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Case No.7
Make: Fiat
Model: Topolino
Year: 1938

Sold on: eBay
Category: Classic Cars
1938 Fiat Topolino on eBay
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Project description.

The paint may be scarred, and the interior somewhat distressed, but behind first appearances lies an interesting and eminently restorable Italian classic. The Fiat Topolino was introduced in 1936, propelled by a four-cylinder engine of 569cc, so this 1938 example is a relatively early survivor of the diminutive pre-war Fiat, especially given that it survived in production until 1955. The reason that this little charmer has survived so well is that for forty-nine of its seventy-four years it has been hidden away protected from the elements, in a string of different storage locations, as the owner describes in his listing.
Not only does the car appear to be reasonably solid, body-wise, it hasn't been messed about with either, and is in very original, if faded, condition. Bar a few parking dings, the panels looks very straight and the delicate grille is in fine fettle also - surprisingly good in fact, given that the car has no front bumper to protect its curvaceous nose. The wings look ok too and should respond to some gentle fettling rather than needing replacement, and the rear panel - again un-sullied by anything so useful as a bumper - doesn't appear to have made contact with anything solid either.
The doors are rear-hinged on this model. It'd be interesting to know how well they close, and whether there is any sagging in the hinge department, but the shot of the car with its nearside door wide open suggests that there aren't too many headaches in the structural department. The vendor points out that some localised areas of welding will be required here and there to the car's floorpans, and the sills might warrant some restoration also, but I can't see anything particularly troublesome in these photos. If needs be replacement panels can be found, but there's a good chance that full new floors might not be required.
The seats are all present but will probably need re-covering, certainly if the car is to be re-painted they'd let the side down a bit I think if left as they are, but cleaned. The hood too will also need replacement, but the all-important frame assembly is present.
The engine, with the exception of the distributor cap, is all in place, but the listing advises that it isn't currently a runner. The vendor has a pile of spare parts for sale separately, although some finish before the car itself. Ideally the car would have finished first, followed then by the parts listings, from which the buyer of the car could then pick and choose from in the knowledge that they'd secured the car already.
At the time of writing this, the bidding is up to 720 with the reserve not met. Whether the car will sell depends on two things - how realistic the reserve is, and how badly someone wants to take on the project. Topolinos in RHD form rarely turn up on eBay UK, however the French-built equivalent - the Simca 5 - does turn up on eBay.fr from time to time, and there is one on there today for 2,400 Euros. I could be very tempted with a Topolino such as this, they even did a van version too which would be a great little runaround I reckon. Hopefully this little belter will find a worthy new home. Did it?
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