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Barn finds - hidden classic cars

Vauxhall E-Series Wyvern and an Austin A35.

Wales has been a happy hunting ground for me, having stumbled across some interesting old cars within the country's boundaries. I bought my first E83W from there in 1989, while a shop just a few hundred yards further up from the Ford's location yielded a Volvo 121 a few years later that I purchased for 50, put back on the road, and ran for some time. A friend now has the Ford, while as far as I know the Volvo survives to this day.
The photographs on this page were taken during a visit to Wales in the summer of 1993. Then, as now, spare holiday days were spent roaming around the quieter corners of the countryside, seeing what gems could be found. On this occasion though we had prior knowledge of this car collection, news of its existence having reached me via a work colleague of a friend of mine. The story was, from memory, that a lady had a garage full of classics at the end of her garden, cars which had sat there for some time, two or three up on blocks. At the time my 1960 A40 was in daily use, so it was in this car that a trip to Wales was planned.
Finding the house, in a town centre, didn't prove to be a problem. From the road there was no suggestion of interesting treasures hiding behind tall fences. The lady welcomed us in and took us through the house, to the garden in which a sizeable workshop resided. Inside there were several cars of the 1950s. I wish I'd taken more photographs, but back then I was still using a 35mm film camera, and as photos cost money - and being hard-up - I had to restrict my snapping accordingly. I think there were three or four cars in the building, parked at different angles. The photo recalls two of them, a two-door Austin A35 in emminently-restorable condition, and a much tattier Vauxhall E-Series Wyvern.
Vauxhall Wyvern up on blocks
Sadly, the Austin's registration isn't visible, so where it is now I can't say.
Seeing its condition, I had little faith that the 1955 Vauxhall Wyvern - registration ROH 749 - would ever turn a wheel on the road again. I nearly fell off my chair today when I checked on the DVLA site and found that not only does the 1507cc Vauxhall survive, but that it is on the road and taxed. Happy days indeed. At the time, 1993, I was still living with my folks, and couldn't consider taking any of them on, if they were even for sale at the time. It was just a treat to be shown and have chance to photograph this interesting cache of long-term-stored classics. It would be neat to see photos of the restored Vauxhall today, if anyone knows the owner?

"The man next door has some old cars too".

As we were about to leave, the lady of the house happened to mention that the gent next door had collected quite a few cars. Once again there had been no sign of their existence from the roadside, and there seemed to be no way of snatching a peak at them. However we were told that some of them could be spotted, if we hung out of her landing window. Up the stairs we went and lo, beyond the dividing fence, a further selection of British metal could be seen, all evidently having sat there for quite some time.
Behind a black Standard 10 (not shown), sat a Mk1 Triumph 2000, two small pre-war cars, and a pale blue Standard. Whether anything resided in the corrugated building in front of the Standard I never found out. Amazingly, the owner also owned and had stored there a Morris Minor Traveller, yet at first glance there was no sign of it. Finding himself short of space, but not keen on parting with his car, he sectioned it. Part of the Morris' remains can just be seen behind the pale blue Standard. Were any of these rescued? The Triumph's registration was MJC 342.
Standard 10 and Triumph 2000 found
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