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Illustrated game box cover

Transport Series - "Find The Fault" card game from the 1940s/50s.

Information regarding the many party card games produced by "Dennis Productions" can be hard to track down online, with just a few references to this particular series of "Find The Fault" card games, of which the game shown below is part of, to be found. My example turned up in an antiques centre for a modest sum, so was promptly purchased. The cover of the box - see right - refers to the four main categories of transport that feature in the game, namely trains, ships, aircraft and, naturally, road vehicles. Every Dennis game has a code reference, in this case G3003. Unusually for a card game, the cards are numbered 33 through to 48 inclusive. I had thought that earlier cards must be missing, however the answer sheet refers to the same series of cards (33-48) only, and the blank sheets for players to fill out with their answers, also refers to cards 33-48.
A few of the brightly-illustrated cards are shown below, to give a flavour of the game.
Card 34 presents a hatted-motorcyclist riding along, with a coach passing in the opposite direction. As with all the cards, each player is tasked with jotting down on a sheet, the "fault" that is hiding in plain sight. In several cases, it helps to understand the transport world of the 1950s. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that the registration plates on the motorcycle do not match. Simple!
One of the game cards
Here are a few more examples ... starting with an illustration of two people, a bicycle, and an Austin A70 Hereford.
One of the game cards
Next, to an aerodrome and a smart, twin-engined, aircraft.
One of the game cards
Something is amiss with this double-decker bus.
One of the game cards
Two cars, a half-cab coach, and a bright green van, feature in the next street scene.
One of the game cards
A blue saloon car is parked within a wooden garage ...
One of the game cards
The trolleybus in the following illustration advertises a real-world magazine ...
One of the game cards
A motorcycle and sidecar combination pass a black Wolseley in the British countryside.
One of the game cards
A "woodie" estate car is shown towing a well-appointed caravan. This is a classic example of the fault only being really obvious to anyone who either towed a caravan or trailer back in the era, or who has read up on the subject in contemporary publications.
One of the game cards
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