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Barnacle motorist's ashtray.

Barnacle are perhaps best remembered - at least by people who have actually heard of the name - for their suction tax disc holders, and I've several myself. They did however produce a variety of other motorist's essentials, all designed to make the motor-car just that little bit more agreeable for the gentleman and lady motorist. The suction ashtray was just such a gadget. Designed to fit to either a dashboard or the inside of a fixed windscreen, it was produced for many years. Earlier this year I found a Barnacle ashtray produced in Bakelite, and while I don't partake of the weed myself it now adorns the interior of a pre-war Morris.
While the basic suction ashtray was a handy addition for the cheroot- or cigar-smoking automobilist, pipe smokers - quite a common breed at the time - may well have opted for the item shown below - the Barnacle Pipe Smoker's Ashtray. Not only did it include the tray for one's ash, a spring clip positioned beneath it would hold one's pipe securely for those brief, fresh air, moments, when filling the interior of one's saloon with fresh air rather than a cloudy smog of pipe smoke was required. Handy indeed, and a snip at 7s 6d direct from the manufacturer - E.W. Puckert Ltd, of Bensham Lane, West Croydon. To add to its beauty, rather than being produced in Bakelite, this metal version was offered in Nickel-plate. Due to its weight, especially when loaded with the pipe of choice, the Pipe Smoker's Ashtray relied on two screws to secure it onto the dashboard, rather than suction.
Car ashtray made by Barnacle
While smoking nowadays is frowned upon by many, especially within the closed confines of a motor vehicle, in the 1920s and 1930s it was a common pastime, and many's the Austin, Morris, Daimler and Hillman (for instance) that had its upholstery forever tinged with the aroma of pipe smoke. If anyone can provide a photo of just such a gadget in use today, I'd like to add one to this page please.
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