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AEC Commercials
AEC Fire engine
AEC Majestic
AEC Mammoth Major
AEC Mandator
AEC Marshal Major
AEC Marshall
AEC Matador
AEC Mercury
AEC Militant
AEC Mogul
AEC Monarch
AEC Regent
AEC Regent bus
AEC Reliance
AEC Routemaster bus
AEC Y Type
AEC YV 4 ton lorry
Albion A10 3ton
Albion Cairn
Albion Caledonian
Albion Chieftain
Albion Claymore
Albion Clydesdale
Albion Commercials
Albion CX Diesel
Albion SB24
Albion Silver Knight
Albion Super Reiver
Armstrong Saurer Dominant
Armstrong Saurer Durable
Armstrong Saurer Effective
Atkinson Borderer
Atkinson Colonial steam lorry
Atkinson Defender
Atkinson Lorries
Atkinson Viewline
Austin 101 commercial
Austin 30cwt lorry 1930s
Austin 7 Delivery van
Austin A30 van
Austin A35 pickup
Austin A35 van
Austin A40 Devon pickup
Austin A40 Devon van
Austin A55 van
Austin A60 pickup
Austin A70 Hereford pickup
Austin Champ
Austin FX4 Taxi
Austin Heavy Twelve van
Austin K2 commercial
Austin K4 lorry
Austin K8 commercial
Austin K9
Austin Loadstar
Austin Metro Van Mk1
Austin Mini pickup
Austin Mini van
Barkas B1000 panel van
Bean 25cwt
Bean Lorries
Beardmore 10ton Cobra
Beardmore 30cwt light commercial
Bedford A Type
Bedford Beagle
Bedford BYC
Bedford CA
Bedford CA Pickup
Bedford CA Tipper
Bedford CA Utilabrake
Bedford CAL
Bedford CF
Bedford Chevanne
Bedford D Type
Bedford Dormobile
Bedford HA
Bedford HCB
Bedford Horsebox
Bedford J Type
Bedford JC Pickup
Bedford K Type
Bedford M Type
Bedford MW 15cwt
Bedford O Type
Bedford OB coach
Bedford PC Van
Bedford QL 4x4
Bedford SB
Bedford TK range
Bedford TL
Bedford TM series
Bedford Ute
Bedford VAL twin steer
Bedford WHS
Bedford WS 30cwt
Bedford WT
Berliet flatbed
BMC JU 250
BMC Laird
BMC Mastiff V8
Bond Van 1950s
Bristol HA6G
Bristol HG6L
Bristol K5G double decker bus
Bristol LH single decker
Bristol Lodekka bus
Bristol RE Coach
Bristol Rigid 8 15 ton
Bristol VR Double decker bus
Brush Milk float
Bussing-NAG commercial
Chevrolet 3100 Pickup
Chevrolet Apache Fleetside
Chevrolet Art Deco Series
Chevrolet C-10 Truck
Chevrolet Cameo Carrier
Chevrolet COE
Chevrolet LQ
Chevrolet Stepside pickup
Citroen H van
Commer 15cwt 1930s
Commer 2 stroke
Commer 25 van
Commer Avenger fire engine
Commer Centaur
Commer Cob
Commer Express Delivery van
Commer Fire engine
Commer G4 1930s
Commer Highwayman
Commer Maxiload
Commer PB forward control
Commer Q4 Bikini Unit
Commer Raider 23hp
Commer Superpoise
Commer Supervan
Commer Tour star motor caravan
Commer TS3
Commer VCA5
Commer Walk-thru
Crompton Battery electric milkfloat
Crosley Pick-up (US)
Crossley Commercial vehicles
Daimler Ambulance
Daimler CVG6LX bus
Dennis 30cwt 1920s
Dennis Ace
Dennis Fire engine
Dennis Gully emptier
Dennis Horla
Dennis Jubilant
Dennis Lancet coach
Dennis Maxim
Dennis Merryweather fire appliance
Dennis Pax
Dennis Paxit
Dennis Stork
Diamond T Heavy breakdown
Dodge 1 ton
Dodge 1/2 ton
Dodge 15cwt 1930s
Dodge 1939-1947 Job Rated
Dodge 2 ton
Dodge 3/4 ton
Dodge 6ton 1939
Dodge 8ton 1960s
Dodge Airflow tanker
Dodge B-3-B
Dodge Canopy
Dodge CI Motorhome
Dodge COE
Dodge Commando tractor
Dodge Commercial Screenside
Dodge D15
Dodge D60L
Dodge Express truck
Dodge K Type
Dodge KC Series
Dodge Kew
Dodge Montpelier Urban Panel
Dodge Panel truck
Dodge PB 2500
Dodge Power Wagon
Dodge VC
Dodge VK
Dodge WC51
Dodge WC52
Dodge WC53
Dodge WC54 4x4 Ambulance
Dodge WC55
Dodge Westchester Suburban
Dodge WK60
ERF B Series
ERF C1682
ERF Lorries
Foden DG5
Foden FE4
Foden FG
Foden Haulmaster
Foden Lorries
Foden R-Type
Foden S24 artic
Foden S36
Ford 7W Ten Delivery van
Ford 7Y 5cwt van
Ford Anglia 307E van
Ford Cargo
Ford D Series
Ford E83W pickup
Ford E83W van
Ford E93A Prefect Ute
Ford Escort Mk1 van
Ford Escort Mk2 van range
Ford F1 Pickup truck
