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AC Cobra Le Mans coupe
Alexis Mk15
Alexis Mk18
Alexis Mk2
Alfa Romeo 179
Alfa Romeo 12C-37
Alfa Romeo 308C
Alfa Romeo 6C 1750
Alfa Romeo 6C Le Mans
Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza
Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A
Alfa Romeo 8C-35
Alfa Romeo Monza 2600
Alfa Romeo P2
Alfa Romeo P3
Alfa Romeo T33
Alfa Romeo Tipo 158 Alfetta
Alfa Romeo Tipo 159 Alfetta
Alfa Romeo Tipo B monoposto
Alpine Renault A210
Alta F2
Amilcar C6
Argo JM3
Argo JM6
Arnolt Bristol
Arrows FA1
Arrows FA2
Aston Martin DB3
Aston Martin DB3S
Aston Martin DBR1
Aston Martin DBR4
ATS Tipo 100
Austin 750
Auto Union A-Type
Auto Union C-Type
Auto Union D-Type
Auto Union P-Wagen V16
Ballot 3 litre
Bentley 3 litre
BMW 328
Brabham BT11
Brabham BT14
Brabham BT15
Brabham BT16
Brabham BT21
Brabham BT28
Brabham BT30
Brabham BT4
Brabham BT44
Brabham BT46B fan car
Brabham BT6
Bristol 450SS
Bristol Type 450
Britannia Ford
BRM P160 V12
BRM P261
BRM P578
BRM Type 25
Bugatti 251
Bugatti T13 Brescia
Bugatti T51C
Bugatti T53 4wd
Bugatti Type 35C
Bugatti Type 51
Bugatti Type 59
Caravelle Ford
Chapparal V8
Chevron B16
Chevron B17
Chevron B27
Chevron B38
Chevron B40
Chevron B43
Chevron B8
Connaught A4
Connaught B4
Cooper 500
Cooper BMC T52
Cooper BMC T56
Cooper Bristol
Cooper Climax T49 Monaco
Cooper Monaco
Cooper T39 Bobtail
Cooper T45
Cooper T53 Lowline
Cooper T56
Cooper T72
Cooper T82
Cooper-Maserati V12
Copersucar FD04
Crossle 4F
Crossle 9S
Delage V12 2 LCV
Delta T79
Duesenberg 3 litre
Eagle Weslake T2G
Elva 100
Elva 200
Elva Ford
Elva Mk7
Elva MkIII
Embassy Hill GH1
Emeryson F1
Ensign N176
Ensign N180
ERA A Type
ERA B Type
ERA D Type
ERA E Type
Ferrari 500
Ferrari 125 F1
Ferrari 126 C2
Ferrari 156 sharknose
Ferrari 166 Barchetta
Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa
Ferrari 196S Dino
Ferrari 225S
Ferrari 246S Dino
Ferrari 250 GT
Ferrari 250 TR58
Ferrari 286 SP V8
Ferrari 312 B3
Ferrari 312 F1
Ferrari 312 T2
Ferrari 312 T3
Ferrari 312 T4
Ferrari 330 LM
Ferrari 330 P
Ferrari 330 P4
Ferrari 340 MM
Ferrari 375 MM
Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider
Ferrari 555 Super Squalo
Ferrari 750 Monza
Ferrari Type 625
Fiat 8v Berlinetta
Ford Model T racer
Frazer Nash Mille Miglia
Frazer Nash Sebring
Frazer Nash Targa Florio
Gemini Ford Mk3A
Gemini Mk2
Ginetta G17B
Gordini Type 23S
Hesketh 308E
Honda RA273
Honda RA301
Honda V12
HWM Jaguar
Iso Bizarrini A3C
Isotta Fraschini Tipo IM
Issigonis Lightweight special
Itala 14 litre
Jaguar C Type
Jaguar D Type
Jaguar E Type Lightweight
Jaguar XJR-9LM
Kieft 500cc
Kieft Bristol
Lancia D24
Lancia D50
Ligier-Ford JS11
Ligier-Matra JS5
Lister Knobbly
Locomobile 16 litre
Lola Mk1
Lola Mk2
Lola Mk3
Lola Mk5
Lola T200
Lola T204
Lola T400
Lola T55
Lola-Cosworth T370
Lotus 11
Lotus 15
Lotus 17
Lotus 18
Lotus 20
Lotus 22
Lotus 24
Lotus 49
Lotus 59
Lotus 61
Lotus 69
Lotus 72
Lotus 78
Lotus 16 Climax
Lotus 23B
Lotus 32B
Lotus 56B 4wd
Lotus 56B gas turbine
Lotus 61M
Lotus 88 double chassis
Lotus-Cosworth 80
Lotus-Renault 98T
Macon MR7B
Mallock M20B
Mallock Mk11
Mallock U2 BDA
March 703
March 711
March 712
March 742
March 751
March 782
March 793
March 803
March 71BM
March 721G
March 772P
March BMW 762
Marcos GT Gullwing
Martini Mk31
Maserati 250F
Maserati 26M
Maserati 300S
Maserati 450S
Maserati 4CL
Maserati 4CLT
Maserati 6CM
Maserati 8CTF
Maserati A6GCM
Maserati A6GCS
Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage
Matra MS120
Matra MS670
Matra MS84
Matra V12
Mclaren M19
Mclaren M1A
Mclaren M1B
Mclaren M23
Mclaren M7
Mclaren M7A DFV
Mclaren-Ford M7C
Mercedes 300SLR
Mercedes 710 SSK
Mercedes W125
Mercedes W154
Mercedes W163
Mercedes W196
Mercer 450
Merlyn Mk20
Merlyn Mk20A
Merlyn Mk9
MG Q Type
MG R-Type
Miller 91
Miller straight eight
Miller V16
Modus M1
Morgan Super Aero
Napier 50hp
OM T665
Palliser WDB3
Parnelli VPJ4
Parnelli VPJ6
Penske DFX PC9
Penske PC4
Pilbeam MP51
Pilbeam R22 DFV
Porsche 908
Porsche 917
Porsche 935
Porsche 936
Porsche Type 718 RSK
Porsche Type 804
Ralt RT1
Renault A442B
Renault RE30B Turbo
Renault RS01
Reynard 795F
Reynard SF79
Riley Imp
Riley Redwing
Royale RP27
Royale RP3
Shadow DN1
Shadow DN9
Shelby American Cobra Daytona
Simplex 75hp
Sunbeam 3 litre
Sunbeam TT
Surtees TS15
Surtees TS19
Surtees TS9B
Talbot Lago T26
Tecno F2
Tecno F3
Tecno T70
Terrier MkIV
Tojeiro Bristol
Tyrrell 001
Tyrrell 003
Tyrrell 006
Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler
Vanwall GP
Veritas RS
Williams FW06
Williams FW07
Williams FW08
Williams FX3
Willment Climax
Wolf-Cosworth WR7-9
Wolf-Williams FW05

