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Homepage. This page: The owner of a classic 1960's Porsche describes the professional restoration undertaken on his car.

Porsche 356C Restoration.

This article describes the restoration of, and the upgrades made to, a 1965 Porsche 356C that was purchased from Connecticut in 2009. Amazingly, Shane - the owner of the Porsche - hadn't, at the time of writing, actually seen his car, or even driven a 356! The restoration was farmed out to a professional company in Martindale, Texas, with updates being provided on a regular basis by phone and email. Shortly after sending this article over, Shane was due to visit his car for the first time, and take it for a spin at a track day.
Here is the brief story behind the restoration of this classic air-cooled Porsche.
The Porsche 356 prior to restoration

Shane's Porsche 356C.

I have been following your site for some time and I just finished my own nearly 2 year restoration and I had to share with you.
I will start by saying that I have never driven a Porsche 356 and I have never even seen my car in person. That will change this Friday when I travel to Martindale Texas to meet Bill Hamilton of Hamilton Classics and see the car, meet Bill, and on Saturday take the car to www.harrishillroad.com for a Track Day.
We have taken the 95HP stock motor upwards of 150HP with our performance upgrades, this is still the same case and heads, just been CNC modified and with other performance parts to get us to achieve this type of performance from a pushrod engine.
I always thought it was going to be a 911 that I wanted to restore, but then I did some research and found that the 356 was the first Porsche model ever made from 1948 to 1965, I just fell in love with the heritage and race history of these early cars. So once we decided it was going to be a 356, we needed to decide what model, that was easy because we wanted the best they had done with this model, and the last couple of years Porsche made some improvements with the 356 including disc brakes which is a great advantage over drum brakes, so when we found a '65 356C Coupe in good condition, although completely in parts and not running for 25 years, we'd found our starter car from Connecticut.
Mid-way through the Porsche's rebuild
I then had it transported to Martindale Texas into the able hands of Bill Hamilton from Hamilton Classics who has restored only 356 cars since 1971. It has been down there ever since getting a high end media blasting on up restoration. I was not too particularly interested in the stock look but wanted to do what is called an Outlaw, essentially a racing version of the car, lighten it up, improve the performance. So that is what we did, we have used only period correct parts and completely restored the car from the ground up. We modified the block to accept larger Nickie's Cylinders and JE Pistons giving us 1883cc of displacement instead of stock, we also equipped the car with new Weber Carbs, scat lightweight crankshaft, a wilder cam and a full flow oil filter system. We also had the heads modified and port and polished to give us more fuel to the cylinders, all while keeping the stock case and heads. We will dyno the motor in the next month and see the results but we are expecting about 150hp from the motor over the stock 95hp the SC motors came with.
We used Dynomat throughout the car to give it a quality feel, custom leather trim, instead of putting wheels and the stock hubcaps on the car, we went with period correct MiniLites that were used exclusively for racing back in the 60's. New Koni racing shocks with a new sway bar should help with the handling. There is not one aspect of this car that was not thought about or improved. The website below documents some of the story behind the 356 cars which is also very interesting Shane's Porsche site.
The completed 356
Thanks for the write-up Shane, I hope the first drive of the car went as planned!
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