Ford F-100
Ford F100 pickup USA
Ford F-150
Ford F-350
Ford Fiesta Mk1 van
Ford Model A
Ford Model A Roadster pickup
Ford Model AA
Ford Model BB
Ford Model T van
Ford Model Y van
Ford Thames 300E sidevalve
Ford Thames 400E
Ford Transit Mk1
Ford Transit Mk2
Ford V8 Pickup 1930s
Fordson 15cwt V8 van
Fordson E494C van 5 cwt
Fordson Model 7V
Fordson WOT
GMC 800 Series
GMC CCKW 352 closed cab WW2
GMC Truck
Graham Brothers Speed Truck A
Guy Big J
Guy Goliath Six wheeler
Guy Invincible
Guy Vixen
Guy Warrior
Guy Wolf
Hallford commercial
Hanomag truck
Hansa Lloyd truck
Hillman 6cwt 1930s
Holden Ute
Hotchkiss commercial
Hudson Coupe Express Pickup
International C-1 Series
International K8 lorry
International Loadstar
International R-100
International Harvester KB truck
James Handyvan 3 wheeler
Jensen 6 ton lorry
Jensen Jen-Tug
Jowett Bradford van
Karrier Bantam
Karrier CK3
Karrier Cob
Karrier Victor
Lacre Road sweeper
Lancia Appia van
Land Rover Forward control
Land Rover long wheelbase
Land Rover short wheelbase
Land Rover Station Wagon
Latil 4x4
Leyland Atlantean
Leyland Badger
Leyland Beaver
Leyland Bison
Leyland Buffalo
Leyland Clydesdale
Leyland Comet
Leyland Cub
Leyland EA 350 van
Leyland FG 700
Leyland Firemaster
Leyland Hippo
Leyland LAD
Leyland Leopard
Leyland Lynx
Leyland National coach
Leyland Octopus
Leyland PD2
Leyland PD3 Double decker bus
Leyland PS1
Leyland Redline 4x2
Leyland Sherpa
Leyland Steer
Leyland Super Comet 90
Leyland Terrier
Leyland Tiger
Leyland Titan
Mack 6x6
Mack Junior
Mack Truck
Maudslay Meritor
Maudslay Merlin
Maudslay Mogul
Maudslay Mustang
Mercedes Lorry
Mercedes Unimog
Merryweather Fire appliance
Morris 10cwt 1940s
Morris 1300 Ital van and pickup
Morris Cowley van
Morris FG
Morris J2
Morris J4 forward control
Morris JB
Morris J-Type
Morris J-Type ice cream van
Morris LC
Morris LD
Morris Marina van
Morris Minor pickup
Morris Minor sv van
Morris Minor van
Morris MRA1 4x4
Morris PV
Morris Series Y 10cwt
Morris Series Z van
Morris Commercial 1 ton
Morris Commercial Equiload
Morris Commercial FV12
Morrison Electricar
Moskvich van
Pacific Heavy haulage
Pierce Arrow Flatbed
Plymouth Pickup 1940s
Raleigh Karryall
Range Rover Carmichael Rapid Intervention Fire Vehicle
Rangemaster Milk float
Reliant Kitten van range
Reliant Rebel van
Reliant Regent 3 wheeler 1950s
Reliant TYW9 16cwt pickup
Reliant Van 1950s
Renault 4 van
Rolls Royce Pickup and van conversions
Rover 12hp van
Rowe Hillmaster
Rutland Van
SAAB 95 van
Scammell Contractor
Scammell Crusader
Scammell Highwayman
Scammell Junior Constructor
Scammell Mechanical Horse
Scammell Mountaineer
Scammell Pioneer
Scammell Routeman
Scammell Scarab
Scammell Showtrac
Scammell Townsman
Scammell Trunker 2
Scania Vabis truck
Seddon 3 ton van
Seddon DD8 Lorry
Seddon Mk7 3 ton
Sentinel 8 ton
Sentinel Steam wagon
Shelvoke and Drewry Refuse collector
Simca van
Singer 10cwt van 1928
Singer Junior 5cwt delivery vans
Skoda Octavia van
Smiths NCB 1 ton electric van
Standard 10 pickup and van
Standard Atlas
Steyr commercial
Studebaker K-10
Studebaker M5
Sunbeam Trolleybus
Tempo Matador
Terraplane Pickup
Thames ET6
Thames Trader
Thornycroft Antar tractor
Thornycroft Bulldog 2 ton
Thornycroft Handy
Thornycroft Manley
Thornycroft Nippy
Thornycroft Nubian
Thornycroft Swiftsure
Thornycroft Trident
Thornycroft Trusty
Tilling Stevens lorry
Toyota Hiace
Triumph Herald Courier van
Trojan 10cwt van
Trojan 15cwt vans
Trojan 5cwt van
Trojan Series 7 1 ton van
Unic commercial vehicle
Unipower Tractor
Volvo F10
Volvo F86
Volvo F88
Volvo PV van
Vulcan 6VF
Vulcan Countess bus
Vulcan Retriever
VW Splitscreen pickup
VW Splitscreen van
VW Type 2 bay window
Wales and Edwards Milkfloat
White Super Power truck
Willeme commercial vehicle
Willys Series 77

