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Leyland Hippo.

The lovely old Leyland shown here is a Hippo model from August 1935 and hails from H & R Ainscough (Millers) of Burscough.

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Classic lorry and van photos from the Gaydon truck show.

Leyland Hippo photograph.
In addition to the Leyland Hippo shown above, were many other classic and vintage lorries, both large and small. I've featured 85 of the photos I took at this particular show, held at the Gaydon motor museum in Warwickshire, in 2005. Whether you're a fan of all Leylands, or just Hippos like the one shown here, I'd recommend a visit to this show.

If you can shed any more info on this Hippo picture, I'd be interested to add to the information I have on this particular Leyland, thanks.

All the pics shown in this section were taken by myself, at Gaydon in 2005.

Further pics of classic & vintage lorries (and the occasional American truck!) can be seen on the main Gaydon show page.

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