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See Homepage. This page: Interesting look at a 1920 Tilling-Stevens (of Maidstone) fire engine, promoting a garage in the early sixties.
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Tilling-Stevens fire engine in New Zealand.

The latest old photographs sent in by Dane feature a vintage Tilling-Stevens fire appliance, parked at a garage in the early 1960s as an advertising attraction. He adds: "Attached are photos of a Tilling Stevens Fire Escape ex-Wellington Fire Brigade, but at the time of the photos (1962) owned by a Wanganui-based enthusiast. It was parked as an advertising device at a service station. The ladder and accessories were all electrically driven." The garage was called "St. John's MOTORS Sales Ltd", with the Tilling-Stevens displaying a "Tetramel" (petrol) banner.
Front view of the Tilling-Stevens fire appliance
A look around online turns up a photo of just such a machine, residing at the Southwards Car Museum (photo link). This page describes an ex-Wellington Brigade 1920 Tilling-Stevens that was on display there. I'm sure it is the same vehicle as in Dane's original photos. However a look at the Southward website makes no mention of the Tilling-Stevens, so perhaps it's no longer in residence?
Rear view of the fire appliance
Note the solid rubber tyres, and rudimentary dashboard.
Behind the wheel of the fire engine
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Dane also sent over a great workshop view of a pre-1920s Merryweather fire appliance.

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