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See Homepage. This page: On-board footage of various vintage and classic cars, and other home-made videos.

Classic video - online footage featuring classic cars.

With the advent of online file sharing websites such as YouTube, and affordable digital camcorder technology, it's made sharing footage of vintage and classic cars easier than ever before. On this page I've assembled some short videos that I've put together, that feature older vehicles in one form or another. As time goes by I'll add a few more in, either of old cars that I've have, or else of interesting machines I've been fortunate enough to have a ride in. Most were taken in recent times, although the footage of the old Dodge lorry was first recorded in 2000.
In some cases the footage is a little wobbly, taken as it was on a conventional digital camera, but hopefully there'll be something of interest in this little lot. All the classic car films are hosted on Youtube, the thumbnail links below will take you to the relevant film.

More recent short videos.

A sample of further videos uploaded in 2020. Please visit the OCC Youtube channel to view the latest uploads: OCC Youtube channel.
Safety video Safety around engines Movie footage Fingertip removal made easy.
A couple of cautionary tales about being near running engines, that any old-car fan should watch.
SAAB video SAAB 95 Movie footage SAAB 95 bullnose van.
Continuing the "Tales from the Motor House" series, I look back to 1991 and a lucky (re)discovery.
Dinky toys Dinky racing cars Movie footage Dinky toy racing car collection.
HJ describes some of his favourite Dinky toy cars of the 1950s.
Austin A40 A40 Movie footage Austin A40 Mk1.
I take a look around my family-owned-from-new A40 project, including a look at the old documentation that survives for it.
Tools collection Collection of old spanners Movie footage VE Day #75 - WW2-era tools oily-rag session.
HJ talks us through some of his WW2-era spanner collection, and treats them to an oily ragging.
Tins collection Collection of tins Movie footage Automobilia - collection of old tins.
HJ introduces his collection of small, mainly motoring-related, tins.
Starsky & Hutch tribute Starsky & Hutch tribute Movie footage Tribute to Starsky & Hutch.
US-based stop-go action now, in 1970s' Los Angeles with Harsky & Stutch in a brand new adventure behind the wheel of the Ford Gran Torino.
The Italian Job tribute The Italian Job tribute Movie footage Tribute to The Italian Job.
More stop-go action, this time in England and Italy as the Minis attempt to make their getaway from the Italian police.
James Bond tribute James Bond tribute Movie footage James Blonde - The Man with the Stolen Jags.
A stop-go tribute to 007 James Bond, will he be able to foil the dastardly plans of arch villain Ernie Von Tealeaf?
Vintage American cars American cars 1910s - 1930s Movie footage Vintage American Cars & Trucks (1910s - 1920s - 1930s)
A collection of original pre-war images of American cars and trucks.
Sportscar racing video Sports car racing 1950s Movie footage 1950's sports car circuit racing - a stop-go animation
Dinky and Crescent sports/racing cars go head-to-head in an on-track animated battle.
London 1950s video London in the 1950s video Movie footage London street scenes, 1950s.
A collection of unique street scenes, taken during a traffic survey on 7th September 1954, and packed with classic cars, vans and lorries.
Driving School Mayhem video Driving School Mayhem video Movie footage Driving School MAYHEM - a stop-go animation
Dinky and similar diecast toy cars take to the streets, with the aim to win a magnificent prize.
The Chase video The Chase video Movie footage The CHASE! - a stop-go animation
The third of our eleven-year-old's stop-go animations, this time featuring Police cars in hot pursuit of a stolen vehicle.
TT race video TT race video Movie footage Tin-plate Trophy - a stop-go animation
A second animated video of the fictitious 1948 T.T. (Tin-plate Trophy) Race, featuring a number of old tin-plate toy cars.
Dinky toys footage Dinky toy car race Movie footage Dinky toy stop-go animation
"THE RACE" - a stop-motion/stop-go animation put together by our 11yr-old, featuring some of his Dinky toy cars "in action".
Cars of the 1920s and 1930s footage 1920s and 1930s cars Movie footage British cars of the 1920s and 1930s
Period images interspersed with scans of contemporary motoring publications.