Motor Racing Car Parts.

Free adverts service for spares, information, books & memorabilia.

This section incorporated within Old Classic Car enables anyone to post free advertisements of a historic motor racing nature. Perhaps you would like to list parts you no longer need, or are researching the history of a particular racing car? If you are a model builder, you can post requests for design information here too, or post specific Wanted ads for rare items of competition-car memorabilia you are hoping to find. Whatever your interest, feel free to pop a wanted ad in this section.

To place an ad is simple, just go down the lefthand menu, pick the vintage racing car that best fits your needs, and enter a brief text ad. If you want to research the history of your classic competition car, have old race car parts for sale, or need some components to complete the restoration of a historic racer, please feel free to place a classified ad here, no strings attached!

This service is mainly for parts and information on racing cars, not for listing up & running cars for sale. Restoration, incomplete & project cars can however be listed here.

As well as parts for old racers that you want to sell, you can post Wanted notices also, so if you're missing hard-to-find spares for your restoration project, why not post a note on the relevant page, and see if you can get in touch with other owners or enthusiasts that may be able to assist.

As content is added to these pages, this section at OldClassicCar will become a useful online resource for all racing car classifieds.

Terms of Service etc are at the foot of this page - basically saying that no-one at OldClassicCar is endorsing any of the items listed! Caveat Emptor as always. Other sections on this site cater for old motorcycle and classic car ads, and have proved to be a real success. Hopefully this corner of the site, for owners and enthusiasts of historic motor racing, and in particular cars of a motorsport nature, will prove useful.

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