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The American Packard 8.

I didn't have a clue what this car was at first so I posted a photo of it in the Mystery Cars section, and the Minerva marque was suggested. However, a reply on the site forum identified the car finally as a Packard 8.
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Packard 8 car
I've had a look around, and I can only pin this Packard down to the late twenties, or very early 1930s. It looks like a roadster, if the tiny piece of windscreen visible to the left is anything to go by, and a look on this Package gallery page shows two models with this style of solid wheel, with the pronounced centre cap sticking out some way from the wheel. The Packard Eight Runabout (from 1928) is the only roadster shown with this style of wheel, or else a pair of sedans - a 1930 740 sedan, and a Club Sedan from the same year. If anyone can confirm for definite which model of Packard 8 this photograph shows, I'd appreciate it. A slightly later Packard, probably from the mid 1930s, can be seen on this page.

The aftermarket E&J Type 20 headlamp

Pico dropped me a line in 2008, with the following extra information about this photograph: "It is a mid to late 1920's Packard, uncertain which series - Packard built in series, not model years, starting a new series when they felt it time to make improvements. The disc wheels were common on Packards, they also used spoke and wire wheels. That is probably a Boyce Motometer on the radiator cap, which was common, but it appears there is something out in front of it that I can't make out. But ..... what absolutely KILLS me is, this is the first period photo I ever seen of E&J (Edmunds and Jones) headlights, a very uncommon aftermarket item, also often known as the E & J Type 20 Bullet lamp". Thanks for the info Pico!!!
One of the photographs displayed on the Morris 10/6 page features, in the background of one photo, a different American car (believed to be a Chandler) with an identical set of E&J Bullet lamps fitted to it.
A letter issued by H & G Robinson, distributors of Packards in England and Scotland, can be found here in the Motoring Collectables section.

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