In-car footage.

On-board footage of some rare motor-cars.
AC Movie footage AC video Movie footage AC 16/80
Temperatures were well below zero, as we set sail for a VSCC gathering on New Year's Day.
Austin Healey Movie footage Austin Healey video Movie footage Austin Healey 100S
A spirited drive in an Austin-Healey 100S, being driven around the course used by the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in Cheshire, before the main event. Most of the on-board video taken in sportscars was filmed at gatherings in '08 and '09.
BMW Movie footage BMW M3 video Movie footage BMW M3
A hair-raising ride in an ex-BTCC BMW M3 (E30 shape).
Ferrari Movie footage Ferrari 250 GT video Movie footage Ferrari 250 GT SWB
Riding on-board a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT short wheelbase, with an engine note to die for, similar to the 250 GT Berlinetta featured in the vintage photo gallery area of the site.

Other pre-war and post-war videos.

Some more videos featuring older cars, and in one case, a lorry.
AC Movie footage AC Cobra video Movie footage AC Cobras (289 and 427)
Footage from 2012 of a live display of AC Cobras during anniversary celebrations at the 2012 Pageant of Power. Both road-going and race-prepared examples are shown being driven in a spirited fashion from the startline. AC Cobras.
Dodge truck Movie footage WW2 Dodge video Movie footage Dodge lorry
Firstly, footage taken in a barn in 2000, showing the old Dodge lorry I've owned since 1995. It hadn't run for some 45 years or so, this video was taken on one of its test firing-up sessions. Update. And this old video is now joined by footage from 2011, showing the first couple of runs for the freshly-rebuilt engine: Engine - Jan 2011.
ERA R14B racing car footage ERA racing car video Movie footage ERA R14B racing car
Footage taken at various race meetings featuring Donald Day's 1938 ERA R14B racing car. Featured are the VSCC meets at the Prescott and Loton Park hillclimb venues, and footage of the car leaving the line at the Pageant of Power. ERA R14B racing car.
Jaguar XJ13 Movie footage Jaguar XJ13 video Movie footage Jaguar XJ13
Video of a JDHT staff member warming up the four-cam 5.0 V12 engine fitted to the magnificent Jaguar XJ13 sports-racing car, a prototype designed to compete at Le Mans in the mid-1960s but never raced. It was badly damaged in a crash at MIRA, and the wreckage remained stored away until it was rebuilt. Jaguar XJ13.
Jaguar XJS video footage Jaguar XJS TWR video Movie footage Jaguar XJS TWR
Footage of the un-silenced V12 engine fitted to the Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) Jaguar XJS of the 1980s being warmed up, at the Pageant of Power. Jaguar XJS TWR.
Morris Minor Movie footage Morris car video Movie footage Pre-war Morris Minor
This Morris was found after having been stored away in a brick building since the late 1960s - a "barn find". Some fettling led to the engine being fired up, this video has a few stills, followed by footage of the engine running. 1932 Minor.
Napier Bentley video footage The Napier Bentley Movie footage Napier-Bentley
Footage of the Napier-Bentley being warmed up in the paddock at Cholmondeley, before setting off on a run around the course. The car is then returned to the paddock for a final static demonstration of its 24 litre Napier aero engine. Napier Bentley.
Packard-Bentley video footage Mavis - the Packard-engined Bentley Movie footage Packard-Bentley
Chris Williams' recent creation, Mavis, features a 42 litre Packard engine installed within a vintage Bentley chassis. This footage was taken on its debut airing at the 2010 Pageant of Power. Mavis.
Velocette video footage Velocette Venom 500cc Movie footage Velocette
This old Velo has been off the road since the late 1970s, when it was stripped for re-furbishment. A few days after Christmas, in 2011, it was fired up for the first time in ten years, here is the second attempt at starting it on that day. Velocette.

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