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See Homepage. This page: A look at the car accessories produced by Siran Ltd in the 1960s.

Siran instruments and switches.

Many mainstream cars of the late 1960s were fitted with tell-tale warning lamps rather than proper instruments, unlike the cars from earlier decades that often came as standard with clusters that incorporated at least an ammeter and oil pressure gauge, to supplement the fuel gauge and speedometer. Tell-tale lights were no doubt cheaper to produce and fit, but often the damage was done by the time the warning lamp decided to illuminate itself, assuming the sender was actually working in the first place. Enthusiastic motorists, or simply those who remembered having fully-stocked dashboards in cars they'd owned before, would often pop down to their local motor factors and inspect the range of aftermarket gauges that were on display.
Siran, unlike say Lucas or Smiths, isn't a name that springs that readily to mind when the subject of fitting ammeters, oil pressure and water temperature gauges to classic cars comes up. Yet in their day they were quite popular, as were their switches and switch panels. This leaflet dates to the late 1960s and describes their products.


Only three types of instrument are listed, so the range was much less comprehensive than that of Smiths, Lucas etc. These monitored: oil pressure (0-100 psi), water temperature (50-100c), and amperes (30-0-30). All had white lettering on a black background, with a chrome bezel as was the norm for the time. Interestingly, they were available in the popular 2" diameter, and also with a 1 5/8" diameter, with brackets available to suit both sizes. Would the smaller versions have been more popular with motorcycle owners?
Oil pressure, water temperature and ammeter gauges

Instrument panels.

Once the car owner had decided on the gauges he or she wished to fit, then thoughts would need to shift to how they'd actually be fitted. Cars with a wooden dashboard might lend themselves to having holes cut in them, to accomodate their new additions (to the horror of later restorers), but as metal dashes tended to be the norm now, often the best bet was to use a bracket that fitted beneath the dash. To cater for this, Siran listed three brackets - capable of holding one, two, or three dials, of either diameter. These ranged in price from 4s 6d to 8s 6d.
Alternatively you could order complete instrument panels that were ready to install, in other words brackets pre-fitted with gauges, the prices varying depending on which units, and how many, were required. The examples shown in the panels differ slightly from the individual gauges described previously, and look slightly older in design. The temp gauge for instance ranges from 100 to 220 (Fahrenheit presumably), while the example above is in Celsius.
Mounting brackets and complete panels

Combined switch and instrument panel.

Siran could also supply a huge variety of switches, ideal if you had spot- or fog-lamps fitted to your car. Knowing that some motorists would want to fit a combination of gauge(s) and switch(es), they could supply under-dash panels to suit this requirement. The combination panel enabled fitment of say an ammeter, and one switch either side. Alternatively, the switch positions could instead play host to a warning lamp, or a 12v power socket (of the type often used to power clip-on parking lights).
Siran ammeter and switch panels

Switches and accessory panels.

The array of switches, warning lamps and plug-in sockets illustrated in this sales leaflet is comprehensive to say the least, as the illustration below clearly demonstrates. Switches could be either black or white, while the panels they sat in could be finished in black, chrome, leatherette or wood grain, truly something for everyone.
Flick switches and dashboard warning lights
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