caps/front number plate holder - Spain..
Spares Wtd: Wanted centre caps/front number [plate holder - Mijas costa,spain..
Spares Wtd: Bumper and bonnet needed for xedos 2.o v6 se please get in youch contact at 07967164661 - Enfield..
Spares Wtd: Need xedos 6 front passenger side headlamp unit. - Enfield..
Xedos 9 - View the Xedos 9 car page
Xedos 9 listings
Spares Wtd: L/h drive shaft complete - Beds..
Literature Wanted: Xedos 9 workshop manuals wanted - Beds..
Spares Wtd: I am looking for clear front signal lights and back ones as well of the newer xedos 9 - Wolverhampton..
Parts F/S: Wanted set of 4 original 5 spoke alloys ,17\ ... - Ramsgate kent..
Spares Wtd: Front end - London..
Spares Wtd: Front end,looking for full front end,or can someone give me idea of the cost of it,bonnet,both wings,healights,signallights,pumber - London..
Spares Wtd: Airflowe metar-xedos 9 - Croatia..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 blown engine otherwise absolutley immanculate, 6 mths mot, leather int, air con climate control 6 cd changer, perfect auto box and body work, 17inch wheels, with good tyres, factory lowered suspension. best offer secures. buyer collects - Wrexham, north wales..
Spares Wtd: Oil switch casting above oil filter xedos 9 - Co.durham..
Spares Wtd: July 05. 1 (or more) original 10 spoke alloy wheel for 2.3 miller - Bracknell, berks..
Spares Wtd: Left head light 1996 xedos 9 - Ireland..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 breaking all parts - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Tow bar, push pull disabled hand controls, off-side fog lamp surround + more bits, please contact...... - Lancashire..
Spares Wtd: My car was damaged from front du to this my car computer is louck and i wana this compliet computer i mean - Ksa..
Spares Wtd: My car was damaged from front du to this my car computer is louck and i wana this compliet computer i mean 1-unit,immobiliz 2-key,blank-secon 3-key,blank-prima 4-module,powert - Ksa..
Parts F/S: 11997 xedos 9 , 17 alloys nearly new tyres ,one slightly curbed..offers - Wolverhampton..
Spares Wtd: Distributor v6 - North east..
Spares Wtd: Wanted new or second hand rear windscreen - Cambridge..
Spares Wtd: Right side headlight mazda xedos 1997 - Israel..
Literature Wanted: Workshop manual 1997 - Belfast..
Spares Wtd: Front valance and o/s foglight. - South london..
Spares Wtd: I need disco de embraiagem - Angola..
Spares Wtd: Need clear indicator for ft+rear for xedos 9 1998 - Ireland..
Spares Wtd: Need keyfob/remote and security controller from boot - Cumbria..
Parts F/S: Key /ignition/barral - South yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Ignition barral key - South yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Breaking xedos 9 2.5 v6 most parts avaliable - Kent..
Spares Wtd: Driver door with mirror, driver side front wing, passenger door mirror required in maroon - London..
Parts F/S: Driver side wing in maroon - Cambridge..
Parts F/S: 98 r xedos 9 - North derbyshire..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 1998 whole car but broken camshaft. nearly new tyres (1500 miles) still mot & tax - North derbyshire..
Literature Wanted: Xedos 9 miler 2.3 workshop manual wanted - Manchester uk..
Literature Wanted: Need xedos 9 miler 2.3 workshop manual - Anisk65@aol.com..
Literature Wanted: 1998 madza xedos 9 - Jamaica..
Spares Wtd: Need: xedos 9 center console (wood trim) single din - Portugal..
Spares Wtd: Air conditioning control unit mazda xedos 9 2002 - Cork, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Air conditioning control unit mazda xedos 9 2002 - Cork, ireland..
Spares Wtd: Need xedos 9 rear bumper and nearside tail unit light outer - Leeds..
Information: Where is the immobiliser on a 1997 xedos 2.5 v6 - Essex, england..
Spares Wtd: Need xedos9 front bumber, contact at 07894994021 - London..
Parts F/S: Break or sell full car2.3 miller supercharge 99 modle - South yorkshire..
Spares Wtd: Sol far aranıyor - Türkey..
Spares Wtd: Need a ecu (code kl68e) for xedos 9 95/96 - Lichfield, staffs..
Spares Wtd: Mazda zedos 9 whole engine needed - West africa..
Spares Wtd: Mazda zedos 9 whole engine needed - West africa..
Parts F/S: Caut cutie viteze automata - Dambovita..
Parts F/S: 99 2.3 miller supercharg full car imobalizer gone down best offer - South yorkshire..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 for sale - Galway ireland..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 for sale - Galway ireland..
Spares Wtd: Passenger side front door glass window. - Dublin..
Parts F/S: Mazda xedos 9 parts for sale. - Dungannon. co. tyrone..
Spares Wtd: Left headlight - Sligo..
Spares Wtd: Front wishbones - Co.durham..
Parts F/S: Mazda xedos miller for sale - West lothian..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 2.5 breaking - Coventry..
Spares Wtd: Koupim nahradni dily na mazda xedos 9 - Severni cechy..
Spares Wtd: Distributor assembly - Crawley, w sussex..
Spares Wtd: Front windscreen - Bracknell..
Parts F/S: Tqlmuedanxi - New york..
Parts F/S: Imgzsqtnpctjmbamy - New york..
Parts F/S: Xedos 9 miller front end parts - Dl4 1na..
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