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See Homepage. This page: A hand-held, motoring-related, game for youngsters.

The Road Sign Puzzle.

In the 1950s, long before mobile phones, games, apps and so on, youngsters would have to find their own ways of occupying their time. The puzzle featured here, from my lad's collection of aged goodies, dates to the 1940s or early 1950s, and is titled "The Road Sign Puzzle". It was one of several enclosed games of this type, produced by R. Journet & Co. Limited, of London, England. The objective here is to shake the pieces enclosed within the game box, in an attempt to unite the road signs with their respective positions. As you might imagine, this is far from straightforward. With dedication it is possible to get a piece into position, and - importantly - the correct way up, the difficulty really kicks in when you try and encourage subsequent road signs into position without dislodging those that you've successfully cajoled into position. Needless to say, we haven't achieved greatness with this puzzle as yet ...
The Road Sign Puzzle
Were other transport-related puzzle produced by the same maker, or was this Journet's sole motor-related game offering?
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