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See Homepage. This page: The magnetic Tel-U-Log for recording your mileage and the amount of petrol used.

The "Telulog" fuel consumption & mileage recorder.

I bought this Telulog car accessory some years ago, and so far I've had it fitted in my Mk1 A40, Volvo 122S, Standard Ten and currently my A40 Devon. The only requirement for fitting a Telulog is a metal dashboard, thanks to the magnet fitted in the back of the unit.
In the days before on-board computers and other gadgets like that, a motorist either had to rely on his/her memory, or else a pencil and notebook, to record the number of gallons purchased, and the mileage covered by the car on that amount of fuel. With these two figures to hand, the keen driver could exercise his grey matter, or whip out a slide rule, and soon calculate the car's economy figures.
The Telulog enables the motorist to keep a log of the fuel and mileage using the rotary dials, and was available in the 1950s and into the 1960s. With fuel now sold in litres, rather than proper gallons, an extra degree to mental agility is required prior to recording the amount of fuel purchased.
Before starting a journey, the last three digits of the car's mileage would be recorded on the Telulog, and as fuel was purchased, this was recorded as required. At journey's end, the distance travelled could be calculated by deducting the initial mileage reading shown on the Telulog, from that now shown on the car's own odometer.
The Telulog calculator
Telulog in my own car
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