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See Homepage. This page: A leaflet from the 1960s promoting the new Alemite wheel balancing system.

Alemite Wheel Balancer.

The Alemite Electronic Wheel Balancer was produced by Stewart-Warner Ltd of Harlow in Essex. This leaflet dates to the 1960s and promotes their new wheel balancing machine.
Balance a car's wheels with the Alemite system
On the cover, a frazzled motorist being shaken to pieces by the un-balanced wheels on his motor-car. If only he'd taken the advice offered by the poem on the cover:
Yes! Your car does talk!
When it shivers and shakes
With the quivers and quakes
It's saying how badly it feels.
To cure all its trouble,
Come in on the double.
You'll be happy
We balanced its wheels.
Apparently eight out of every ten motor-cars on 1960's roads had out-of-balance wheels, leading to "shakes and shimmies that make riding rough, steering tough".
Their answer to this was the new Alemite Electronic Wheel Balancer. Many benefits were listed, including:
  • Wheel balancing at speeds over 100 mph
  • A meter reading allowing the motorist to see for him/herself just how out-of-balance their car's wheels were
  • A stroboscopic light enabled the expert serviceman to correctly position weights on the wheels, to correct both up-and-down, and side-to-side, imbalances.
  • Each wheel could be attended to in just a few minutes.
Another big benefit to the busy garage was the benefit of not having to remove the wheels in order to balance them, yet I've never had any car wheels balanced while still fitted to the car. Are there any of these still in use?
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