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See Homepage. This page: A system for removing, checking and if necessary replacing an engine's lubricant.

Choldun Oil System Purger from the USA.

Not for the owner of a Choldun Oil System Purger the prospect of grappling with a rounded-off sump plug, followed by a sleeve-full of murky old engine oil. While machines that extract used engine oil via a car's dipstick aperture are quite common in modern garages, in the 1940s this was far from common. The oil system purger, produced by the Choldun Manufacturing Corporation of New York, was designed to make changing a car's engine oil a straightforward, and comfortable process. A sump could be emptied in under two minutes apparently, with the added bonus that a vehicle lift wasn't required for this operation, freeing it up for other work.
The used oil was extracted from the engine and pumped into the clear glass vessel at the top of the unit. A visual inspection could be made regarding the quality and the quantity of oil that had been extracted. If the oil was deemed to be suitable for further use, the Choldrun Oil Purger could return the old oil to the sump in thirty seconds or so. Alternatively, the sump could be re-filled with brand new lube, without mess or bother, and the old oil directed into a 15-gallon container housed within the changer. If the customer required their engine to be flushed prior to fresh oil being introduced, the automatic oil changer could handle that also.
Presumably the mechanic still risked getting his hands dirty if the oil filter was due for renewal, something that most garages would have recommended I'm sure if a filter was present.
Choldun Oil System Purger for car engine oils
In the late 1940s, the oil changer would have cost a US garage $169.50, or $179.50 if they were situated to the west of the Rockies. Choldun could also supply a similar system, called the Choldun Pressure Purger, designed to flush an engine's cooling system prior to introducing a fresh anti-freeze and water mix.
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