Classic Lorry Spare Parts

Old lorry, truck & van parts advertising.

OldClassicCar has been established for many years, and this section was added for all enthusiasts of classic trucks and commercial vehicles. You can now post FREE advertisements for older truck spare parts, whether your interest is civilian or military lorries, large or small.

Placing a free ad is easy, just go down the lefthand menu and go to the make and model of old lorry that is the closest match to that which interests you, and enter a brief text ad on that particular page, clicking the submit button once you're finished. If you want to trace the history of a particular old lorry maker, or are looking for manuals and parts books to help with a restoration project, then by all means place a free classified ad here too.

This free service is not for listing complete, up & running vehicles for sale, unless being sold for parts only, it is only for classic trucking parts and information/literature requests.

As well as bits of old truck that you want to sell, you can also post Wanted notices too, so if you're missing a rare part for your latest renovation project, why not add your requirements on the relevant page for your make of vehicle? As content is added to the pages over the coming months, this new site will become a great resource for all old biking items, allowing owners across the world to help each other out with parts and advice. Terms of Service etc are at the foot of this page - basically saying that no-one at OldClassicCar is endorsing any of the items listed! Caveat Emptor as always!!

This service is open to all owners of classic truck, flatbeds, ambulance, fire engine, panel van and coachbuilt commercial vehicle.

I hope you find this new free online service useful - many people have emailed me over the last few years asking for advice on how to shift their surplus bits, or some clues on how to track down the parts they are missing. Hopefully this will help things a little!

Old trucks and lorries feature across oldclassiccar in various places. A number of old advertisements for bus and lorry manufacturers in the 1930s and 1940s appear on the old adverts page elsewhere on the site, well worth a look if you like looking at olde lorry adverts from days gone by!

If you also run more recent commercial vehicles, then the modern van & lorry ads section may also be of interest.

Classic Commercial Vehicles
Classic Commercial Vehicles Books
Click here to look at Amazons range of Classic Commercial Vehicles books. You can buy general Classic Commercial Vehicles titles, and search for model specific titles in their online catalogue.

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Terms of Service Inclusion of a car, parts or other vehicle for this sale on OldClassicCar is not an endorsement of the vehicle, the seller, or the legality of the contact as owner of the item(s). OldClassicCar is solely providing an online link between the advertiser and potentially buyers - buyers must satisfy themselves on the car and/or spares condition and legalities involved with its sale and/or purchase before making an offer - caveat emptor as usual, we cannot accept responsibility or liability in any way for purchases made of vehicles or parts submitted for display on this site, or indeed any resulting actions from advice or other information presented on this website. The editor at OldClassicCar reserves the right to withold and remove where deemed fit any content submitted for inclusion on the site that is believed inappropriate or unsuitable. If while viewing this site you notice material liable to cause offence in any way, please contact the editor via the contact page and this will be investigated as soon as possible. Private and trade advertisements are equally welcome although Trade sellers must advise us of this fact. Personal data will be maintained in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act. All graphics and images on this site are copyright.
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