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Collect Toys.

Classic toys ad section

Place ads relating to vintage toy cars etc here.

Other ad sections on oldclassiccar have proved very popular, so I decided to add in this new one, specifically aimed at people interested in old transport toys and models. Many people collect early toys, either because they remember playing (and usually destroying) identical toys in their own childhood, or are intrigued by the types of toy cars and other vehicles that their own parents may have played with. Whatever the reason, there's no arguing with the fact that collecting toy vehicles, whether cars, trucks, fire engines, lorries, pickups or whatever has a huge following.

This section offers a free ad noticeboard, for anyone who has toys to sell, or perhaps is looking for a rare toy or model to add to their own collection. Please keep all advertisements relating to classic transport toys only please - the huge variety of toys available years ago means that I need to keep the focus on transport toys, at least for the timebeing. I'd also prefer ads to relate to proper old toys, i.e. no reproductions, thanks. I reserve the right to remove any ads if these two criteria are not met. Hopefully this service will be of use to toy collectors out there - the existing vintage toy cars section on oldclassiccar, that features tin, plastic and die-cast toys from a number of collections, is already proving popular, so hopefully this free toy ad section will add to this popularity.

To keep things simple, the ad pages are broken down by toy or model manufacturer - so you'll find a page for Dinky toys, another for Corgi, Marx, Schuco and so on. On each page, you'll find a simple form that you fill out. Complete it, check it, and once validated your advert will appear on the relevant page.

What Next?
Ok, to place your own ad, simply select one of the pages in the lefthand column, based on the make of toy that interests you.

When you've finished in this antique toy classifieds section, why not visit the classic toy cars section at oldclassiccar to read about some of my own toys, and other toy cars dating from the 1900s through to the 1960s that belong to visitors to this website?

Types of classic & vintage toy car covered here:
  • Die-cast
  • Cast iron
  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Remote & Radio control
  • Tinplate
  • Clockwork
  • Tether
  • Vacuum-formed plastic
  • Wooden
  • Steam powered
Terms of Service Inclusion of an advertisement on the Toys toys page, or anywhere else on oldclassiccar.co.uk, is not an endorsement of the item, the seller, or the legality of the contact as owner of the toy(s). OldClassicCar is solely providing an online link between potential sellers and potential buyers - buyers must satisfy themselves on the item's condition and legalities involved with its sale and/or purchase before making an offer - caveat emptor as usual. We cannot accept responsibility or liability in any way for purchases or sales made of any toy(s) referred to in ads displayed on this site, or indeed any resulting actions from advice or other information presented on this website. The editor reserves the right to remove any advertisement that is deemed either inappropriate or otherwise unsuitable. While best efforts are made to spot posts that are obviously fake, or perhaps offensive in some way, some may still sneak through. Please let us know via the contact page if you see anything that is liable to cause offence to someone, and it will be investigated ASAP. Personal data will be maintained in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All graphics and images on this site are copyright.
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